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The consequence is that if you turn up to fly with an affected laptop, you will have to choose to fly without it or not fly. In this article, we look at the ban in detail and offer advice on how to check if your laptop is being recalled and what to do to make sure you can fly with your laptop. Back in February well respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted there were to be a raft of Pro related Apple products due to be released during He advised us to watch out for the new Mac Pro, with companion In this article we will outline what we know so far about this latest MacBook Pro.

In addition Apple has released an update to fix issues with the T2 chip in some MacBook Pro computers.

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It is now possible for the first time to buy an 8-core inch MacBook Pro and Apple have also given their MacBook Pro range a speed bump with 8th and 9th-generation Intel Core processors. We have the details.

Then Apple acknowledge the issue and release a fix. Following the unexpected announcement from Apple announcing their new MacBook Pro laptops with support for i9 6 core processors and up to 32GB of RAM, things were, at last, looking interesting for Pro Tools Users. However, two articles have come to light already which suggest that maybe all isn't as rosy in the Apple laptop world Back in , just over 2 years ago Apple decided to face the challenge of building a professional level computer inside the iMac design and they've really went for broke.

The iMac Pro will still be the most suitable Pro Tools computer, for some, because it combines processor power with the all-in-one form factor, but at a price and with precious little user upgradability. Early in we got the chance to take an iMac Pro for a spin and see how it could handle the famous Pro Tools Expert Power Test session. The machine we tested was the base model iMac Pro with inch retina display, 8-core Xeon W 3.

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Like the Mac Mini and iMac, the iMac Pro is essentially a desktop computer made largely with laptop components to keep size down, albeit in the case of the iMac pro they are using server-grade components. Watch and see how this new machine fares and see if James could push it to the limit. Watch as Mike and Matt from OWC teardown one of the fastest Macs ever made and reveal a look into what makes it work and the upgrade possibilities. But what about the pricing of the iMac Pro. Following Apple's announcement of an iMac Pro, a supercharged all in one computer offering more power for those needing a professional feature set we asked you in a poll if you Would You Buy An iMac Pro?

Apple decided to face the challenge of building a professional level computer inside the iMac design and they've really gone for broke. At WWDC Apple announced a new Mac Pro that looks like the old cheese-grater with lots of holes, a set of feet on the bottom and handles on the top and against all expectations it has internal PCI slots as well as a 6K monitor. Avid have clearly been working with Apple alongside other developers like Adobe, Blackmagic Design, and Universal Audio.

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Francois Quereuil, director of Product Management, Avid told us…. We started by looking at the different processor options before moving onto RAM, storage, graphics cards, PCIe slots, the power supply, the inputs and outputs, and what will come in the box, before presenting two alternative Mac Pro 7,1 pricing packages for a possible Mac Pro 7,1 Pro Tools computer based on what we currently know. For this exercise, we started our costings with the only price we have from Apple, the price of the new Mac Pro base model. We know that the base model will be an 8-core Intel Xeon 3.

For a Pro Tools computer, what we will need to do is take the base model add some storage, memory, upgrade the processor and we are good to go. Below are two options for a Mac Pro 7,1 Pro Tools computer. The processor upgrades are based on the Intel pricing. For the basic model we have selected the core processor and for the Superior option we have gone for the core processor.


These are just for an example. We are aware that there are plenty of options out there.

They also share their finds of the week. At WWDC Apple have just announced a new Mac Pro that looks like the old cheese-grater with lots of holes, a set of feet on the bottom and handles on the top and against all expectations it has internal PCI slots as well as a 6K monitor. In this article we are going to look at the different options that will be available in the new cheese-grater style Mac Pro, which options would be most appropriate for a Mac Pro 7,1 Pro Tools computer and how much a new Mac Pro optimised for Pro Tools is likely to cost based on the information we have at this point.

There you have it, a pair of priced options for each model of Apple Mac computer for use with Pro Tools. In this table we have brought together the prices for the Basic and Superior options as suggested in each section of this article…. What do you make of these prices? Do they make sense or are the too expensive? Does one or two of these appeal to you as your next Pro Tools computer? Do share your thoughts in the comments below…. There's some merit in other reviews and also in anecdotal evidence from forums and social media, but to be frank, the only way to get to the facts was to test it ourselves and so we purchased Yes we paid for it a Mac mini with the following configuration… 3.

Late Mac mini 8,1 6-Core i7 'Coffee Lake' 3. More On The Mac Mini …. We Show You How. Secondhand Mac Pro 5,1. More On The Mac Pro 5,1…. Mac Pro Trash Can. Apple in a rare admission admitted that they had missed the mark, Apple's Craig Federighi said this… I think we designed ourselves into a bit of a thermal corner if you will. MacBook Pro. Here are some more articles on the iMac Pro…. Apple has today announced the new iMac Pro, they claim is their most powerful Mac ever made.

It takes a long time. RAM is like the shelf at the front desk that shows the featured books or new releases. You can easily choose from any of the books they have there and quickly switch between them. RAM works the same way by storing frequently used programs or recent data in memory. This allows the processor to go back quickly to the RAM and grab that data instead of going to the hard drive and waiting much longer to return the information. The more plugins you have, the more RAM you need to keep your computer from slowing down.

One of the areas where desktop computers have the biggest advantage over laptops is in the connection options. Desktops are much larger and the motherboards on the market have a huge range of options for what ports they offer. Most desktop builds on the market have at least 8 USB ports, video ports usually a combination of HDMI and Displayport , 1 ethernet port, and mic and line out ports. If you have specific needs for your studio like firewire or eSATA, make sure you find a motherboard that has those ports.

Every studio setup is different and in the same way that you'd future proof your desktop by adding more RAM or a faster processor, you should choose a motherboard with connectivity options that will meet your needs in the future. You'll inevitably want to expand your setup later on and you'll find yourself restricted if you didn't plan ahead and build that extra capability into your machine from the get go. Up until the last years, computers came with HDDs, hard disk drives.

These were spinning discs that would store the information and they were very slow. When solid state hard drive s SSDs came along they brought a huge speed increase. If HDDs were like the books on a library shelf from the analogy we used earlier, then SSDs were like having Usain Bolt as your librarian running back and forth to retrieve the information. In almost every instance it's a better idea to choose a solid state hard drive over a traditional spinning disc hard drive. The only downside is price. SSDs cost more and typically have a smaller amount of storage.

Only buy as much SSD as you need, probably around gb.

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This main SSD is where you can store your operating system and Pro Tools software and any other programs you use frequently. Then you can use a secondary HDD with much more space to store all your files. This lets you get all of the performance gains of a SSD without paying the high price tag to store everything on a SSD. Using a HDD to store files is a smart strategy and one we highly recommend to save money and maximize the value of your studio setup.

If you'd like to read more in depth on storage choices, check out this article which has a run down of the best storage options on the market today. Now that you know what to look for in each of the components, here are the top 3 pics for best desktop PCs to run Pro Tools. Apple is a brand that is well known for reliable, powerful and stylish computers and the iMac does not fall short in any of those categories. You can choose which processor you want, ranging from a 2. This means you can find the fastest processor that fits your budget to maximize performance.

Another cool feature of the iMac computer is that you can order it with a fusion drive. A fusion drive is a combination of flash based storage like a solid state drive and a normal hard disk. However, virtual instruments require a lot of memory. Since memory is low cost these days, upgrading is a good idea. In general, we recommend a two to four hard drive configuration depending on your budget and desired performance level:. For traditional spindle hard drives, having your sessions and samples on separate drives can at times improve performance. Since the Mac Pro will be primarily focusing on audio, the standard graphics card is fine.

However, they generally support only two displays. If you will utilize the video engine for syncing audio and video, we recommend at least a 1GB graphics card. If you plan to have more than two unique displays:. Our recommendations: Pro Tools 9: Snow Leopard Need expert advice?