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This software shines where QuickBooks Mac drops the ball by offering some integrations, better learning resources, and a mobile app. Read our full AccountEdge review to learn more about this app or give it a whirl with the free day trial. Best for medium to large-sized businesses in need of strong accounting, complex features, and unlimited users. Xero has been a force to be reckoned with in the accounting world since and is currently used by over a million people.

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Instead of installing the software on your computer, you access it via the internet. That means that Mac and Windows users alike can benefit from Xero. Xero offers strong accounting, incredible customer service, and an impressive number of positive customer reviews. The icing on the cake is that Xero allows for unlimited users at no additional cost. The software is ideal for medium-large businesses in need of strong accounting and multiple users.

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Each plan comes with unlimited users. The larger the plan, the more features you have access to. Xero offers a great selection of features, including accounting staples like bank reconciliation, accounts payable, a customizable chart of accounts, fixed asset management, depreciation schedules, and reporting. Read our full Xero review to learn everything this accounting software has to offer. Visit Site. Offers strong accounting, advanced features, and scalable pricing to grow with your business.

It takes quite a while to navigate the complexities of Xero and to set up the software correctly. Luckily, Xero has a comprehensive help center. We also offer a free ebook called How To Setup Your Xero Account if you want step by step guidance on how to use the software. Xero drops the ball in terms of customer support. Xero is a full-featured accounting solution with ample integrations, unlimited users, and positive customer reviews. Since then, this robust program has grown to support over 2. QuickBooks Online is cloud-based software with over integrations and beautiful invoicing automations and customizations.

The software offers strong mobile apps and good tax support, as well as a built-in lending option called QuickBooks Capital. The software is ideal for all types of small businesses, particularly those in need of strong accounting and ample integrations. It is not a good fit for companies with more than 25 users.

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Each plan allows access for more features and users. QuickBooks Online offers an impressive number of features. In terms of accounting, QuickBooks Online supports bank reconciliation, a customizable chart of accounts, fixed asset management, journal entries, and ample reports. Here are some of our other favorite QuickBooks Online features:. QuickBooks Online shines when it comes to invoicing and automations. QuickBooks Online is well-organized with an attractive UI.

QuickBooks Online is known for poor customer support. The company has a good help center and decent support and learning options but has incredibly long wait times and no email support. QuickBooks Online is one of the best accounting options for small business, including those run on Macs. Best for small businesses looking for an affordable QBO alternative with strong features and intenrational invoicing. The cloud-based software was launched in and is easy for Mac users to learn and use.

Zoho Books sets itself apart with international invoicing and incredible mobile apps. Zoho Books is ideal for small businesses looking for features similar to QuickBooks Online, but for half the cost. This includes invoicing and QuickBooks also offers free invoice templates even for non QuickBooks users. QuickBooks makes it very easy to track expenses so that you can download them and submit sales tax information to other tax filing apps too.

Most recently QuickBooks now offers add-ons in the form of Payroll support which allows you to pay employees with free direct debit transfers directly from the application. You can actually pay federal and state payroll taxes direct from QuickBooks without any need for other tax software as well as print and file W2s. All plans include the ability to send and track invoices, expenses, manage estimates and sync bank accounts but Essentials allows you to manage and pay bills and generate instant profit and sales report. The Plus plan allows you to track inventory and prepare s.

In summary, QuickBooks is a solid professional accounting solution out there for small businesses on Mac.

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You can get started with QuickBooks now for free to see what you think for yourself. FreshBooks has been around since and is now one of the most widely used accounting solutions in the world with over 10 million users in countries. For small businesses or freelancers in particular, FreshBooks is affordable, accessible to all and very well thought out.

If you work in a team, FreshBooks makes it easy to share invoices and expenses with your accountant or colleagues, share files and follow-up payments. You can even setup online credit card payments for clients so that you get paid quicker and get notification confirmation when customers have received and read your invoice. This is definitely a plus when it comes to Macs because most accountants and other finance professionals still use Windows.

FreshBooks uses SSL encryption which means any information you send or receive from your Mac is protected so your data is safe and also constantly backed up by FreshBooks. That gives you unlimited invoices and estimates, time tracking, credit card payment facility and expense importing from your bank account. The closest rival to FreshBooks is QuickBooks see review below but FreshBooks offers many features for free which are only available in premium plans with QuickBooks. You can try FreshBooks free for 30 days with no credit card required to judge for yourself.

The main dashboard of Xero is one of the most useful features as it conveniently summarizes the most important accounting data of your business in a snapshot. You can easily switch between tabs such as Accounts, Payroll, Reports, Contacts etc and within each tab, you can easily move around the different widgets so that you can customize it how you want. The Accounts tab also provides a very succinct and clear overview of the status of your invoices. Apart from good looks though, Xero offers some serious advantages over other accounting software on Mac.

This makes it easier to get paid faster, track payments and generally automate invoicing as much as possible. Xero Touch also takes photos of receipts so you can make your business as paperless as possible and with real-time reporting, you can see exactly what employees or authorized users are invoicing for out in the field. Xero Pricing is divided into 3 different plans which vary mainly according to how many invoices, transactions and employees you want to add to the Payroll if any. The great thing about all Xero plans is that you can invite as many other users as you want for free.

Xero is very focused on the small business market and offers various incentives to get people on board although unfortunately, some deals are only region specific.

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All plans allow you to manage and submit VAT online but the Standard and Premium Plans allow unlimited transactions and only the Premium supports multi currencies. Xero also offers an online QuickBooks to Xero conversion service which simply requires you to upload a QuickBooks file and Xero does the rest.

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You can try a 30 day free trial of Xero first to judge for yourself. It features much of the functionality of MoneyWorks Gold but is completely free to use although you need to sign-up for a free online subscription. It used to be available via the Mac App Store but now all MoneyWorks products are only available direct from the developer. Cashbook supports double entry general or nominal ledgers, detailed reports and even allows you to compile a useful customer database. MoneyWorks Cashbook gives you a clear overview of how your business is doing with revenue, profit and costs clearly displayed in graphs and charts.

The Cashbook version is not really suitable for running a small business and is aimed more at organizations that handle cash such as clubs and societies. However there are different versions of MoneyWorks which are suitable for small business use depending on the needs of your business see comparison table below.

Make sure you read the MoneyWorks features comparison overview before deciding which one you really need. MoneyWorks Cashbook is definitely suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, you can interchange Mac and PC files instantly and it supports multiple users. If you include integration with MoneyWorks DataCenter , you can even have a Mac and a PC user editing the same accounts sheet at the same time on one server although this costs extra. You can also limit the rights of individual users to edit documents similar as you can with applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Even better, your accountant has no excuse not to use it because for every copy you buy, MoneyWorks provide a free version for your accountant to use.

AccountEdge Pro is based on double entry accounting and includes inventory management, time-billing and mileage tracking. AccountEdge Pro also takes a slightly different easier-on-the-eye flowchart approach to accounting. You can sub navigate through Recent and Favorite sub sections using the menu in the right sidebar.

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The Chart of Accounts collates all of your accounts in one basic but easy to read windows and includes everything including income, assets, liabilities, expenses etc. You can choose from a variety of Account templates, or create your own list. With over , users around the world, TurboCash has been translates into about 23 languages and continues to be the go-to accounting software for many businesses. But TurboCash is more ideal for mid-sized businesses and may be too complex for the average freelance.

Yet, it does offer a number of features even the freelancer or sole proprietorship may find useful. These features include VAT, purchase order management, multiple companies and multiple users for the same account as well as creditor and debtor management. If you are looking for a very simple almost minimalistic way to keep track of your accounting, VT Cash Book offers simplicity without compromising on quality. This program doesn't look good but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in the ability to help you record your purchases and transactions quickly and easily.

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It does that by employing the autocomplete feature that is designed to speed-up these data entry processes. Because it supports multiple bank accounts, it offers a great place for all your financial data to converge. It is as such useful in calculating VAT returns and even has the necessary data to create profit and loss accounts, ledgers and balance sheets. It does come with a companion premium program, but you don't need to purchase the premium version to use this free one. Back How to.