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It offers end-to-end encryption. You are required to enter some basic details, and server information, and you are set to go with mIRC. It provides many robust features, including multiple configurable buddy lists, connections to multiple servers, simultaneous file transfers, customizable notification sounds, system tray notification, and lots more. Besides these features, mIRC offers a powerful scripting language for automating tasks. Its ease of use, customizable interface, cross-platform Windows, Mac, Linux makes it one of the most sorts after and highly popular IRC Client. Plus, it is multi-lingual, open source, and in active development.

It is best for those who are looking for a simple yet efficient IRC Client. When you are connected to a server, you get to retrieve the channel list by using the Server menu option and can connect to the available channels. Plus, you can access the list of active users and can trigger individual operations like file transfer, check user info, etc.

What's LimeChat ?

HexChat is highly customizable as it features built-in Python and Perl scripting support. Other features in HexChat include direct file transfers, proxy support, spell checker, keyboard shortcuts, and network meters. It lets you chat in a matter of few seconds. You just have to enter a nickname, choose an IRC server to connect to, and you are ready to chat with your friends. It offers many pre-configured global servers that you can connect with. Plus, it allows you to configure custom server settings.


IceChat is highly customizable. It allows you to tweak everything, including chat fonts, background colors, global application themes, and the nickname lists. Another interesting aspect of IceChat is the availability of many plugins for it. These plugins allow you to run Google searches, follow Twitter feeds, and lots more. The best thing about Textual is the fact that it has been developed just for Mac, so there are no compatibility issues with it.

You can download Textual from the App Store itself. The best apps tend to be platform dependent. And the beauty of the Qt client is that, being Qt, you can fully style it with css - e. Disclaimer: I contribute to some of the above mentioned projects.

Irc chat mac terminal command

That is so incredible! I've never split it up, I just use the "all-in-one" package usually. Might take the time to deploy the detached server on DO sometime.

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I was using it for Slack. Maybe that would be a nice way for friends to get comfortable with IRC? Oh sorry, I just meant a way to get friends comfortable with IRC by having a simple doc that says how to use Glowing Bear in front of a simple weechat config so that they could easily move to IRC vs.

Textual also includes…

I've seen the wee-chat-slack plugin, but it feels wrong using a normal IRC client to a heavy web stack. If you have a Mac, Textual is a great IRC client although their upgrade policy is a bit frustrating, in that upgrades don't seem to be free for life, only discounted. Textual and Colloquy are tolerable at best. I think Textual looks cleaner and is more functional than Textual - probably because the Textual team picks and chooses what Mac app design cues to use. Was the second instance of "textual" out of the 3 meant to say something else?

Ha - good catch. Colloquy not Textual. I was on the John. I prefer Limechat for macOS. At least to me anyway.

Need a Mac IRC Client? Here are 3 You Can Use

And it has themes. I already commented on this, but have you tried Colloquy for Mac? Looking for a powerful and fast IRC client for Linux? Look no further than WeeChat. On the customization front, you can tweak colors for nicknames based on status, backgrounds, and stuff like that. In addition, the list of active users can be accessed to trigger individual operations such as file transfer, check user info, and more.

HexChat is pretty customizable too, and thanks to the built-in Python and Perl scripting support, you can do lots of cool stuff on it. Other standard features include spell checker, proxy support, direct file transfers, network meters, and keyboard shortcuts. You can quickly search for everything from nicknames to channels to even user commands, because of the powerful auto-completion goodness. Other than that, you can also customize highlights and user mention notices with custom alerts and vibrations. Platform Availability: iOS 8. And that extends to nearly all of the IRC commands as well.

Windows — mIRC

It includes an organized Colloquies view that shows all your conversations in a glance, and can be configured to highlight messages combined with vibration alerts whenever your nickname or some specific words are mentioned during conversations. Getting started with AndroIRC is fairly easy, and the quick start wizard makes things even simpler. The dual column UI lets you juggle between channels and servers with just a swipe. Platform Availability: Android minimum version requirement varies with device.

Download Once connection to a server has been established, you can easily add channels to start chatting.