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But my basic steps were. Find an I booted from that. What was not working was the wireless so I had to Ethernet from my computer. Right away Ubuntu wipes the disk and begins loading. What is weird is I think I downloaded the server disk by mistake. It took forever to load, but I did have to use the live command to get it to boot. And the actual command was not Radeon x 60 but instead change the refresh to Next I had to figure out how to change this from a server to a single computer reboot.

Recommend me a distro for a pre-Intel Mac PowerBook G4 laptop

I stuck in the It does this rather quickly, but it is live and the connection get stuck. Just unplug the ethernet connection if the disk is spinning and it will find libraries from the cd. The next step is finding the That also provides the driver to get the internet working. Now if your like me you have an extra usb modem hanging around which works great but it take about trials to get the hardware to recognize the airport card. Eventually it all works out. Then there you are, wireless, desktop can find apps, and then maybe if your lucky your sound comes works right away.

But aha. Flash is not working with Firefox and you can kiss watching pretty much any video goodbye. Until you search and find flash. It all works although you then wonder what the heck good is this? Simultaneously, you find web browsers that promise to work with tiger and leopard. So is Ubuntu a great install on PPC? Is your Mac even crustier than that? Those of you still rocking PowerPC hardware can inject new life with the right distribution.

Lubuntu is a solid choice. Xfce vs.

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In place of the usual Ubuntu fare are a suite of similarly lightweight applications with very low hardware requirements. If you want to turn your ageing old Mac into something useful like a word processor, file server, or simple web browser for office use, give Lubuntu a whirl. Compatibility with Ubuntu software and hardware optimizations make it a great choice for newbies too. Here's all you need for Linux music production!

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Read More , graphic design and photography, videography, or publishing. While you could track down and install all of these tools on virtually any version of Linux, Ubuntu Studio includes them out of the box. Read More , and graphics tablet-ready painting tool MyPaint. Simple video editor Openshot is also included, alongside video powerhouse FFMPEG for converting, decoding, encoding, muxing, and playing virtually every video format under the sun. AVLinux is aimed at multimedia content producers looking to edit video or create music on their Linux systems.

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Unlike Ubuntu Studio, AVLinux is based on Debian and ships with a customized kernel designed with low latency audio production in mind. The idea is to squeeze as much performance out of your computer as possible, which is why developers opted for a modified lightweight Xfce desktop environment.

This is one distribution that sacrifices everything in the name of reducing the strain placed on your computer from simply running the OS. These include Ardour for creating music, Audacity for simple audio editing, Guitarix for guitar amplifier simulation, and open source drum machine Hydrogen. Interestingly, legendary audio console manufacturer Harrison of Nashville, Tennessee recommends AVLinux for use with their Mixbus digital audio workstation. Installing Linux on your Mac is a lot easier than it once was, since you no longer have to open up Terminal and create your installation medium using command line prompts.

This wonderful piece of open source software allows you to create a bootable USB drive with your choice of Linux distribution on it in around three clicks. Most live distributions include installation wizards either in the bootloader or the OS itself to install Linux permanently.

You can then go a step ahead and make Linux look like macOS with a few easy tweaks. Mac vs.

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K Linux Lite 3. Last Edit: July 08, , PM by rokytnji. Your approval is not needed. Trip New to Forums I would prefer to run Linux Lite if possible. Please post back if you manage to figure it out. Thanks for your input, will take your suggestions into consideration I did some reading and Yellowdog came up I downloaded it and will also download ubuntu mate, will be doing some testing, lets see what happens.

Will report back once I have some info to share.

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