Age of empires 2 mac install problems

But i'm not playing it through steam. The alternative is to open Crossover, select the bottle where AoE is installed then click the Run Command button. Navigate to where AoE is installed, select the relevant exe file and add -nostartup. You can create a launcher if this works for you by clicking the Create Launcher button. Hello, Ive had a problem with opening Age of empires II. I successfully downloaded it and was able to play it well without the disc, and anyway the disc wont work as long as crossover was ok. It was fine until I had to reinstall crossover again.

However, crossover's new version I always use the run command and unzip method to open AOE II, but this time instead of opening, the command would stop running, and nothing would happen. I tried reinstalling again, refreshing the bottles, creating new bottles WinXP and Win98 and even transferring files to the application support folder without luck.

Porting Kit | 'Age of Empires 2 HD' for macOS

I use a MacBook version Please respond! And thanks in advance. Have any idea what i should do? Since installing Yosemite and the update to Crossover No errors or anything just nothing.

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Destroy or pacify your enemies and secure your foothold in the New World. Insert the disc labeled "Disc 1" into you disc drive. Otherwise, open a window for your disc drive and double-click "setup. The InstallShield Wizard will guide you through a series of options for installing the game. Click "Next" in the second window. Insert the disc labeled "Disc 2" when prompted then click "OK".

Age of Empires III is a large game, so the files were spread across multiple discs. Insert "Disc 1" again then click "OK" to wrap up the installation. Requiring the disc is another way of ensuring that you are using a legitimate copy of Age of Empires III. To fix : I selected "Configure", then "General", then "Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive".

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Next, I created a shortcut to "Steam. Then, I launched Steam, instead of "Age of Empires". This caused Steam to download an extremely small update. To be clear, the first few steps are in the "PlayOnMac" app August The game also seems to run fine with wine 3.


Would you please be so nice and explain what you mean? Message Ubuntu Message Portingkit seems to be working. Yeah it worked for me. I initially installed steam on portingkit and I had the same issue as on playonmac. Searching aoe2hd on portingkit and installing it fixed the problem. You don't even have to change aoe2hd. Message Still not able to access multiplayer games, or create games others can join.

Hi, the bug must be fixed by the people from wine.

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Somebody already reported it and its under investigation. Joining multiplayer games works for me if I configure AoE to run with Wine 3. It didn't work with the default 2. I have some problem with my game. Age of empires 2hd.


I also play on Mac, if you need to know. I have the impression this is a problem that has occurred for most, if not all, PlayOnMac-users since the new Steam update.

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I myself is struggling with the same issue. Just hope to God that some better suited competent people out there will find a solution and post it here! Because I am getting abstinences very soon! He he :. What about the the staging version of wine? On debian I can play multiplayer games with 2. If it doesn't help than it must be indeed some Mac related issue. I tried installing directplay too but that also doesn't work.

Information This update has been approved by the team. Try this update. Message Doesn't work with the new update. Message Latest Steam update breaks the Steam loading and consequently, this game as well. Message The program runs well once you've added. To join multiplayer games, I had to configure AoE to run on Wine 3.

Then it worked great! Message Everything works fine, but my game stucks in the loadingscreen right after matchmaking. Message POL built-in bug report wizard doesn't accept my credentials so posting here manually instead - What were you doing when the problem occurred? The log error is: wine: Call from 0x7b83ea52 to unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l Hey, I have the same issue but I don't really understand how to fix it with the link you posted. How does it work?

Support FAQ for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition

Message Thanks for the script Quentin! Message Installation said it failed, but it works anyways. Game runs great. Warning This update has not been approved yet by the team.

Install Age of Empires 2 HD on Mac + Multiplayer Online

Use it at your own risk.