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Standardization: Configure and test upgrades and installations on virtual machines, and then you can deploy throughout your company a standard configuration that avoids problems caused by minor differences between hardware platforms. Convenience: Users switch between operating systems as easily as they switch between applications. They simply click the window containing the virtual machine.

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They can pause individual virtual machines so they stop using CPU cycles on the physical computer. They can also save virtual machines to disk and restore them at a later time. The restoration process normally takes a few seconds—much faster than restarting the guest operating system. Host integration: Users can copy, paste, drag, and drop between guest and host.

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But screen redraws are a little smoother. Launching is a bit quicker; application switching, a tad perkier.

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The performance boosts may be disappointing, but Microsoft has introduced a number of user-friendly improvements. Installation is easier, requiring fewer steps and less configuration. With Fast Save, all you have to do is click on the red Close button—or quit Virtual PC—to save all open files, put your virtual computer to sleep, and exit the application.

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When you relaunch, Virtual PC puts everything neatly back where it was before you saved. While version 6. If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the help center , please edit the question. Can you run OS X on Windows?

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Yes, apparently you can with PearPC. Is it legal? Well, that is another question on its own.

Download Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac Version 7.0.2 Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

A lot of unimplementated features are fatal i. Timings are very still a little bit inaccurate. Don't rely on benchmarks made in the client.

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Currently no support for hard disks greater than GiB. Here's a post that contains a couple reasons why you can't.

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