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If you have a few dollars to spare, it is better to spend a bit more on a duplex scanner than having to need it in the future and not having it. There are high-end scanners that have two scan elements, which are a lot faster compared to a simple Duplexing ADF. How are they different? The regular duplexing ADF will scan one side; turn over the page, then scans the other page. The high end two-scan scanners will scan one side of an entire stack, will then prompt you to flip the stack over and scan the other side after re-feeding it.

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The best way to go is to choose ones that have ppi, which is great for fine prints and blowing up photos. If your original document is, for example, a 35mm negative, you would need to print them at a larger size than its original. This means you will need a high resolution to get a decent result.

It all boils down to what you plan to scan because there are features such as OCR or optical character recognition, photo editing, text indexing, PDF document search and business-card archiving that are not built into the installed scanner software. Lastly, you have to consider whether you will have need for special-purpose scanning such as business cards, slides, stamps, tax documents, and of course books.

For slides, there are scanners that are smaller than flatbeds that are highly recommended for this particular requirement.

The other types are portable scanners which are small enough to fit in a laptop bag. There are also pen scanners that allows you to hold and trace over the text that you need to scan. There are newer models that are stand-alone and can be operated even without a computer, and some that can scan from information fed by a smartphone. With so many choices and models in the market, choosing the best book scanner may seem like a daunting task.

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It is best to assess your needs—both immediate and future—as well as doing your research so that you can make an informed decision. Which book scanner from the list above do you think is your top choice?

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Tell us about it! So I copy and paste into a Word document [where I can] so that I can then enlarge the font size to something useful. Do any of these scanners allow scanned images to be saved as Word? If you have a stand, a smartphone and Genius Scan full, I paid some 8 euros you can easily do all tha above pretty easily. It flattens the centre of books and the quality depends on your smartphone camera.

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In addition one can try a remote to be used as the pedal in Czur. Without the stand, the results for black and white books are excellente. The stand should simplify things. Your email address will not be published. At HereOn. Even libraries are scanning old books for archival purposes, and this is even truer in schools and households. With the new technology advancements, affordable book scanning options are now available.

The ScanSnap CAN mislead you—it looks like a desktop lamp, but it definitely is a book scanner, and more. Easily one of the best overhead scanners in the market. The software also removes scanned fingertips. No text-to-speech function. Verdict: If you are looking for a budget-friendly scanner that does more than scan books, the Innovative A shaped Scanner is for you.

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The CZUR ET16 is fast and budget friendly packed with a lot of features including a capability to work on a wide variety of materials. Diverse scanning ability Very fast 1. Verdict: The improved Czur ET16 is well-made and highly capable of scanning a wide variety of materials. The Aibecy portable scanner is designed for document scanning and is ideal for libraries, banks, classrooms, offices and hospitals. Finest Dual lens design—10mp main lens and 2mp top lens for portraits Equipped with 6 high quality LEDs in 3 light modes for clearer images in dark environments No-touch scanning—the scanner is capable of scanning different materials such as books, ID cards, magazines and passports.

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Edit and adjust—after image capture, you can optimize the photo by adjusting the saturation, brightness, contrast and sharpness PDF creation and image capture is supported. The installer fails to install for MacBook Air users. No support readily available. It is highly portable and great for users with casual booklet scanning needs.

It is great for scanning different types of documents. The main downside to this product is its almost unavailable support, hard to understand manual and failing installer for MacBook Air users. This Mac compatible flatbed scanner is equipped with the Plustek patent pending SEE Shadow Elimination Element technology that totally removes text distortion and book spine shadow which is a common problem with flatbed scanners and copiers. Very user-friendly The patent pending Shadow Elimination Element totally removes text distortion and book spine shadow The Searchable PDF feature makes it even easier to manage images, books and documents.

The lack of front lip makes it difficult to line up photos and documents The TWAIN interface cannot remember preview images Documents may come out underexposed, so there is a slightly blue tint when using white paper. The Plustek OS is sleek, light and slim , making it one of the most handsome flatbed scanners in the market today. The OCR function has glitches Not for users who need high-resolution scanning.

It is user-friendly and uncomplicated to operate. The only downside to this product is its glitch OCR setup. Alternatively, you can give us a call anytime and speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to help you. Next Day UK Delivery when you order before 2pm. Massive Discounts on all top scanner brands. Refine Hide Filters Show Filters. You've viewed 36 of 39 products. What is the best A3 Scanner for me? An A3 scanner is ideal for home, office or business use.

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Some will be better equipped for A4 paper if you are mostly using ordinary sized documents, others are designed for an A6 sized paper should you wish to scan smaller items such as cheques. Some will be built for heavy duty use and have the capacity to scan up to 70 sheets per minute, others are smaller and easier to transport if you need to take them with you. The Scanner Shop has been a trusted supplier of scanners for many years. When you order from us, we aim to deliver all our scanners next day - as long as they are processed before 3 pm. We also cover all of our products with a month guarantee so you can have peace of mind in the rare event that you encounter a problem with one of the scanners we have in stock.

Similarly, if you require any specific software for your device or need for troubleshooting or technical support, The Scanner Shop is more than welcome to help. Just give us a ring and one of our friendly customer service members will provide all the information you need. Next Day UK Delivery when you order before 2pm. Massive Discounts on all top scanner brands. Mac Compatable Document Scanners 35 Items. Refine Hide Filters Show Filters.