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You can also search any text item you can highlight.

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Simply double click on the text you want to search for, and hit Shift-Command-L. Your Mac will launch Safari and take you to the Google search page.

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Spotlight searching works much the same way, though you may want to change the default to something else, as Command-Shift-F will make some apps like Chrome go fullscreen. I added an Option keystroke to my shortcut, making it Command-Shift-Option-F, so as to not conflict with the fullscreen command in Chrome. Now I can highlight any word or string of words, hit Command-Shift-Option-F and a Spotlight window appears with that search term pre-filled into the search field.

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Preview can also be used to rotate an image right or left. You may now use your mouse or track pad to adjust the cropping boundaries to your satisfaction.

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  • For example, doing this on an image will show its creation and modification date, the file size, DPI, color profile, and more. Other files will show other kinds of information related to those types of files.

    Civ 5 Keyboard Shortcuts?

    Now you can save the duplicate as something else. There are a handful of keyboard shortcuts available for the Preview app, although we think these are probably some of the most noteworthy.

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