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Blueflame You aren't looking hard enough. It's that bad, huh? JangoWuzHere Only free to level JangoWuzHere Jango you are too positive sometimes. I prefer to pay for something better than play this. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't even know the game came out already :S Though I'm still trying to finish my Codemasters pack and Burnout Paradise You sure it's free all the way through? I was in the Beta and it was free up till level 10 and you are restricted to certain cars, areas etc. I can't really see it being fully free from such a big franchise. FelipeInside Only free to level The cap has been lifted now though.

Dahaka-UK Only free to level I do love the fact that even the slowest cars in the game can be made into pure bred race cars, I literally have just been using the Fox Body Mustang. My game as of currently somehow uninstalled itself and I cannot even re-install it Overall the game is decent not ground breaking, but if your into street racing this plays better than the crew I am very mad that NFS is having these issues I Love the game Need for Speed saved it with the customization dang near everything you find in stores.

Dodge charger and challenger Shelby and others the Nissan z is missing. Subaru s i mean the game is amazeing but alot of the cars we grew up loving are simply not here, I would add all the cars from previous Need For Speed games to include trucks,SUVs,Classics and more hot rods. This is the closest Need for Speed has come to making a great game in years. Stay together with A.

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I just want to RACE. Not try to score imaginary points based on how long I can skid sideways. Customization is back and pretty good. I still want ground effect lights though. You can finally run from the cops with other people. But the drifting screws it all up. And now they are making a new game. Looks like mad max. I don't think they will never make a great game again.

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Its a shame they continue to put this crap out year after year but Lionhead was shut down. The game is OK. It needed an offline mode, better AI, and most of the achievements are too easy to get. Also, this game has an awful selection of cars. They did release a Hotrod update with two or three vehicles, but nothing I'd really want in a racing game. It is really missing a variety. If you want a quick way to boost your Gamerscore, get it. If you want an enjoyable racing game, don't bother. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services.

Privacy Policy. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Need For Speed World is a free online version of the popular racing game franchise. It's a massively multiplayer open world game MMO , so you will be able to join in with many other players from around the globe, with RPG style leveling up and improved cars to unlock. You can add new friends to enter contests or compete against each other.


To start playing Need For Speed World, you need a user account. Once you have it, simply create a driver profile and choose your first car from an initial small, and not very exciting, selection. Players can move freely in Need For Speed World. If you take a break, you can explore this huge world and study new courses or pursuits, but you can also join the integrated chat module to add friends.

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The entire time, you're only a mouse click away from entering online and offline races. These can be multi or single player, and you can even get into police chases.

Need For Speed World is free, but you'll have to pay for any extras. The game has an integrated game shop where you can, for example, purchase car insurance to protect your vehicle, rent a more powerful car for a specific race, or buy power-ups for the one you already have. Need For Speed World is quite intuitive, but the arcade-style handling also means that it's not especially accurate or realistic. You can take turns at full speed or gentle drift, and you can boost your car to push stubborn opponents around.

Although there won't be any visible damage on the car, you'll need a pit stop from time to time. Sound effects and music are similar to those you find on any game in the Need for Speed franchise.

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The gameplay is solid and its arcade style means that it's easy to start playing, perfect for less experienced players. On a negative note, other players in free mode are only shown as ghosts, and you can drive through them.