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AirDroid enables you to transfer files across devices, control mobile devices remotely, receive and reply to messages on computer. Enjoy the best experience anywhere anytime with the comprehensive and mature support for all major platforms. Completing tasks on time while playing your mobile games like a pro. Checking the surrounding with device camera for guarding family safe. Transfer files, photos, documents, music or APKs, all without a cable. You can even transfer folders and manage files remotely. No matter it's local or remote network, you can use AirMirror to take complete control of your Android devices.

The View Only Mode allows you to present your device screen, doing game live streaming and demonstrating apps, etc. You can also use the remote keyboard to type on device using your computer keyboard. Independent remote control App which support access mobile devices from the phone. No more need to check your phone, and never miss an important message. Start device camera remotely, monitor the environment around the device in real-time.

Share Mac WiFi with iPhone or Android over USB or Bluetooth

No need to install any client, no restriction to any system, you just need a web browser to enjoy all the AirDroid features to manage your devices. The best solution during travel or for managing devices on computer without the desktop client installed. Allows you to transfer files across devices, control mobile devices remotely, receive and reply to messages on computer.

It fulfills the basic needs.

Share Mac WiFi with iPhone through Bluetooth

More remote connection data quota, more devices under one account, folder transfer, and remove ads, etc. It's the ultimate AirDroid experience. AirDroid on the web is still as awesome as it always was, but the new desktop clients - available for both Windows and Mac - is pretty snazzy. Please note that some knowledge base articles may still reference Luna. In some cases where other network access is blocked, TouchTest users can share a Mac computer's connection via the Internet Sharing system preference and the use of Bluetooth PAN to provide network connectivity to a mobile device.

These instructions require that the user have admin rights on the Mac where network settings will be changed. It is equally possible to share an existing WiFi connection as well, but the need to do so will be driven by the policies of the organization that owns the network connection. When you do so, the Internet Sharing: On status is displayed with green indicating that the Sharing setup is completed.

If you unlocked to make these changes, click the Lock to return your Mac to its locked state. In the following sections, we'll access the shared connection via the mobile device using an iOS or Android device. When you do so, the Bluetooth Setup Assistant appears and your mobile device will appear. If it doesn't appear, ensure that Bluetooth is On on the device. If necessary, toggle it off and back on. In the iPad's Devices list, the shared connection's computer will appear.

The sequence is a little different on Android because the mobile device has to be made accessible to the Mac desktop as a separate step, which also initiates the pairing sequence between the Mac and the Android device. Once the network is accessible via Bluetooth on the mobile device, proceed with the usual TouchTest workflow.

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tethering your cellphone in mac os x for internet

Sign in to ask the community. Information Title. URL Name. The Sharing system preferences screen appears.

How to Connect Android to a Mac (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If necessary, click the lock and enter your password. Finally, check internet Sharing on the left. You will get the following prompt assuming Internet Sharing wasn't already on.