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The Linux SMB group is always playing catchup to these changes. Thanks for the help! I've seen some of those threads before. Many of the recommendations involve fiddling with Windows username and passwords. What's always seemed bizarre to me, is that this surely is an extremely common usage scenario, i. Seems like these issues would be widespread. There's nothing particularly unusual from my setup from what I can tell.

I mean, are the majority of people using linux or accessing files over a different network protocol? Anyways, I guess I'll do a bit more digging into those threads. I had similar issues with permissions back when I was using Flexraid too.

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It is a constant headache. First, there is no actual specification or controlling body for SMB. Apparently, there is no written document from MS which details how it should work. The Linux version is officially Samba. Second, it is a Kludge. There was no security. In fact, I would be very surprised if you couldn't connect a Windows for Workgroup computer to your current SMB network and have it connect.

A third factor is complicating the Win10 situation. So user 'A' Win10 machine works user 'B' Win10 machine breaks! One problem that many people don't realize is that the polling time for SMB is very long. It can take a long time for a SMB network to become fully synchronized! In fact, you can actually force your server to always become the Local Master during the "election" process and that can be a good idea in many cases. I have the feeling that your PC remembers which computer was the last Local Master when you shutdown.

This action alone has solved many folks' issues with not being able to access their server when turning on their PC. Finally, fixing SMB problems is more witchcraft than science. There is no one solution to solving any problem. In some cases, it just seems to fix itself. It is absolutely madding! There have been attempts to collect together many of the solutions which have worked in the past and I provided a link to some of them in the second post in this thread.

If I quit the app that created it or restart the Mac I can delete that file from within the app that created it. Since I normally shut down the system at night I just delete it the next day after a restart. I was surprised when you said that you could delete a file from the app that created it.

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  6. I have been thinking since I read that statement and I can't think of a single Windows application that you can do that with. But be that as it may, I have the feeling that SMB has associated the file lock to that app not the file and when the app closes that file, the lock is not released. You definitely don't want a file to be open for read-write operations in two sessions simultaneously! Deleting a file is a read-write operation. That is a recipe for disaster of the first magnitude!

    Can you delete the file from the file manager for your MAC after closing it in the app with the app still open?

    How to fix Mac cannot access user account for SMB Windows File Sharing

    I think it's just a bug in the app - it doesn't properly closes the file after having created it. Open files can't be deleted.

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    When operating natively on the file system, it's allowed to issue a delete and have the file name disappear from the directory. But the file data itself will remain until the file is finally closed. Thanks for the interesting discussing Frank!

    How to Create a Shared Network Folder on a Mac

    If SMB is so problematic, are there viable alternatives? My server is mainly used to manage videos and occasionally documents. Would NFS be a viable option? Basically, No. SMB is the major protocol used for networking today. In addition to that, there are a fair number of problems with NFS. Plus, there have been some issues with file handles in the past and I am not sure with those have ever been resolved.

    Many long years ago, there were a number of other network protocols but they all had license fees to use them. Please let me know if this worked for you! My 5cents do not install past This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Back us with money using Gee Are's PayPal.

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    Me link. Now you need to use a separate password for your local Mac account. The user is not graded-out anymore and can be activated. Finally, the user activated for SMB windows file sharing on your Mac.

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