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Am just going to make a few comments. I saw in a stream of the demo that they were able to click on the feet and change their size. Regarding Aspirations and traits. You start with one aspiration and the three traits aspiration giving you a fourth trait. However, you can have more aspirations as you play, once you've completed the current one. Or, you can change it to something else if you change your mind. From what I've read, most aspirations give a trait as the bonus. So you have the potential, over time, to continue adding traits through the aspirations.

This makes sense to me and adds a dimension of continued growth to your sims. KhaineGB Immortal Posts: Those screenshots made me realize what I don't like about Sims I said they look a bit too cartoony in the other thread. It's the hair! Oh well, I can live with that until modders make better hair. I think I may have to play around with CAS once it's available to everyone. I actually like the hair. Not this time. I'm glad they've stepped away from going even more realistic. I think that would have required a much higher computer spec and I don't think they wanted to exclude a portion of the current Sims 3 player base due to much higher spec requirements.

I feel it was the right decision on their part. I know people are missing CASt, but I was impressed with the number of choices available with each piece of clothing I saw on a stream of the demo. Where before there was only 3 presets of a piece of clothing, now there's many many more at least on the few I saw.

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And you still can change the colour for even more variety. It makes me very hopeful for building objects and the variety of choice. And the demo is only a portion of what's coming with the actual game. I think I wore out my Origin refresh button last night. But alas, no demo for me. Oh, I agree I think it's a step in the right direction to ensure people can play it! It's just the part I don't like, and I can totally live with that as I know people will come out with hair pretty quickly.

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Apparently they are still giving out demo's, so keep checking your email and Origin account. I only live in real life when my sims need a break Raven's Immortal Dynasty. Quote from: Ferretmania on July 10, , PM. Creating a Sim for the latest iteration of PC gaming's hugely successful franchise involves not just deciding upon every aspect of a character's appearance, but also giving them defining personality traits, aspirational goals and interests that shape how they'll best enjoy life in the world of "The Sims 4.

The concept of introducing players into a game world via a character creation suite preview is well associated with the larger-than-life "Saints Row" franchise of crime games. And strange bedfellows though they may seem, the family-friendly "Sims 4" has its own brand of offbeat, unhinged humor -- if not a brand that is far more mass marketable. So on stage at Gamescom during EA's August 12 briefing, studio manager Rachel Franklin and her assistants helped lead group CEO Peter Moore through the game's three pillars, the create, build and live modes, during an unscripted though well-structured demonstration.

His introduction involved morphing from a steel-abbed bodybuilder to a more lifelike business casual extrovert, dressing up as an astronaut and meeting the Grim Reaper, cheering up a grumpy neighbor through the magic of man hugs and music, and getting eaten by a bizarre cow-headed plant. Franklin also showed off a gallery mode new to "The Sims 4" which allows players to share and acquire personalities, rooms and entire properties among the Sims community.

I tried rotating as well which opened up more options, but still not the ones I desired. Before the demo was out for us to try it EA made it seem like we could mold sims into our vision these slight drawbacks are a minor disappointment nothing severe. I was just hoping since they put a lot of their time into CAS instead of toddlers and pools I thought it would have been a lot better. CAS is still nice it just doesn't live up to the hype EA created.

I was having a really hard time getting my sim to look like the person he represents because of the whole "you're dragging it to far" red thing. I managed to get closer to what I was looking for by changing the preset though. So if some preset really isn't working out for you, try another one and see if it'll let you move it where you want it to go. I can see that going really well I'd get everything perfect except for one thing that was just off.

However, I can't quite fix it unless I try a different preset causing me to start all over. Or better yet what if one preset lets you do one thing while the other another thing but you cant merge the two features on one sim. Would I then have to play with genetics in hopes of maybe getting it? If I were a sim I would have the perfectionist trait. I've had issues like that already, but since I already know how I want my nose to be, when I switched to a better preset it was really quick to get it how I wanted it.

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  8. There could possibly be a situation where you want something from 2 different presets, but there's a lot of presets to look through. I have a feeling we all just have blinds like horses and can only see so much. I'm sure the full game will have more, and hopefully more tweaks to CAS. There is for sure more CAS items than in this demo? Because I was sad about not being able to get one of my sim's hair right I'd pretty much bet all my savings on it. And if there isn't, CC will take a matter of days to come out. Then don't be upset about it.

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    Obviously they're not going to release all the features, and you have no right to be 'unimpressed' because you can't make a Sim that reflects what you look like. Of course you can't, of course they're not going to hand out all the hairstyles just like that. They are giving you a taste of what you can do with it, they're not going to just dole out the whole game because you can't make a Sim that looks like you. So excited! Downloading it now! Can we also keep our created sims and save them for when the full game comes out, or was that just for the specially chosen few who got it early?

    Heyy I only made 1 sim before I went to do my daily exercise, and I'm about to shower because I'm filthy. If I can do this, you can do the laundry and shower too! I know this is only a demo, but I am SO impressed by how smoothly this is running As an experiment I put all the settings to their max and it is still running without any lag at all. I really hope the rest of the game follows this way. When there's many things to render at the same time the game will perform a lot differently. Rendering one sim is nothing compared to the park area they showed in that demo. Trying to make a new sim in TS3 is unbearable.

    Actually playing is not as bad but it's still very slow and laggy overall. The vast improvement in performance for CAS has me hopeful. Yeah it's pretty crazy. I didn't realize I had my laptop on power saver, had the settings up the entire way AND the stupid thing defaulted to my integrated graphics card instead of dedicated and it was still running perfectly.

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    Huuuuuuge different from TS3. You're welcome :D I had a feeling it would show up in that section so I refreshed it every 10 minutes or so, haha. I'm so used to Sims being on Mac, I keep forgetting Sims 4 isn't : Oh well, my wallet will be grateful. I just made the switch to Mac last year Of course. If you're interested, PM me :. Not at all. I had to use a patched wine version for it to download, and even then it took all night. The install refused to start up after the download finished. Every time I try to download it I get a message saying there's something wrong and to try again later.

    After trying to create my first two Sims based on real people I'm surprised to say I still prefer Sims 2 Bodyshop with mods for the face. I clicked around trying to modify this and that, some fine touches that could be done on Bodyshop, but nope, not available here. The body modification looked pretty cool, however. It's just that I'm all about them faces. I got frustrated and gave up like 5 minutes in.

    Create a variety of unique Sims with distinct appearances, big personalities, and all-new emotions.

    Can anyone tell me where is the install located? I have looked almost everywhere , can't find it. Need to add the. Shouldn't it be under the Program Files x86 directory? Thanks for sharing this! I'm so excited to give it a try - thank you to everyone who's posted pictures of their creations so far, it's really inspired me! Thank you! Downloading now. I had minimized my Sims 2 game to come here and now I saw this Decisions, decisions It doesn't recognize my video card.

    Any idea on how to fix this problem? I'm planning to get a new laptop, but I'm still saving up my money.