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Alberto Ruiz 5 episodes, Jean Baptiste 4 episodes, Chief Deputy U. Marshal Dan Grant 4 episodes, Judith 4 episodes, Roscoe 4 episodes, Sammy Tonin 4 episodes, Jay 4 episodes, Jed Berwind 4 episodes, Ash Murphy 4 episodes, Handsome aka 'The Pig' 4 episodes, Albert Fekus 4 episodes, Cyrus 4 episodes, Officer Barbour 4 episodes, Kent Chilobeck 4 episodes, Gretchen Swift 4 episodes, Pilar 3 episodes, Billy St.

Cyr 3 episodes, Randall Kusik 3 episodes, Lance 3 episodes, Emmitt Arnett 3 episodes, Theo Tonin 3 episodes, Carol Johnson 3 episodes, Marshal Ed Kirkland 3 episodes, Calhoun Schreier 3 episodes, Gerald Johns 3 episodes, Rowena 3 episodes, Hestler 3 episodes, Kyle Easterly 3 episodes, Doc Stern 3 episodes, Roz 3 episodes, Guard 3 episodes, Rip Bell 3 episodes, Al Sura 3 episodes, Caprice 3 episodes, Pruitt 3 episodes, Crosley 3 episodes, Cal 3 episodes, Nikki 3 episodes, Ernesto 3 episodes, Ali 3 episodes, Arnold Pinter 2 episodes, Israel Fandi 2 episodes, Nicky Cush 2 episodes, Gio Reyes 2 episodes, Lemuel Briggs 2 episodes, Jody Adair 2 episodes, Sally Peener 2 episodes, Hobart Curtis 2 episodes, Donovan 2 episodes, Delroy Baker 2 episodes, Joe Hoppus 2 episodes, Josiah Cairn 2 episodes, Eve Munro 2 episodes, Bobby Joe Packer 2 episodes, ATF Agent Keaton 2 episodes, Gloria 2 episodes, Lapiccola 2 episodes, Sonya Gable 2 episodes, Derrick Waters 2 episodes, Deputy Greg Sutter 2 episodes, KSP Off.

Detective Costanza 2 episodes, Walt McCready 2 episodes, Benny 2 episodes, Mark 2 episodes, Leslie Mullen 2 episodes, Mickey 2 episodes, Guard 1 2 episodes, Glen 2 episodes, Reggie 2 episodes, Corliss 2 episodes, Dave 2 episodes, Cope 2 episodes, Yvette 2 episodes, Sharon Edmunds 2 episodes, Aguilar 2 episodes, Eldest Foster Sibling 2 episodes, Barnes 2 episodes, Sammy's Goon 2 episodes, Billy Blake 2 episodes, Trixie 2 episodes, Yoon 2 episodes, Cat 2 episodes, Marsha Keyhoe 2 episodes, Puller 2 episodes, Crackpot 2 episodes, Minerva 2 episodes, Manolo 2 episodes, Manuel 2 episodes, Thug 2 episodes, Frank Browning 2 episodes, Officer Susan Crane 2 episodes, Gale 2 episodes, Lucky 2 episodes, Gunnar Swift 2 episodes, Chris 2 episodes, Martha Simms 2 episodes, Cassie 2 episodes, Officer 2 episodes, Henchman 1 2 episodes, Sally 2 episodes, Hayes Workman 2 episodes, Cal Wallace 1 episode, Caryn Carnes 1 episode, Roland Pike 1 episode, Shirley Kelso 1 episode, Toby Griffin 1 episode, Travis Travers 1 episode, Greg Davis 1 episode, Douglas Cooper 1 episode, Mindy Springer 1 episode, Frank 1 episode, Molly Tucker 1 episode, Thomas Buckley 1 episode, Red 1 episode, Stan Perkins 1 episode, Curtis Mims 1 episode, Carter Hayes 1 episode, Elrod 1 episode, Yolo 1 episode, Jack 1 episode, Virgil Corum 1 episode, Samantha 1 episode, Sheriff 1 episode, Joe 1 episode, David Mortimer 1 episode, Duke 1 episode, Dupree 1 episode, Ralph 'Flex' Beeman 1 episode, Bobby Green 1 episode, Junior 1 episode, Alvin 1 episode, Kemp 1 episode, Loretta's Grandaunt 1 episode, Driver 1 episode, Sherese Mason 1 episode, Owen Carnes 1 episode, Ferguson 1 episode, Drunk 1 1 episode, Sonya Toomey 1 episode, Price 1 episode, Combs 1 episode, Marshal Bill Nichols 1 episode, Hitman 1 episode, Mary 1 episode, Agent Henkins 1 episode, Winston 1 episode, Lawlor 1 episode, Laurie Slade 1 episode, Jared Hale 1 episode, Karl Hanselman 1 episode, Jim Ferzinsky 1 episode, Nick Moss 1 episode, Peener 1 episode, Reasoner 1 episode, Fletcher 'The Ice Pick' Nix 1 episode, Wally Beckett 1 episode, Layla 1 episode, Mitch 1 episode, Mason Goines 1 episode, Michael 1 episode, Luther Kent 1 episode, Lewis Mago 1 episode, Bartender 1 episode, EMT 1 episode, Pork 2 1 episode, Frank Choate 1 episode, Billy Mac 1 episode, Jones 1 episode, Jamie Berglund 1 episode, Frank Reasoner 1 episode, Bank Teller 1 episode, Terry Powe 1 episode, Harold Shawn 1 episode, Kenneth 1 episode, Grady 1 episode, Richard 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, Wood 1 episode, Amanda Griffin 1 episode, Jimmy the Bartender 1 episode, Pena 1 episode, Ted Bentley 1 episode, Pork 1 1 episode, Purdy 1 episode, Older Woman 1 episode, Van 1 episode, Cutter 1 episode, Sally Jenson 1 episode, Sarno 1 episode, Mary Archer 1 episode, Mother Truth 1 episode, Larry Hagman had never treated him as an equal.

With Gary gone from Southfork Ranch, J. Years later, Valene and Lucy reconnected, causing Valene and Gary to reunite. Knots Landing is officially spun off from Dallas in the third-season episode entitled "Return Engagements. Other neighbors include the young couple Kenny Ward James Houghton , a record producer, and his wife Ginger Kim Lankford , a kindergarten teacher. Early in the series, Gary becomes a salesman at Knots Landing Motors, and deals with visits from his wealthy brothers from Dallas , Bobby guest star Patrick Duffy and J.

Ewing guest star Larry Hagman. Gary and Valene get a visit from their teenage daughter Lucy Charlene Tilton , although she decides to return to Dallas, and from Valene's estranged mother, Lilimae Julie Harris. Sid and Karen deal with problems surrounding Sid's oldest daughter, Annie Karen Allen , Richard and Laura deal with the circumstances surrounding Laura's rape, and Kenny and Ginger's marriage hits the rocks when Kenny starts an affair with a young singer named Sylvie Louise Vallance.

In the season finale, Gary relapses into alcoholism, endangering his marriage. Abby starts working for her brother at Knots Landing Motors and immediately takes an interest in Richard, beginning a rather open affair with him, and she makes sure that Valene discovers Gary having an affair with Judy Trent guest star Jane Elliot , the wife of a man he befriended while in Alcoholics Anonymous. In the meantime, Laura starts an affair with her boss, Scooter Warren Allan Miller , and Abby soon dumps Richard when her ex-husband, Jeff Barry Jenner , threatens to take her children from her.

While separated from Kenny, Ginger starts a romance with the father of one of her students, although she and Kenny eventually reconcile. Near the end of the season, Jeff succeeds in taking Olivia and Brian from Abby, leaving her frantic. When Sid discovered some car parts that Gary and Abby had purchased were actually stolen, his brakes were tampered with to keep him from testifying in court. As a result, in the season finale, Sid's car plunges off a cliff, leaving him in critical condition in the hospital. At the start of the third season, Karen signs for Sid to have a life-threatening surgery, which results in his death.

After Sid's death, Karen becomes the head of Knots Landing Motors, subsequently firing Abby, although she was soon rehired. Meanwhile, Abby and Gary start an affair, and Ginger gives birth to a daughter, Erin Molly, and makes Karen her godmother.

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Valene's mother, Lilimae Clements, moves in with Gary and Valene, which results in Valene and Lilimae gradually strengthening their estranged relationship. Laura plans to leave Richard and marry her real-estate sales boss, Scooter, but when Laura learns she is pregnant, she decides to reconcile with Richard and end her affair with Scooter. However, Richard's career takes a turn for the worse, and once he loses his job, Richard suffers a nervous breakdown and holds Laura hostage in their home.

Laura subsequently sends Richard to a mental institution. After Karen passes up the opportunity to fund a methanol-powered vehicle project, Gary and Abby devote the majority of their time to making the deal without Karen's help. In the season finale, Valene, having been humiliated by Gary and Abby's affair, leaves Seaview Circle in tears, as Gary chases Val and pleads with her not to leave.

Gary's pleas are unsuccessful. In season four, Valene returns to the cul-de-sac and throws Gary out of her house, leaving him free to move in with Abby. He then inherits millions of dollars from his recently-deceased father, Jock Ewing Jim Davis. Investing money in several ways, Gary takes an interest in a beautiful younger singer named Ciji Dunne Lisa Hartman. With the charges dropped against Sid Fairgate's killers, Karen seeks the help of federal prosecutor Mack MacKenzie Kevin Dobson , whom she starts dating and eventually marries mid-season.

Valene's publicist, Chip Roberts Michael Sabatino , moves in with Valene and Lilimae, and trouble starts when he dates Diana and Ciji at the same time, later getting Ciji pregnant. Ciji insists on keeping the baby, much to Chip's annoyance and anger.

Ciji was also romantically linked to Gary and Laura, though it is doubtful that Ciji had a romance with either of those two as she did with Chip, but the rumours caused a lot of hostility towards Ciji. Ciji's dead body was later discovered on the shore of a beach, and there are many suspects, most prominently Gary, Valene, Chip, Abby and Richard, with Gary charged with the murder.

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In the penultimate episode of the season, Richard quietly leaves Knots Landing without telling anyone, after finally realizing that his marriage to Laura was over and believing that Laura and Ciji had been in a lesbian romance before Ciji's death, even though Ciji and Laura had said that they were just friends. Before the start of season five, Gary has been arrested and charged with Ciji's murder, and Lilimae has learned that Chip Roberts' real name is Tony Fenice and that he's really a fugitive wanted for assault and battery on a woman in Seattle.

The charges against Gary are later dropped after a pre-trial hearing determines that the prosecution had insufficient evidence. Chip runs away with Diana, and is later charged with murdering Ciji. Without Karen's knowledge, Abby schemed to build a resort on the land while cutting Karen out of her plans. Abby then forms a company called Apolune, a secret subsidiary of Gary's corporation, and she convinces Gary to marry her so she can share his inheritance he got from his father's death.

Valene begins a relationship with journalist Ben Gibson Douglas Sheehan , but after a one-night stand with Gary, she learns she is pregnant with twins. Valene decides not to tell Gary that he is the father, as he was now married to Abby, and as she had fallen in love with Ben. However, Ben could not accept that Valene was pregnant with another man's children and he and Valene broke up. Abby hires a Ciji look-alike, Cathy Geary also Lisa Hartman , to keep Gary distracted so he would not learn about her crooked business practices. The events surrounding Diana running away with Chip stresses Karen to point where she becomes addicted to prescription pain pills.

Senator , received the endorsements of Mack and Karen, as well as Abby, who wanted to buy herself a senator. Greg hired Mack to lead his Senate Crime Commission investigating the sinister Wolfbridge Group, but when Abby convinced Greg to get her an illegal land variance to build on Lotus Point, Greg pinned it on Mack, thus ending their friendship.

After Karen's recovery from her drug addiction, she and Diana reconciled their relationship when Diana returned to Knots Landing after Chip's sudden death upon seeing whom he thought was a ghost of his dead murder victim Ciji actually lookalike Cathy and falling onto a pitchfork. Wolfbridge forced Abby into making them her partners in the developments at Lotus Point. When Mack discovered that Apolune owned all the land in Lotus Point, except Karen and Abby's inheritances, he thought Apolune was a division of Wolfbridge.

Laura confessed that Apolune was Abby's company and Gary decided to divorce Abby. When Mack faked Gary's death to get Wolfbridge, Karen left him, believing his obsession with Wolfbridge had cost them their marriage. In the season finale, Mack tried to trick Mark St. Claire's assassin hit Karen instead. Meanwhile, Abby was kidnapped by the Wolfbridge Group when they realized they had failed.

Greg kills Mark St. Claire, who was holding Abby hostage on a boat. After being shot, Karen refuses to have risky surgery, fearing she would die in the process much like first husband Sid , although she soon recovers. Meanwhile, Gary and Abby reconcile and the couple, along with Karen, agreed to become partners in Lotus Point. Joshua, a televangelist , soon starts a romance with Cathy, who has moved into the cul-de-sac with Laura and her children.

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Abby starts running a television station, World Pacific Cable, that Ben becomes a journalist for after Gary purchased it. Abby was stunned to learn that Gary was the father of Valene's twins, and Abby tells Scott Easton Jack Bannon , an influential lobbyist with shady connections, about her problem. As a favor to Abby, Scott arranges to have Valene's babies kidnapped at birth, though without Abby's approval, who becomes furious at his actions. Valene is told the babies were stillborn, although she insists she saw them alive, and thereby leaves Knots Landing for Tennessee, where she assumes the identity of Verna Ellers a character from one of her books and works as a waitress.

Karen and Mack reconcile, and Karen eventually gets the operation she needed in order to make a full recovery.

Gary befriends the aging millionaire Paul Galveston Howard Duff , and Galveston offers Gary the opportunity to develop Empire Valley, a large piece of real estate. Galveston soon dies, and he leaves his millions to Greg, who is proven to have been his son. Assuming he had been left Empire Valley, Greg resigns from the Senate, but is shocked to learn that the land had been left to Gary. Greg's devious mother, Ruth guest star Ava Gardner , comes to visit her son after Galveston's death. Ruth becomes close to Abby since they have similar interests , but loathes Laura, who, by this time has started a relationship with Greg.

Around this same time, Joshua and Cathy grow closer, and the two soon marry. Valene still believing she is "Verna" becomes engaged to a man in Tennessee , but Gary finally finds her and brings her back to Knots Landing, where she rekindles her romance with Ben, still believing her babies to be alive. Karen and Ben discovered that Valene's doctor had paid off a nurse to assist in the kidnapping of Valene's children. Mack thereby tracked down Valene's babies, who had been adopted illegally. Abby confided in Greg that she inadvertently caused the kidnapping of Valene's babies, but she wanted to get them back.

With Ruth's help, Abby was able to get address to the home where Valene's babies had been living. In the season finale, Abby goes to Valene and tells her that she knows where her babies are, and the two go to the home of Sheila Robin Ginsburg and Harry Fisher Joe Regalbuto.

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Sheila disbelieves their claims that the babies were adopted illegally, and Harry takes off with one of the twins. Early in season seven, after a frantic battle to expose the illegal black market adoption, Valene's children are returned to her, whom she names Betsy and Bobby. Valene and Ben agree to raise the children as theirs, and the two soon marry.

Abby successfully covers her tracks in the matter by simply telling Gary that she had received a phone call for a "Mrs. Ewing" telling her where the babies could be found. Gary receives news of his brother Bobby's death and returns to Dallas for the funeral Bobby Ewing's death was later explained as being a " dream " on Dallas at the start of its tenth season in , although never acknowledged on Knots Landing since Bobby was never mentioned again. Empire Valley went awry when Gary learned that Galveston Industries and its partners were secretly building an underground espionage operation there.

Gary subsequently blows Empire Valley up. Jill Bennett Teri Austin , Peter's sister, becomes Mack's new colleague, although Jill and Peter keep their relationship a secret as an effort to get revenge on the Galveston family for having wronged their family years before. Abby soon discovers that Sylvia is not Peter's mother and that Peter is not Galveston's son, therefore blackmailing Peter into paying her to keep their secret safe. In the meantime, Joshua becomes increasingly controlling and abusive towards Cathy, and in a moment of rage, Joshua falls of the roof of a building, thus killing himself.

Lilimae and Cathy spend the remainder of the season mourning his death, although Cathy soon starts an affair with Ben, who becomes her manager for her budding singing career. However, at the end of the season, Cathy leaves town, having ended her romance with Ben, and Abby becomes aware that her daughter Olivia has developed a drug problem.

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  • Also, a young woman, Paige Matheson Nicollette Sheridan , comes to Knots Landing and explains to Mac that she is his illegitimate daughter. In the finale, Karen disappears and is being held hostage by a man in his basement. Karen's kidnapper was revealed to be Phil Harbert guest star Louis Giambalvo , an old friend of Greg and Mack's from law school, who had become bitter towards Mack, having blamed him for causing the death of his wife.

    Karen later escapes, and Phil is later killed after being hit by a car. Ben returns to Valene, promising to make their marriage work. However, this promise was compromised when he was contacted by Jean Hackney Wendy Fulton , who had tried to trick Ben into doing a mission for an underground organization to kill Greg. When Valene's babies were threatened, Ben reluctantly agrees to assist Jean.

    With Mack's help, Ben foiled the plan, although Jean's insistence on following him required Ben to leave the country and Valene at the end of the season. Although Valene had helped in the situation stopping Greg's murder, an angry Laura, whom Valene had failed to tell what was going on, blamed her for the incident and ended their friendship.

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    Laura tells Greg that she is pregnant, but he is not enthusiastic about it, and she refuses to have an abortion. In the meantime, Paige reveals that she faked her death in order to escape the control of her wealthy grandparents, although Karen doubts the story, believing her to be an impostor. Also, Paige had developed a romantic relationship with Michael, Karen's son, but she soon tires of him and starts romancing Peter.

    Abby's daughter Olivia's drug addiction has worsened, eventually leading to the injuring of Lilimae in a car accident, and Abby resorts to desperate measures to get her clean. When her drug dealer beat up her younger brother Brian, Olivia finally admitted to her addiction and decided to get clean. Olivia then becomes friends with Peter, and starts crushing on him, although he is interested in Paige. Peter, having become state senator with Greg's support, goes to the extreme to hide the fact that Jill is his sister, who has started an affair with Gary.

    When Jill and Peter have an argument, Jill falls from a cliff, and Peter flees the scene to avoid any link to Jill or the accident, although he does report what happened. Later, Paige's mother, Anne Matheson Michelle Phillips , whom Paige had said was dead, appears and tries to rekindle her love affair with Mack. When Mack refuses her advances, she turns her attention to Greg, who also turns her down, and she therefore leaves town. At the end of the season, Abby finds Olivia standing over Peter's dead body.

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