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You can hide all pictures and shapes on one page in one go. Because a proficient repair tool can rescue as many files as possible in the least time. Vera Chen is a data recovery expert in DataNumen, Inc. For more information visit www. Data Recovery Blog Discuss every aspect of data recovery. Enter your email address to subscribe to our company's newsletter. RSS Feed.

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Not to Print Images in Word Documents In spite of the excellent effect of not printing text boxes or shapes, this method cannot be employed to prevent a picture from printing. Method 1: Insert a Text Box or a Shape To begin with, you have to set the text wrapping style of pictures in your Word document. That is to right click on the picture. Drag the picture into the text box or shape. If it is, you can take the first 5 steps to set.

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You can notice all images and shapes are on the pane. And there is an eye symbol behind each image or shape name. If you click it and you can hide this image or shape. Firstly, click the picture so as to select it. Now the picture will disappear. This method is best applied to work with multiple pictures. Microsoft says you can't set crop-marks. So you need a work-around. To do this, you increase the paper size by 1 cm all around A4 now becomes 23 x In the header and footer you have blocks that bleed to the edge, so you need to make them larger.

It easiest to make them 1 cm large into the edges of the paper. In each corner you exactly place 4 square each with a line weight of 0. These are now effectively your crop-marks for the printer. I'll call them crop-boxes. But at the same time you have to indent all your styles by 1 cm to the right to get them in line with the A4 print area.

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And, you have to check that all your images are still in the right place. It's a palaver. And it's not possible to solve this by importing into Publisher. However, what happens if you want to print on pre-printed letterhead by digital printing. I can still be done, but in your header and footer you now have nothing apart from the cropping boxes.

So I thought, why bother to change the original file, simply put crop-boxes in the corners of the A4 sheet, and let the printer line up to these. To make sure you don't print them, simply make them non-printing. How is my question.

Images Won't Print

How do you make individual items such as square drawn in WORD non-printing? You only want these not to print, all other drawn items in your document should print normally. Also applies to when you make a pdf from the document. How do you make them non-printing?

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Kimberly Windows 7 Office Version I see you are using Word If not, you might try this, not sure if it will suffice Hello Kimberly, Sorry. The crop marks show the edge of the print area. And, some pictures go outside the print area, so they'd be cut off. BUT: The text box - show text boundaries - version did work. I could actually create a blank box of any size on the page and use that. However, now the printer is now demanding a pdf with crop marks, so I am making the little squares in the corner, leaving them as printable items.

They appear in the pdf, and it's the printer's job of finding a way to print just the extended print area and not outside the print area. Even Publisher is not really up to doing crop marks easily. I love WORD, but you have to be fair and realise that it is a the most capable word processor.

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