Mac os x lion all my files empty

Good luck! So, naturally, that is where we will start. Click on the Trash icon in the Dock to open it in Finder. Still nothing? Are you getting an error that says the operation could not be completed because the item is locked? The first thing to do is look at the file s or folder s that are stuck.

Do they have weird names? Remove any unusual characters especially slashes , then try emptying the Trash again.

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Uncheck it, close the Get Info window, and repeat this process for other locked items in the Trash. Try downloading and installing the free Trash It! It just might be the answer to your prayers. Sometimes files become corrupt and need some attention before they can be deleted. This only needs to be done once. When finished, restart your Mac and try to force empty the Trash as described above. I should warn you that executing the following command in Terminal could erase all of your data if you do not follow directions exactly.

Backing up before proceeding is always a good idea, just in case. Note that the cursor will not move and none of the characters you type will be shown. Is your Trash empty now?

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

I should hope so! Perhaps someone from the helpful Mac community might be able to assist you. Like what you see? Subscribe via RSS , email , or Twitter! I have even reset the OS-X tried all and above but there is still a folder with the file in it which is resisting to go ….

Display the Missing Drive Icons Again

My issue is that folders I am trying to delete are NOT in the trash. They are actually on a different computer and I am trying to delete remotely.

They were the results of failed earlier attempts to copy this same folder over. Hoping I can delete these from the computer on which they reside.

Quickly Empty the Trash in OS X using Terminal

Hoping main issue is that I am trying to delete them through the network. If I work from the remote computer, hoping the move to trash will work normally. What worked was physically going to the computer with the incompletely copied folders. When I tried to delete from there, they deleted instantly and without issue! So obviously my problem was trying to delete these incomplete folders through the network.

How to Set Finder Preferences in Mac OS X Lion Finder

It did not work for me. I put them in the trash with the circle no symbol on them and there they sit ever since. I have tried everything here and several other places to no avail. Refuse to erase my hard drive and reinstall-have enough trouble with it right now with the trash.

All My Files shows nothing

Oh and the items that are in the trash are OS necessary items. Have slightly different problem File will move to trash apparently. It can them disappear when trash is emptied…. But the same file or folder will then come back to the place where I deleted it.

Overall — cannot get rid of the file. Tried restarting and delete immediately but still have this file coming up in my trash when hard drive is plugged in. I am deleting email off my iMac, the computer is very slow, I thought the trash can was full, I was going to empty it, to my surprise there was nothing in the trash, where are all my deleted items going, they are back ing up somewhere, the computer is almost at a stand still, terribly slow. Has anyone else had this problem, and how can I fix it. Please help. I tried everything and even though the file names were common without any unusual characters I renamed them and poof the trash emptied.

Thanks a bunch. When did the artwork change on the trashcan? In OsX On Mavericks the trash gets emptied but the icon still shows items filling the wastebasket… full, not the oldstyle really empty trash, where you can see the baskets wires on the otherside.

Mac OS X Lion: Working with Files and Folders

None of these methods work. These files have a special undocumented? Sierra thinks they are in use.

Does anyone have suggestions? Most people would not want this unless they are storing super sensitive information that they would not want anyone to be able to see even after the data has been deleted. Go to Finder, then click on Preferences and then click on Advanced. Make sure Empty Trash Securely is not checked. If you had that checked for any reason, it would take a lot longer to empty the trash. Open Terminal by going to Applications , Utilities and Terminal and type in the following command:.

Make sure you type it exactly as it appears above with no extra spaces or anything else. Using this command incorrectly can lead to deletion of files and folders you did not intend to delete. Emptying the trash using the Terminal is significantly faster than the traditional method of using the GUI. Note that using this command in the terminal does not delete the trash that is from external hard drives or other partitions, just the local files on your Mac. If this command is not working for you and the trash is not being emptied, you might have to run the command as sudo.