Can i read a book from itunes on my mac

There are few options for reading your books on a PC or Mac - with more options becoming available all the time. In , Mac users got iBooks for Mac which made the whole process a lot easier if you have a Mac!

How to lose the e-book wars

We're going to focus on using Readium , an open source project which aims to enable viewing of ePubs on any device. First, make sure your iPhone or iPad has iOS 12 or higher. Scroll down the About screen to the entry for Version. If If not, return to the General screen and tap on the entry for Software Update to download and install the latest version of iOS.

Tap on the Books icon. The first time you launch the app, a Welcome screen greets you and offers information about Apple Books.

Tap on a book you want to continue reading and the app will place you where you left off. Scroll down from the list of books you are currently reading to see the books on your wish list.

12 things to know about iBooks and iBooks Store

This is a collection of titles that you might like to read next, based on the book you have recently downloaded. Tap on the link to See All to view details on the suggested books. Another section will suggest books that have been adapted into films. Tap on the Sort arrow to arrange your books by recent downloads, title, author, or manual selection. With the manual option, hold down a book and drag it to another spot to change its location. You can also filter the list. Tap on the Collections arrow to view books, audiobooks, PDFs, and other categories. You are even able to create your own new collections.

Tap on the entry for New Collections. Type the name for your collection, then tap Done. If you want to rename or delete any collections, tap on the Edit link in the Collection pane. Tap on the name of a collection to give it a new name. Tap on the Delete key to remove it, then tap Done. Now, how do you move a book to a specific collection? Tap on the ellipsis in the lower right corner of a book. Tap on the entry to Add to Collection, then tap on the name of the collection you want it to live in. What was truly disturbing about the iBooks disappearances was that nobody in my local Apple Store or on the Apple Support phone line could tell me what was going on.

Finally, with the help of some engineers, I discovered that this was supposed to be a feature, rather than a bug: My iPad had less than 5GB of room on it, so it was actively trying to free up space You read that right: In an unnecessary, unrequested hunt for an extra gigabyte or two, iOS considered books which average a mere kilo bytes each to be expendable.

No matter how many times you would try to re-download them, they would be tossed into the memory hole.

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I'd been gravitating towards Amazon anyway, reluctantly, but the iBooks deletion situation was the last straw. This year, for the first time since , Kindle became my only reading app. Would it hold a candle to Kindle? The amount of time devoted to Books in the keynote was not encouraging. Apple News, Stocks, and even the Voice Memo app were deemed more important. Apple Books was literally discussed for less than a minute, much of which time was devoted to the dropping of the "i.

Why so little attention for a major upgrade to a medium that is more important in the Trump era than ever? Were books just too unhip for the company that bought Beats, a company that is perpetually over-eager to appear on the cultural cutting edge? Regardless, I still had hope.

And that hope was somewhat vindicated when I took my first look at the iOS 12 beta. Which, by the way, has generally improved the speed and performance of my ancient iPhone 6S, as promised. Nice one, Apple! Open the Books app and you're met with "Reading Now," a neat way to have the option of diving into your current book or having a look at another. Both Kindle and iBooks load the last book you were reading automatically, which can get annoying if you read the way I do with a dozen books on the go at any one time.

Most prominent after that is "Want to Read," i.

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Sheesh, Apple, I know you're trying to sell books, but could you maybe be a little more subtle about it? The Collections screen, above, offers a slightly more useful way to organize your library collections were previously listed in a drop-down menu rather than their own screen. And it's nice that Audiobooks get their own section for the first time, although I still wonder why Apple decided to make Audiobooks part of iBooks years ago.

How to read iTunes books on your PC

They used to be part of iTunes, which seems a more natural fit despite the name: It's a thing you want to access when you feel like listening to something. But here's the main problem: You still have to download every book one by one. Do the math based on the "downloaded" number on the screen above and you'll see I still have to tap more than 1, times before I've acquired and apocalypse-proofed my collection.