Best ways to organize photos on a mac

No GPS information in the photo file?

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Third-party apps can also edit photo location data. Select a thumbnail to open the group and add a name. The pictures then show up when you search for that person by name in Google Photos. You can label each group with a name by tapping a photo and using the Add Name option. To add new people in Photos for iOS , open a photo of someone, swipe up to see a thumbnail of the person in the People area and tap to enter a name.

The Best Way to Organize a Lifetime of Photos

Both apps include settings to remove someone from the People album. Tired of typing? Creating a new library is easy. At present, there is no native macOS tool for merging libraries in Photos. So, create one as described above, and then follow these steps:.

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You just navigate to the Pictures folder on your Mac, locate the library you want gone, and move it to the Trash. Export them like we described in the previous section, and then trash the library. Sure, you might want to keep one or two, but do you really need the other 11 wasting space on your Mac?

Probably not.

iPhone Photo Albums: How To Organize Photos On iPhone

Here is how you delete redundant photos from a Mac without it taking all evening. Gemini places these in a separate folder in Photos Gemini Duplicates , giving you a possibility to look through the images once again before deleting them for good. For more information, this article is well worth a read. After merging your libraries and clearing out duplicates and similar images, take photo organizing one step further and group the remaining pics with Smart Albums. Smart Albums are a way of grouping images by the parameters you set.

How to organize photos on Mac: Smart Albums and other tricks

All that and more can be done with a Smart Album. As is the case with a regular Photos album, you can edit and delete it. By developing a system e.

Step 2. Remove duplicates and other useless photos

And remember: the best way to organize photos on your Mac is to keep your library lean and manageable — free from clutter and useless copies. Gemini 2 will gladly help with that.

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