Is a big mac that bad for you

Plus, a look at the McDonald's secret menu. For starters, the sandwich almost had a totally different name. By Meghan De Maria January 16, Courtesy of McDonald's. Buy the Issue. Read This Next. Restaurants The Top Swap at McDonald's The number of calorie bombs has been reduced and there are more healthy options.

Big Mac vs. Whopper: Which One Is Better for You, According to an RD

You decide. The Latest Restaurants News. Food fast: 10 best ready meals Show all But, if someone served you this flavoursome and innovative dish and told you they had cooked it themselves, you would believe it. Despite being the taste of Morocco, this chicken tagine is made from entirely British ingredients. This vegetarian Indian cheese and pea dish cooked in a spicy sauce comes with rice and manages to pack lots of complex flavours into a small box while not tasting as if it comes from a box.

Cheaper, and just as tasty as a takeaway - and just calories. Somehow this calorie vegetarian chilli made of sweet potato, peppers and pinto beans manages to be both warming and subtle at the same time, making it a perfect winter meal. They're ideal to keep in the cupboard, just in case. This one's calories, though you need to add your own rice to make it a complete meal. A fragrant noodle dish with a sauce that packs a punch, this is a calorie microwave only meal just right for lovers of Malaysian food.

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Delligatti originally called the sandwich the “Big Mc.”

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How to order lower calorie food at McDonald's | Inside Source

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It was invented by a McDonald’s franchisee in Pittsburgh.

Deleting comment The chips add little nutritional value and are full of fat, which means you will feel full to begin with but then your blood sugar levels will drop and you'll be hungry again in no time. She told The Sun Online: "Yes, the protein element and the carbohydrate element will help keep you fuller for longer, the protein definitely has a satiating effect.


That's because the calorie content and saturated fat in a burger is quite high, which means you are eating almost half of your daily recommended fat intake in one sitting. One Big mac has calories and 10g of saturated fat, so eating two means you are consuming 1, calories and 20g of saturated fat. That's more than half a woman's recommended 2, calorie intake for one day and two fifths of a man's recommended 2, calories. The average women should eat no more than 20g of saturated fat per day and men should eat no more than 30g, according to the NHS.