Dual boot mac osx and windows 7 on amd

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Requirements for Installing Phoenix OS

Can I hackintosh an amd cpu amd a4 and dual boot it with windows I have an UEFI motherboard. Any clues will be appreciated. View drtweak's answer. Sep 17, 6, 2 32, 1, You can but it is a lot harder to do.

[TUTORIAL] Macintosh OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 on AMD Processor! (Hackintosh) [Dual-Boot]

I think I got it to work work once and i could never find the web page that helped me get it to work again. That was using a VM though and not a physical machine. There are tutorials out there for AMD but I haven't looked in long time. We can either make the Windows partition during the install or after the install.

The reason you would want to do it during the install is if you wanted to have the Windows partition show up as first and the macOS partition as second, however personally I prefer having macOS first and Windows second as my hackintosh is reliable enough that I use macOS almost exclusively. To create a macOS flash drive installer you will first need either a.

Access to a Mac or b. A virtual machine running macOS. Now that we have access to macOS we will now create a flash drive installer containing macOS install files and then install macOS. Just os you know you will need to completely wipe the drive you are using in order to format as GUID using Disk Utility. Also after macOS keep the flash drive the way it is as you will need it later. To do that we are going to using that macOS flash drive installer that you should have kept as a backup to boot back into macOS.

There are a couple different methods to a fix dual-booting hackintosh using only one drive for both installs. To fix our dual-booting hackintosh we need to deal with a file called bootmgfw. All you need to do is rename bootmgfw. To do that first boot macOS off your flash drive again. You can now use the Clover Menu to boot Windows.

I keep getting stuck at step 4. Windows must be installed to a partition formatted as NTFS. Thank you so much for replying.

How to dual-boot Windows and OS X El Capitan on the same hard disk in your Hackintosh

Should have read your instructions more carefully xD. Now everything worked great! There is a possibility that users need to repeat Step 5, If there is a major Windows Update. Thank you very much for all the guides, I followed nearly everyone lol. But I finally got the Hackintosh working, then I installed Windows, and bang, black screen, I tried again with your guide of reinstalling the Nvidia Web drivers, and all come back.

How to Dual Boot Mac OS X and Windows 7 – A Complete Walkthrough

Really happy now bc I have both macOS and Windows running stable. Thank you very much! Thanks for the guide! However, I keep running into a snag. I formatted the windows partition as ex-fat and attempted to install, but once I do the installer prompts me to restart the install again…. Any ideas? Even if you add the partition the windows installer will refuse to use it.

If you delete it and create a new ntfs one during install it will fail too. First disconnect other drives. Make your apfs drive with mac have only the container and the macos, so would be disk0, disk1, disk1s1. From there I just partition as exfat.

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  • Reboot to windows usb installer and install to the partition that yo made in mac, you definitely want to erase and reformat the partition before trying to install. After all goes well with install I reboot to bios and select your UEFIclover the one you always used for hackintosh to 1st boot option. Then you can boot macos or windows from clover. I dont know anything about opencore. Is there some other way to get the clover bootloader to take precedence over Windows bootloader? Thank you.