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In a similar way, the shortcut Control minus displays the Delete dialog, with the same functionality. Note that when you've copied cells to the clipboard, you'll see different behavior than when you insert. So, If I copy these cells, then use the shortcut for insert, I'll get the Insert paste dialog Finally, if you have entire rows or columns selected before you copy, the Insert shortcut will insert and paste in one step. Skip to main content.

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This lesson is from our online video training. In this video, we'll cover shortcuts you can use to insert or delete rows, columns, or cells.

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel for Mac

This shortcut is the same for inserting columns. You can insert multiple columns and rows as well, just begin with more than one cell selected.

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The logic for deleting rows and columns is the same. The shortcut is Control -. It is worth noting that this is a sequence, not necessarily keys to be pressed simultaneously see answer from ATG above. You can type Alt , then I , then R and get the same effect. If you format your spreadsheet as a table, you do not even need to worry about copying your formulas.

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