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Use it to set as many alarms as needed, either one-time alarms or repeating alarms. Then choose anything in the iTunes library to wake to songs, playlists, and even radio stations. The application takes care of the rest, even waking the computer from sleep if needed. When it's this simple, why even bother with older alarm clocks. With this little application you can wake up to the sounds you want.

You can configure your snooze duration to the length you want. And if waking up to blaring alarms in the morning isn't your cup of tea, there's an easy wake option which will gradually increase the system volume over time. Version 2. I set it carefully last night. It didn't go off so I wake up late and look at the clock it says it will work tomorrow. I wanted to get up this morning not tomorrow. This has happened before. I would rather have a clock that doesn't work rather than one who is unreliable. It is simple. It allows multiple alarms. Has timers. Has a stop watch.

Publisher's Description

This little program helps me keep my day organized, and I would really be in a quandary without it. A common problem reported by people is the file that downloads from this website. However, if you just remove the. Something was wrong with the download from CNET but it was easy to do from the website. Google the publisher if you have to. Also offered the nature sounds and standard alarm. I downloaded about 3 different alarm softwares just to find something simple that actually did what it promised.

This one delivered. Others claimed to wake computer out of sleep mode to turn on alarm, but they didn't work. This one did. Try it. Read reply 1. So cool But still I wish I could individually name the alarms workday, early meeting, weekend, etc. There isn't a good a program on Windows! This provides you with everything you need to wake up in time- that's what it's for! Kudos to Robbie Hanson-the developer. Mike More.

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Alarm Clock Publisher's Description

Browse with Brave. Learn more. Enter your reminder View full description. CONS Doesn't bring up missed reminders. Softonic review Advertisement. Fix problems where various Pester keyboard equivalents could not be assigned; improve reliability of keyboard equivalent display. Fix crash on speech voice preview. Really fix some long-standing inconsistencies between icon and Dock menu time display. Download Pester b16 1. Free Download for Mac.

User reviews about Pester. Would like to be able to set alarms to repeat: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever More reviewed onOctober 8, More reviewed onApril 1, More reviewed onMarch 31, More reviewed onJune 30, Mike More reviewed onOctober 2, Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! If the computer was asleep or shutdown, the alarm will not have rung unless it was configured to wake the system from sleep.

To turn on this feature, turn on the "Wake the computer when needed" checkbox in the Advanced tab of the alarm details window.

Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock

The computer may have screensaver password protection enabled. Wake events are scheduled 5 minutes prior to alarms ringing; however, when the system wakes up it may ask for an administrator password. If no password is entered within 60 seconds, it may go back to sleep. This could mean the system has gone back to sleep and the ring will be skipped. The alarm configuration may be invalid. Right-click the alarm in the main list and choose "Preview" to ensure it executes all of its actions as expected. Error messages will be shown if an action cannot be completed. Speaker volume may have been turned down or off so it appeared as nothing happened for audio alarms.

App does not open on Mac OS X missing menu icon It's likely that the app is indeed open but it is not visible in the menubar as the menubar is over-crowded.

Download Alarm Clock for Mac - Best Software & Apps

Resolve this by following the steps below: Click the Finder icon in the Dock. While holding down the Command key on the keyboard, drag and drop icons you are not using off of the right-side of the menubar. Repeat the previous step until the Alarm Clock Pro clock icon appears. Menu Button hold : Stops all media alarms as well as iTunes if it is playing.

Select Button: Speak the current system time. Play Button: Will launch and begin playing iTunes.

Right Button: An internal media alarm is ringing with more than one media file, the next media file will be played. Left Button: An internal media alarm is ringing with more than one media file, the previous media file will be played. Right Button hold : An internal media alarm is ringing with more than one media file, the first media file will be played. Left Button hold : An internal media alarm is ringing with more than one media file, the last media file will be played.

Use the following syntax: tell application "Alarm Clock Pro" ring "my alarm name" end tell. Calculate the amount of time between two dates Chronoindex The "Chronoindex" determines the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds between two dates. Calculate the current time in another time zone Time Zone Tools The Time Zones tab in the main window of Alarm Clock Pro will allow you to create a calculation relative to the current time or a specific time in another Time Zone.

Computer is not waking from sleep If the computer fails to wake from sleep, there are a few possible solutions. The "Wake the computer from sleep" checkbox may not have been enabled in the Advanced tab of the alarm details window. If on a laptop, ensure the lid is open.

Maybe the computer did wake up, but went back to sleep prematurely because the operating system required authentication. Disabling the screensaver password is one workaround, as if there was no password entered within 60 seconds, the computer goes back to sleep. The system clock may have been set incorrectly when the alarm was last scheduled with the system's power manager. Turn the alarm off, and then back on again.

No Action Do not do anything. Stop Ringing All Stops the Dock icon from bouncing, stops any playing media, stops the menubar icon from flashing, stops iTunes, and stops speaking. Stop Flashing Stop the menubar icon from flashing. Stop iTunes Stop iTunes from playing. Stop Speaking Stop speaking any text being read. Snooze Snooze any alarms with an "alarm notice" or media window open.

Stopwatch Action Starts or stops the "Stopwatch. Stopwatch Reset Presses the Reset button in the "Stopwatch". Randomize Task Shows, if necessary, the "Task Randomizer" and chooses a new task at random. May fail if the "Prevent Quit" option is enabled. The "Daily" alarm will ring at a specific time each day. The "Weekly" alarm will ring at a time on specific days of the week. Additionally, occurrences can be specified to indicate perhaps only to ring on the first Friday of a month. The "Monthly" alarm will ring on a specific day of the month at a specific time.

Multiple months may be chosen. The "Specific Date" alarm will ring at a specific time on a single date. The "Hourly" alarm will ring at a number of minutes past the hour. Step 3 : Close the window and click Save Changes. Feature Requests Timer improvements The current timer doesn't offer the needed functionality for fitness training.

The key to what would make Alarm Clock Pro useful as a fitness timer is that you can set 1 or 2 intervals and the number of repeats. Ability for timer window to go in background. Full-screen visual timer to aid when timing speeches. Project Timers in a count-up clock style for services by the hour for example. Ability to save the Timer window position. Add "days" box to timer mode. Timers should pause, not reset, between app relaunches. Countdown should resume. Stopwatch improvements Export Stopwatch lap times Set order of alarm actions.

If iTunes alarm fails 15 attempts msg , perform a backup action. Support multiple iTunes libraries. Add CDs and shared music to iTunes playlist choices. Add a new Action to automatically resume playback in iTunes useful in case a stream stalls. Play random iTunes Song: new option for checked songs only. Alarm enhancements Play Spotify playlist. Extend alarm by interval Import from Mac Calendar.

Allow ranges. Set alarm to last day of month Option for alarm categories in ACP menu bar item list. Warn x days, min, hours, sec before an alarm is to ring with a message box like iCal. Ability to specify hour time format manually instead of using OS Region. Alarm Clock Pro presently checks alarms frequently to see if they should have rung, but didn't, while the program was open.

This can happen if the computer was asleep while the app was open and the alarm was due, or the app stalled for the minute during the time it should've rung. Ability to play video in fullscreen. Bulk-edit alarms. Ability to record own reminders, and playback. Auto-snooze when alarm media ends. Alarm checker feature: To list all alarms set to ring within a specific time period set by the user.

Put an alarm log somewhere which lists all past alarm actions. Multi-stage Timer alarms. Example: 25 minute alarm, 5 minute alarm, alternating until the user disables or removes the alarm. Aggressive anti-snooze options including typing a complex sentence or answering a complex math problem. Special event reminders birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.

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Other options could include time settings for the reminder, and reminder repeat settings. Preferences setting for common exclusions presets weekends, holidays, etc. Ability to use any Airplay speakers for alarm clocks remotely and also in iTunes. Potentially useful when used with a background image. Ability to uninstall clocks. Make clocks remain visible with full-screen applications.

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