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Turned on the Mac Pro — black screen but noises of booting? After a few moment the OSX login screen popped up. It turns out that this is normal behavious for PC video cards, you get no video no grey Apple logo during booting until OSX loads the video drivers. Not usually a problem but, if you want to hold down the ALT key during startup to change boot disks, have a password protected EFI or want to run a disk repair, you are stuck.

I decided to flash the PC card into the MacEdition version. BIN files you may have downloaded from elsewhere. BIN files suffix to. BIN file once unzipped, if you unzip the. This message was directed to Sobriquet Johnson. I personally would flash the motherboard firmware to that of the 5,1 model.

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The only hitch I have heard is that the Apple Store will still see your Mac as a 4,1 model and not let you download Mojave. If you know someone with a Mac that will download it, do so and make your USB installer stick. It should install just fine on your firmware upgraded Mac. This included the latest Hello , it seems that the numbers for the MP6,1 are not correct, as the D score higher than the D? My HD metal supported, runs fortnite equipped mac pro mid will not run Mojave — during boot the screen goes blank and the wireless keyboard is unresponsive.

Mine runs ok — make sure you have the switch flipped to the correct position Mac side not Windows side.

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Yes, I installed mojave in a mac pro 3. Hey Claudio, I own a machine like this myself and consider upgrading as well. Did you simply use the original installer from Apple or the dosdude patched installer? How can any Nvidia Card run OS If the card was supported before, Apple is still providing drivers.

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So some older Nvidia cards still work. Unlike the High Sierra upgrade, and some Apple Mojave forum has threads on MacBook Pro owner install problems. As always, keep your working previous boot volume intact — or at least a backup clone. Many will wait for Note that on most Mac Pros, a firmware update will need to be installed before Mojave will install.

However, you cannot install a firmware update without a video card with a Mac boot ROM installed. This means for most users whose Metal-capable video cards do not have Mac boot ROMs , a multi-stage install is required:. How do I search for this?

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  • I just did a Mohave upgrade tonight, I have a 4. I was able to do the firmware upgrade although a bit scary since no boot screen, had to be patient and wait. I did not have to swap video cards, it went very smoothly. I can confirm that updating the firmware with the Did all your audio work?

    Confirmed and Possible Flashable GTX 680 Models

    You can absolutely do the firmware update with a non Mac ROM card. I did mine with an RX and it worked fine. Worked a charm! Wish I had the Mac boot screen back, however. Mac Pro 5,1; 3. Thought it failed, at first; turns out Hunting for hints on a fix; else I hunt for another Metal-compatible card. I was unsuccessful. Made the mistake of installing a Radeon Sapphire card before installing High Sierra.

    How to Flash an nVidia GeForce GTX680 Graphics Card for a Mac Pro

    I reached out to evga to get the uefi bios for the card only to find it would not work, my guess is because of the flashed bios. What evga sent is update.

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    I would prefer to run the motherboard in true eufi if I can. What would a good place to start to try and get the card to a uefi. I'm curious of anyone else has flashed this model. I got it at a very reasonable price, though I could not confirm that it's flashable. Can anyone confirm whether it is or not? Is this doable by editing the mac ROM? Best regards and thanks for all the good advice! Quote from: goodfidelity on April 11, , PM. Stick to Spacey's idea. TO change vendor id and rom revision is a big deal. Some instances are for that, some aren't.

    Then, to get really tricky, try looking for the BIOS revision.

    Mac store UK Nvidia GTX 2GB for Mac Pro - Mac store UK

    Similar shenanigans, and some of these numbers are matched by the EFI, or it doesn't work. So some you can change, and just need to alter checksum. Others you have to decompress EFI, alter, recompress, and fix both checksums, just to test.

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    • Many tests give you a nice brick. Trust me, alter the clockspeeds and call it a day. Hi to all!!! Thanks for ALL the info!! Is the GTX compatible with Metal?