How to view hidden files on usb stick on mac

There should be an "Advanced" item and under there should be a check box to "Show all file extensions". Deleting files is a two step process. When you delete a file, it moves it to the trash.

Show Hidden Files and Folders on macOS

Then you must empty the trash. There is software that will empty the trash if it goes over a certain limit.

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Hazel comes to mind. The quick solution is to empty your trash, but if you have files in your trash that you're not sure you wish to delete.


Another thing you can try is holding the 'ctrl' button while clicking on the drives icon, on the desktop. It may offer a format option. I agree with the rest above. After erasing your thumbdrive, the thumbdrive memory will be back to 8 GB. Hope my above post helps. Anything just post, i will help you. Try following the other posters advice.

If your problem is solved can you please mark the thread as solved. You can do that by going to the bottom. Thanks, i appreciate it. Follow royng advise and go to disk utility. Select the thumb drive name and click on erase.

The format should be mac os extended journaled click on erase to delete the item on your flash drive and get back the original space. Click on security options to change the erase setting, i recommend you to use zere out data.

Hide/show files in Mac Os. Very easy.

Hope it helps. As for showing invisible files, you can use this from Apple's site. There are many softwares that can reveal hidden files. Houdini is one of them. My 64Gb flash drive only had 3 Gb of space available. I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I found this thread.

I had used my drive to store my iPhoto library and trashed that huge file to make room for a file to transfer to my daughter. I had no idea it would remain in the flash drive trash. After reading this thread I plugged my flash drive into my computer and emptied the trash. You can select your external hard drive, and turn on automatic backups.

It sends them to the trash, which you have to manually empty to get rid of them forever. The Trash is usually located at the end of your dock.

Hidden files on USB flash drive - Apple Community

If your file was stored on a USB flash drive or external hard drive, those have their own Trash you can check for deleted files. Whenever you use an external drive, your Mac creates a bunch of hidden folders starting with a period to help the drive work better with macOS. You can enable hidden files in Finder by running the following commands in Terminal. At the prompt, paste these two lines in there one at a time, hitting Enter after each line:.

You can even empty it from Finder to clear some space on a USB stick.

How to Recover and Show Hidden Files on Mac

Instead, macOS marks them as available space. Your data is still there until it gets overwritten by something else. This means that if you have an app that can read the files directly off your hard drive, you could recover them in full if you do it quickly enough after deletion. One tool that does this very well is Disk Drill. It scans your hard drive for any files that are still waiting to be overwritten and recovers them for you, bringing your documents back from the computer grave.

The last thing you want is that download overwriting the data you want to recover. When you open it for the first time, Disk Drill will ask you to select your disk and perform a scan. Select OS X if you want to scan your main disk. Most files should be under your home directory with your name on it. Ideally, you should use an external drive to prevent other files from being overwritten. For this demonstration, I just used my hard drive, and it worked fine.