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Your help so far has been brilliant, thank you. Ah, yes, the old Prolific PL chipset. I have never got this to work with a Mac, but I am optimistic.

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Just in case your download did not install properly, locate and unzip it using your unzip utility, usually StuffIt on older Macs. If you can't find it then re-download it. Go into the unzipped folder, you will find a file ending in. That will open up a disk image with a file ending.

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Then look in the info area, and try FlightTrack again. If there is sensible name next to that device you posted earlier we have cracked it. Try this too It's a PL based cheapo Persevere Ed, it should work for you too. My optimism was justified. Just use the procedure outlined above.

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May be I am more stupid than I thought. But where does one plag the serial plug into as neither my or my laptop have one. Please help. As far as I know the contains an USB-to-serial converter within the instrument itself. You can see a picture of this in the manual. If you've installed the Flytec usb driver the device should work. I have just loaded gpsdump and finally I can get my flights off I spoke to a guy at flytec tonight. He tells me that none of the models will ever work on flighttrack. So now I have all my flights on gps dump is there a way to see my flights in steed of looking at gps fixes.


So far I am one happy camper after months of trying to sort this out. I have a Macbook pro with a Flytec and am having no problems whatsoever. But there is one thing you should never fail to do, every time after launching GPSDUMP with your Flytec device connected of course and before clicking on the Flytec button of the Gpsdump screen: - Go into the Misc menu, - select "set com port", - click on the " Thanks man perfect. This is a bit of a hassle. Hi There. Thanks so much for working on this issue. After following your instructions, my available port appears as tty.

Is this correct? I seem to be able to transmit indicated by the orange LED on the adapter, but am receiving nothing back from my device. Any thoughts? I too seem to have the same problem with the driver sending, but not receiving. Not working here. Kext not privileged. Two days workaround failed for me.

Come back to Manhattam serial converter. I think he is saying the original driver was for a cable with vendor ID 0x, but now he has a cable with the same Prolific chip from a different vendor Tripplite. The same driver should work, but the new cable has a different vendor ID.

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He is adding a section to Info. Am I right? Thanks, Victor. A while ago on El Capitan, this solution worked. Since the Kext is signed, any change to the Info. If I only leave the default Info. Apparently, it is not allowed to make changes to the Info. I cannot downgrade the OS,. Calculator in hex mode. Good grief.