Reformat sd card mac air

The anticipation is killing you. You just want to see them on a large screen and work your magic during the editing process. You place the card into the SD card slot reader on your Mac computer and… Nothing. The computer isn't recognising the SD memory card and it isn't showing up. Before you stamp your feet and lose your temper however, you need to understand why the card may not be showing up on the card reader.

Now, there could actually be a number of reasons for the SD card not showing up. A few possible candidates include:.

Now, if the SD card is not showing up in Finder, but is still showing up on your Mac's Disk Utility read the following solution, follow it step-by-step and your SD card should wind up safe and sound, along with all of the precious info that you have stored on it. Before we get to how you can fix this issue, we first need to talk to you quickly about physical damage to your SD card. If you cannot see the SD card showing up in Disk Utility, unfortunately your SD card could have sustained physical damage. Thus, examine it carefully to see if you can see any noticeable damage to it.

It could simply be overly dusty or greasy, so perhaps give it a quick wipe down with a clean, dry cloth and try again. If not, the card may be repaired by a professional company, although if there wasn't any very important data stored on there, you may simply wish to purchase a replacement.

Now it's time for us to walk you through the repair process when it comes to your SD card and Mac computer issues.

Formatting Your SD Card With Disk Utility

When you're having issues with modern technology, especially if it involves a computer, a smart phone, or a tablet, one of the first pieces of advice you will receive is to 'turn it off and back on again'. If your SD card isn't showing up on your Mac, remove the card and then switch off the Mac, leave it for a few minutes, turn it back on, and try again. It sounds too easy to be true but you'd be amazed by just how often this works. Hey, worst case scenario is that it doesn't work and you're no better or worse off than you were a few minutes prior, so give it a go.

This principle by the way, applies to many other technological issues, so just bear that in mind. Basically, these are very small amounts of memory that are utilized by your Mac to store some specific settings so that it can access them very quickly when required. Another very effective strategy that you could implement when it comes to the SD card not showing up on your Mac computer is to repair it with Disk Utility.

How to Save Photos on a MacBook Air to an SD Card

Disk Utility is there to repair specific disk-related issues with Macs. This does indeed include SD cards failing to show up on your Mac. To use the Disk Utility feature:. If you have still not had any luck in getting your Mac to read the SD card, it could be time for you to reformat. This is perhaps the most complex solution so far, but it gives unmountable unreadable SD cards the chance to rebuild and restructure the disk structures, while avoiding utilizing any bad sectors.

If your SD card is not showing up on a Mac computer, it is a very sound strategy. Now, before we go any further, we need to talk to you about the data stored on your SD card. If there is any data stored on your SD card that you are desperate to keep, reformatting is not for you. Reformatting will erase all of the data stored on the card and will essentially wipe it clean.

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If you happened to perform a regular Time Machine backup beforehand, you should be able to recover data from Time Machine. If not, you should utilize a reliable and trusted piece of data recovery software. There are many free SD card data recovery software out there for you to choose from, but some are unfortunately not very reliable or effective.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy piece of free data recovery software is essential, which is why iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery comes so very highly recommended. It is considered by many to be the best FREE data recovery software option on the market today. This software supports the recovery of deleted photos, deleted videos, audio files, images, documents, and more.

These can be recovered from external hard drives including: USB drives, SD cards, memory cards, pen drives, and more. What's more, the software is even able to recover data from APFS formatted SD cards, corrupt SD cards, unmountable SD cards, inaccessible external hard drives on various Mac models, and much more besides.

How to Format USB Flash Drive to FAT32 in Mac OS X | ADMFactory

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Reformat SD Card on Mac

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