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Passwords A simple database for managing your passwords and which employs all the security features of MS Access. Size: 1, Get Hotmail email Hacking and Countermeasure. Safe a.

Facebook hacking software mac

Size: K Download now. Email hacking utility has ability to break previously saved pass. Facebook 4 Mac Access facebook without a web browser with this mac app made just for facebook. Also includes Google custom search for facebook and Face Books by A.

The Best 20 Hacking and Penetration Tools for Kali Linux

Size: 7. Neo's SafeKeys Portable Neo's SafeKeys Portable employs many anti-keylogging techniques in order to keep your information and passwords secure from identity theft, bank and credit card theft, Facebook account hacking , and Wo Hack Facebook Complete facebook hacking controlling tool requires no technical capability to monitor system and there is no necessity of any corresponding application to operate hack facebook program.

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Part-2: Cocospy – Powerful Facebook Hacking Software

Free Facebook Password Recovery SysTools Free facebook Password Recovery software will help you recover passwords that are multi lingual in nature, or numeric in nature. You can use it to create any kind of connection as well as to explore and debug networks using tunneling mode, port-scanning, etc.

Network Mapper is a free and open-source utility tool used by system administrators to discover networks and audit their security. It is swift in operation, well documented, features a GUI, supports data transfer, network inventory, etc. Nessus is a remote scanning tool that you can use to check computers for security vulnerabilities. WireShark is an open-source packet analyzer that you can use free of charge. With it you can see the activities on a network from a microscopic level coupled with pcap file access, customizable reports, advanced triggers, alerts, etc.

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Snort is a free and open-source NIDS with which you can detect security vulnerabilities in your computer. Kismet Wireless is a intrusion detection system, network detector, and password sniffer.

Nikto2 is a free and open-source web scanner for performing quick comprehensive tests against items on the web. It does this by looking out for over potentially dangerous files, outdated program versions, vulnerable server configurations, and server-specif problems. Yersinia , named after the yersinia bacteria, is a network utility too designed to exploit vulnerable network protocols by pretending to be a secure network system analyzing and testing framework.

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It features attacks for IEEE Burp Suite Scanner is a professional integrated GUI platform for testing the security vulnerabilities of web applications. Maltego is propriety software but is widely used for open-source forensics and intelligence.

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It is a GUI link analysis utility tool that provides real-time data mining along with illustrated information sets using node-based graphs and multiple order connections. BeEF , as the name implies, is a penetration tool that focuses on browser vulnerabilities. With it you can asses the security strength of a target environment using client-side attack vectors. Wifite2 is a free and open-source Python-based wireless network auditing utility tool designed to work perfectly with pen-testing distros.

It is a complete rewrite of Wifite and thus, features an improved performance. It does a good job at decloaking and cracking hidden access points, cracking weak WEP passwords using a list of cracking techniques, etc. Pixiewps is a C-based brute-force offline utility tool for exploiting software implementations with little to no entropy.

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Written by Martins D. If you find Aircrack-ng hard to use, simply check for tutorials available online. Aircrack-ng Wifi Network Security. Hydra — Login Cracker. John The Ripper Password Cracker.