Firefox mac os x system requirements

Now you must select the installation directory.

The installation is more or less complete, but it's recommended that the firefox script be available somewhere in your path to avoid the inconvenience of having to enter the full path. This can be accomplished by creating a symbolic link in the relative 'bin' directory.

What are the Adobe Spark system requirements?

Mac OS X system requirements for the current version of Firefox are listed here. The images shown on the right illustrate, in step-by-step detail, how to install Firefox on Mac OS X systems, using the installer file "Firefox 2. This creates a "mounted disk" image icon on the desktop and opens a disk-image folder window containing the Firefox application icon.

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Note: If you get a "disk image failed to mount" warning, read this forum topic for a possible solution. If you can't launch any dmg files you likely have corrupted launch service cache files.

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You can go here to get information for different OS X versions. Important: Be sure to drag the Firefox application out of the opened disk image window and onto your Hard Disk before running it. Next, from the File menu, select Eject "Firefox". Alternately, you can control-click the mounted disk image icon and choose "Eject". Finally, drag the. If you wish, you can create an alias of the Firefox icon in the Applications folder and place the alias on the desktop, so that you can quickly start Firefox by using the desktop alias.

Category : Installation and update Firefox. This page was last modified , 24 September The information in this article is relevant as of December While Firefox does run in Windows 8, it is not officially supported.

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In addition, while bit versions of Windows Vista and 7 can run Firefox, Mozilla supports only a bit version Firefox. In addition to your operating system, you must meet the following minimum hardware requirements: a Pentium 4 or higher processor with SSE2 support, MB of RAM and at least MB of available hard drive space.

Mac OS X: Install Firefox

For Linux users, Firefox has mostly software system requirements with a range of libraries or packages that it needs to function. These libraries or packages include:. Org 1. While these are the libraries or packages that Firefox requires, Mozilla specifies the following libraries and packages that Linux users should have to achieve optimal Firefox performance:.

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Even if you don't meet the system requirements for Firefox, there is still a chance that your PC or Mac can run it. However, you may encounter slowdown, choppiness, freezing or long load times when loading a website. In addition, when using a PC or Mac that does not meet its requirements, try not to open multiple tabs or have other programs open while you use the browser. For Linux users, as stated earlier, if you do not meet the system requirements for Firefox, it will fail to run.

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