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Virtual Host options are faster than parsing. You'll need to check your. So set the directory option. Save the. You're golden. Don't believe me? But if you're running Apache 2 on OS X, then you probably already know enough about Apache administration to not need this hint in the first place. I agree that apache. Also, the php configuration directives are not restricted to Directory containers, they can be used in a VirtualHost container.

This is a great way to change settings for one php driven website without affecting all of your php driven websites. In general, I agree with wallyfoo, but you might want to stick it in. That way, you can quickly turn it off an on for debugging, but you have to restart Apache every time you change http.

As such searching for the non-existant file isn't particularly helpful. Since the CLI version gets installed, the easiest way is probably to extract the path from the phpini output, as it's already noted above: php -i grep php. Authored by: robg on Nov 13, '03 AM On my clean install of It's probably because a lot of people asked "where IS that php. Horribly inefficient.

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Your grep will spit out files that contain php. Authored by: robertm on Oct 31, '04 PM Thanks for the tip. After making a php. Checking phpinfo again, that worked. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. After some searching on the net, I couldn't find anything that told me where to look for php.

How to upgrade the built-in PHP of your Mac (OsX)

However, when I ran the phpinfo command, in the output it shows that the php. So to properly set up your PHP environment, you can copy another php.

After you're done, restart Apache to have the settings take effect. However, many scripts, such as Geeklog! If it's off, Geeklog appears to mostly work, but it stops loading pages after the header. It took me a bit of digging to figure out the php. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say.

You sure you didn't mean this? I did it again - there is no need to use "echo" There is yet a better way Authored by: wallyfoo on Nov 13, '03 AM.

  1. How to upgrade the built-in PHP of your Mac (OsX).
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  6. Find the location of the currently loaded php.ini file!
  7. Better yet, if you have access to edit the php. What version of PHP does Panther come with? Find jpeg images and copy them to a central location. Get the information about the Apache loaded modules from command line. Short Information about loaded kernel modules. Every new command is wrapped in a tweet and posted to Twitter.

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    Quick and easy way to find out which php. By: jemmille. Submit alternative Report as malicious Report as a duplicate. This is sample output - yours may be different. What Others Think. Note that this command just finds the location of your php-cli's php.