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Thanks to this I could get my school presentations in time. When I try to use any other DRM remover softwares it always gets blocked by my antivirus. I think so far this is the only one which has direct support for Windows The only downside is that the trial version only allows 1 minute videos to be converted. I love iTunes video, and now to remove the drm, and also to play on none-apple devices.

I love drm media converter. It was very difficult to manage my drm music files across my devices. After using a lot of softwares to remove DRM, I come to one conclusion i. It is easy to use and so small in size..!! Hats off to Aimersoft. What a wonderful program to have in your toolbox. Comes in very handy and very reliable. This software easily converts the Audible.

Great software that is easy to install and use. This software easily converted my purchase so it works with the Walkman. Saves me a lot of time burning cd''s etc. Good no nonsense software that works well. This software is my personal go-to when it comes to conversion programs. I have never had an easier to use product. The simplicity of this product guarantees that anyone can use it easily.

I love listening to audiobooks, so when download aax files, this tool makes it easy for me to convert to mp3. Thank you aimersoft! This is one of the wonderful software i have ever come across. It is so easy to use and very user friendly. Great product - works very well first time. No problems even a child could do it. This program will record all other sounds made by the computer, so if you have any notifications etc. I hope it comes for free. Thank you! I was able to gain full access to all of the media I have purchased so that I can enjoy it on any device I choose.

I highly recommend this software. Rush to shop now! I read a lot of reviews before I decided to purchase this product, all were positive reviews. I am very impressed with the way the program performed. No other media converter can come close to this product. This product works and does exactly as it says in the description.! It's very user friendly. Conversion process is accurate. Quiet, efficient, and intelligent is the only way I can describe it, and on top of that, the price is right!

Every penny I paid for this product was worth it. I'm a happy man..

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This is just great. I now do not need to hook up my laptop to the tv to watch movies from itunes! I can just watch them on a dvd! I use this to convert my iTunes songs into wave files so that I can use them for referencing in my studio work.

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This is very easy to use and reliable in translating the formats. I needed to find a program to convert iTunes files to wav format because I am an audio engineer. The program I use to do my mixing. I needed a way to convert it quickly and easily. This has definitely helped me because I am able to load up wav file for referencing my mixes, quick and easy.

With so many DRM converters out there this one stands out as far as price and easy to use goes! I've tried 5 different ones and this one tops them all. This is one of the best programs of its kind I've found. It's very simple to use which is great for when I have a lot files to be handled. I love especially that it doesn't force my computer to shut down because it overheats my CPU which I've had other programs do. If your chosen hardware does not support DRM like my sony walkman , then Aimersoft is perfect. Its easy to use, just choose the file and click GO and you are done! DRM can be a drag if your chosen hardware does not support it.

You need something userfriendly and easy to remove it. Aimersoft is IT. I'm not really a tech savvy person, so I was thrilled to have found an easy to use software that does what it was supposed to do. I am especially amazed at how easy this software is. Just add my files, choose an output format and let her go! Thanks, Aimersoft, you've gotten yourself a fan!

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You only add the files and then convert them, it's so easy!!. Really COOL!! DRM Media Converter not only allows me to put the videos on any device, but I can copy them at a lower bit rate so I can hold a lot more of them! I was skeptical at first. Most programs like this promise you the moon and deliver nothing or so complicated.

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I was looking for a software to convert "You Tube" videos into DVDs and audio files and this software by far is the best! Omg -so easy to install and use. I was able to create video-DVD's and use it on my iphone 5. I've used Tunebite for years until I found Aimersoft. TB plays back the entire recording so a 6 hour book takes 6 hours to convert. Aimersoft does the job in minutes!. Absolutely fantastic software. You'd never guess how easy it is to use this software until you try it. Find the files and convert, so simple even a tech novice can do it.

Just takes three simple steps to strip DRM protection from your favorite movies and songs and then you can add them to any device you own or share with friends. Find files, add and start the DRM removal process. And, the DRM remove process couldn't be easier. I can add videos easily with a mouse click and then tweak a few settings and the software does the rest of the work for me. Not only lets me remove DRM protection but also converts for my Apple devices. No longer do I feel chained to my computer using just one device anymore. Now all my music files from Napster and Pandora are available to me for listening on my new iPod and PS3.

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I don't have to worry anymore when I download a song from a file sharing site, wondering if it will be compatible, as now I know that all songs can have their DRM protection removed easily. So glad I made the decision to download and use the trial version and then upgrade to premium. You can even add batches of files quickly by clicking the ADD button in the software and clicking and dragging your mouse tip over all files you want converted. This is most easily accomplished if you will place all downloaded files into one common folder.

This will save you so much time from having to find each individual file on your hard drive and then click open to add to the software for DRM removal. Since it was free to download and try out, I figured why not. So I downloaded and tried it out and worked as promised. Now I have my iTunes collection on every device I own. You might think this software only works for video, but it's also great for removing DRM protection from songs too. For instance, if you download via Amazon mp3 site, you can usually only play on the players they allow.

I'm a long time member of an audio book club online.

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And, can only play the files via their selected player. They were not compatible on my Blackberry. And, that made me very annoyed. Now the audio books are easily compatible with my Blackberry so that I can listen to them when I am out of the house. What a great software to own! I paid for the Amazon movie downloads, and wanted to be able to play them on my iPhone 5. But with the DRM protection, that wasn't possible.

And, for a long time, I was so frustrated about the situation. It helped me remove DRM protection and convert to all my Apple devices. Now I'm enjoying my movies on the go, the way I want. I think this drm removal software is good but it do has some shortage. And then I come to the support center for more help, and searching on your FAQ, and I noticed that high computer performance is needed for converting large DRM videos, especially HD videos, and also you bring up some helpful tips to reduce the load of CPU.

I wish you could also put a line about this on the user guide. Really appreciate the opportunity to convert MP4 files to play on my PS3. I had some trouble with that before but that situation is resolved as now all my downloaded itunes files are compatible with my other devices.

Love the easy conversion process. The DRM Media converter solves that problem by giving you the chance to strip the DRM protection off the file and convert to a popular file format for play on numerous devices. Such a good software to own. Being a tech novice, I was worried this software would be too complicated to use. But, the easy step by step guide and video helped me get started easily right away. Such a simple software to use; yet so powerful. Never had problems with DRM protection with videos downloaded via torrent. Especially since I didn't always want to watch them on the 'approved device'.

You don't find that option with most conversion software. Would recommend to anyone. And, so many other devices! So happy I got a chance to use this software; so worth trying. I almost didn't download. But then thought, why not? It's a free trial so I gave it a try.

Very pleased with the variety of ways dow convert. Purchasing videos from the Xbox Live Store was always fun.

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But when I tried to watch the videos on any other device like my Nook, I was denied access. Turned out to be exactly what I needed. So glad I took her advice and downloaded. Amazingly fast conversion thanks to the built in Nvidia Kuda technology. Not something you will find in many other conversion software.

Was amazed how this software worked without glitches, very lightweight; didn't slow down my machine.

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My employer asked me to add some iTtunes music to a Powerpoint presentation. This software made my job so much easier. The iPhone Data Recovery Software is a kind of data recovery software that is specially designed for iPhone. This software can solve the data loss problems happened when using iPhone. It is wise to refer to the review of top DVD Ripper and Copier softwares first before you figure out which is the best commercial software to rip, convert and copy DVD on Windows 10, Windows 8.

Read More Reviews:. Home Contact. Share this post. Repost 0. Free Trial Buy now. Tunebite Win Tunebite sold by Audials, is capable of bypassing DRM protection from videos, movies, audio books and music and it supports converting audio and video formats. It not only removes DRM protected audio files, but also converts unprotected audio files on Mac. Free Trial Version: 4. Money Saving Software Bundles.