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In addition, you can also use the software that comes with any AVCHD camcorder to peice your files together. As you know, the files lose a few frames of video between each file due to the way MPEG recording works.

How to Combine Multiple Video Files on a Mac with Quicktime

If your recording medium stops writing a video file before the frame group has been made, you could lose the frames it recorded before becoming a group or GOP. However, there is metadata associated with the clip that will instruct smart software how to join the two clips properly without losing any frames.

2017 Top 5 Apps to Split or Merge Video Files on Mac

The one Mike mentioned can do it, most software that comes with a camcorder can do it, and if you import your footage straight from the same folder structure it was written to in Adobe Premiere , you can keep these frames too. Most camcorders some with a utility that allows you to do exactly what you want to do. If you can't find it, check the Canon site for it. I have developed a very simple easy user friendly program that will features the ability to merge AVCHD.

The program also allows you to trim your video clips to the perfect sizes before merging them all if you wish. But it only get the Mac verison. One thing I like it is it's free and almost all the formats can be converted to. When using camcorder to shoot videos, you will end up with some clips which are separated in multiple files rather than one big file.

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  • Free MTS Joiner join MTS files into one.

Joining MTS videos seamlessly is quite easy indeed, all you need is some video joiner software programs that are compatible with MTS video format. After that, hit the OK button. You will find that there is only one video file since you add all the MTS files into pack 1. Certainly, if you create more than one pack and add MTS files into them, there should be corresponding number of video files.

Specify the output folder via the folder icon on the bottom. Finally, press the Run button to finish the process. You can also change video resolution and bit rate, resize videos by modifying the aspect ratio, etc.

Go to the Settings window to modify the related parameters. Moreover, As MTS files are too large to store on mobile devices, you can also reduce video file size by using the Compression Setting.

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Some online services also allow you to upload MTS files and combine them into one. Here I want to recommend Mergevideo. Follow the steps below to join MTS files with it. Step 1. Step 2.

MTS Joiner: How to Join MTS Files Easily

Press the Choose Files button to upload videos from your computer. Step 3. Be patient with the processing. If you need to combine large MTS files, it may take long time to add all the files.

Merge MTS/M2TS Files into One on Mac

Once all the videos are added successfully, drag and drop the videos to re-arrange their order as you like. Advanced File Joiner is a easy software to combine files. Tips : someone says it can support MTS files, just have a try. Easy File Joiner 1.

How to join MTS files together (Windows screenshots)

It is an easy and free-to-use video joiner for novices and professionals. There are several video formats presets provided for improving your joined files. All Freeware is not responsible for freeware you are for details provided about the freeware listed here, as the developer can modify information without notifying us.

Simple steps to combine MTS files on Mac