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Flowers for Charlie Season: 9, Episode: 8 Actor Mac Day Season: 9, Episode: 5 Actor Reynolds vs. Storm of the Century Season: 7, Episode: 6 Actor Frank's Brother Season: 7, Episode: 5 Actor A Very Sunny Christmas Actor Who Got Dee Pregnant? Season: 6, Episode: 7 Actor The D. S System Season: 5, Episode: 10 Actor Who Pooped the Bed?

Season: 4, Episode: 7 Actor The Gang Gets Whacked Actor The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo Season: 3, Episode: 5 Actor My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. Popular Shows 1. Game of Thrones 2. Underground 3. Empire 4. NCIS 5. Lawyer: Yes, you have. Frank : Sorry, sorry, that was a mistake. The janitor got ahold of the PA system.

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Puerto Rican guy, heh! Y'know, the kids are great.

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I love the kids. Not in a sexual way, no. I was married twenty years, and she was a bitch, but she was old. I never had a problem getting it up with her. Frank : Drawing a confession out of someone is like doing a beautiful dance Dee : "It's like, when I'm alone with a guy and we're messin' around he gets all skittish about banging. So then, I insinuate that it would be a shame if my account of what happened was different from his and he ended up getting a call from the sherriff. You know what I mean? And boom, we plow.

Mac: She grabbed me from behind. It was instinctual. Dennis: I know that, man. You don't grab. Mac: You don't grab from behind! Dennis: The thunder's really-- it's throwing this whole thing off. It's making everything I say seem sinister, which it's not intended to be. Dee : I will eat your babies, bitch! Frank : I want in on this action because I am bored to death sitting here.

Dee : No, that's a bad idea. Usually when you get involved, somebody gets hurt. Frank : That's ridiculous. I'm just palling around with the guys.

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How's anyone gonna get hurt? Mac: Europe leads the way in sexual experimentation, and it's time we caught up. Fetish shit! Dee: Ow! What the hell?! What was that?! Dennis: What happened? Dee: [picks up an object that hit her] That's a rock, Dennis! These kids are throwing rocks at each other for fun!

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What kind of savages throw rocks at each other to have fun times?! Mac: I don't think Dee's that desperate to get famous. I mean, nobody's that pathetic. Dennis: We got big dreams, Mac. We're gonna go follow 'em.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Mac & Charlie Die: Part 2 (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Mac: You guys have nothing without this bar. Dennis: Don't worry about us, Mac. We'll be just fine. Dee: No, that's a bad idea. Frank: That's ridiculous. How's anybody gonna get hurt? Dee uses a similar strategy to get herself and Dennis away from violent criminals in "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore. Heroic BSoD : Charlie experiences one when he discovers that his mother is a former prostitute. After getting over it after a few minutes by "burying it down deep" and also refusing to fully believe it , he gets another, much worse BSOD when he sees a mall Santa while shopping with Mac triggering memories of numerous men dressed as Santa coming to his house one by one on Christmas mornings, presumably taking turns with Bonnie.

Dennis has one after he decides to abandon his child. He then realizes that he would just be perpetuating another cycle of hurting and decides to leave Philadelphia to raise his son. Heroic Comedic Sociopath : The entire group, with Dennis in particular. Though, the "heroic" part is usually accidental.

IASIP S4E5 Mac and Charlie Die (Part 1) - The Orgy

Herr Doktor : Dr. Albert Zimmerman in the episode "Psycho Pete Returns", who treated Frank at the "nitwit farm", speaks with a German accent and exhibits many qualities of this trope. Heteronormative Crusader : Mac is outspokenly against homosexuality, despite increasingly apparent hints that he's Armoured Closet Gay. He Who Fights Monsters : Some of the gang's most frequent victims, in particular Rickety Cricket, Dennis and Dee's biological father Bruce, the Waitress and the Lawyer, often end up stooping to very low levels to seek retribution, usually in the form of the same kind of underhanded schemes that the gang is known for.

These initially decent characters have all become just as unsympathetic as the main cast through their attempts to force karma on the gang, which always either backfires or just ends up restoring the status quo for next week's episode. Heterosexual Life-Partners : Dennis and Mac, though the "heterosexual" is increasingly debatable, at least on Mac's part.

Charlie and Frank are definitely this. Few others would tolerate the sqaulor they live in together, but more than that they each enthusiastically support each other's weird habits like sewer scavenging , have their own traditions and games like Nightcrawlers and rely on each other to be able to explain their joint weirdness which is pretty much incomphrensible to anyone else, Gang included.

Of course, Frank might also be his father but won't acknowledge it. Mac and Charlie because they were childhood friends before meeting the Reynoldses, occasionally comes back when Dennis and Dee act stuck-up from their perceived upper-class upbringing and alienate the more "white-trash" Mac and Charlie. The problem is that it's just a normal, full-size tape recorder with a normal, full-size microphone attached to it.

It turns out that Mac put battery acid on the back to convince Frank to change his godless ways. Frank later reveals it was raccoon meat, and their inexplicable hunger probably means they have tapeworms. It's a ruse just so he can fart in Mac's face. The only unarguable exception is Ben the soldier, whose virtue and goodness really stand out amongst a cast full of sociopaths, maniacs, and bigots. Their quarry is Rickety Cricket. Hypocritical Humor : A frequent source for laughs. In "The Gang Reignites the Rivalry", Dennis loudly rants about how other people have no respect as he destroys a near-stranger's house, and reprises his rant after the person whose house he destroyed comes back upset.

Mac accuses Carmen's husband of being gay because he married a post-op transgender woman, when he himself had sex with Carmen pre-op. Mac and Charlie suspect a kid is a threat to the school because he wore all black and was playing a violent video game. Later they remember that they like violent games and movies and don't want to kill people. During a flashback in "Frank's Brother", Frank talks about opening an integrated Jazz club where "blacks and whites can get along". He then adds "No Orientals, though". In "Reynolds v.

Reynolds", the Catholic Mac's desperate attempt to prove evolution isn't real involves Aristotle being labeled a 'bitch' by Gallileo for proving geocentrism wrong. Gallileo rather famously was tried as a heretic for this belief among other reasons by Iconic Sequel Character : Frank is introduced in the second season.

Idiot Savant : Charlie in many episodes. It's occasionally revealed that underneath Charlie's dopey exterior is a Jerkass Magnificent Bastard. He writes an entire musical in a later episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love", Dennis—in what seems to be one of the few benevolent moments in his character arc—keeps an eye on Charlie's budding relationship for fear that the rich girl Charlie met is using him for some cruel prank, when it turns out she honestly loved Charlie, and Charlie was actually using her as part of an underhanded plan to get with the Waitress.

Imagine Spot : Dennis has one in "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs"; he confronts his friendly neighbor by stripping nude and shouting in his face. Turns out it was just a daydream, and that said neighbor wasn't actually there when he comes back to reality. They soon start to crave it non-stop. It turns out that Frank actually fed them racoon meat, and their intense hunger is caused by a tapeworm. I'm Standing Right Here : While in the waiting room at the hospital in "The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore", Dennis and Dee construct a painstakingly detailed narrative involving a teenage part-time job giving way to a downward spiral of cocaine habits, studio apartments, single motherhood, and HIV infection based on a somewhat frumpy-looking woman sitting in there with them.

She points out that she can hear everything, but admits that their assessment is not especially inaccurate. Incestuous Casting : Invoked a few times in-universe.

Mac DeMarco

Dennis and Dee play the Dayman and his love interest, respectively, in "The Nightman Cometh" Charlie originally cast Dennis as the Nightman in an attempt to avoid this, but Mac begged him to switch parts because the Nightman gets to use karate moves. Dee and Dennis also play extras who are husband and wife in "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie," and when the Gang film Lethal Weapon 6 , Dennis plays the character Riggs, who is engaged to Murtaugh's daughter, played by Dee but Mac takes over the role before the two characters must kiss during their wedding.

Incredibly Obvious Bug : "Is that a baby monitor? It fools precisely nobody. Charlie's Mom Atticus Todd Edit Storyline Dee, humiliated by being forced to take public transportation, decides to blackmail Mac and Charlie after discovering that the two are alive and tries to get compensation for her destroyed vehicle. Genres: Comedy. Certificate: TV-MA.

Runtime: 21 min. Edit Did You Know? He certainly was Frank Reynolds : Burn the duster! Dennis Reynolds : I'm not burning the duster! I'm not burning the duster, alright? That's crazy. That's insane. Why would I ever burn I mean, I will continue to wear it in his honor and I will burn some other things, you know, maybe like these stupid goddamn sleeveless t-shirts that he once retired and hung up in the bar, I'll burn these. But I'm not burning the duster, okay, so forget it. Add the first question. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography.

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