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The guns built by Leatherwood were also tack welded rather than TIG welded. This turned out to be the biggest disappointment as the "Texas MAC" has a reputation of shaking their tack welds loose and in some cases injuring the shooter. Now as far as original suppressors go, two general types were built: a single-stage suppressor that used Nomex wipes and a two-stage suppressor that was wipeless in design. The two-stage suppressor was the original can made for the MAC. The single stage suppressor came along afterwards and was the one hated by its owners, and later by the ATF. The big reason for this hatred was that for the suppressor to achieve decent sound suppression, the internal wipes had to be replaced after only a couple hundred rounds.

This is when Gun Show vendors started selling replacement Nomex "wipe kits. This is when ATF ruled that any suppressor part was indeed a suppressor and had to be either registered or in the possession of a Class 2 manufacturer. Well as you can imagine, this shut-down the "spare suppressor parts business" and owners of these cans had a "limited life suppressor.

It is easily distinguishable from its single stage cousin, because it has a larger tube screwed into a smaller tube, whereas the single stage is just a straight tube.

Mpa mac 11 review

Inside of the first stage of the suppressor which cannot be readily disassembled are shoestring eyelet's. The second stage contains an inverted baffle cone, then two spiral-type baffles held in place by an encapsulator. Threaded into the end of the suppressor is the only "disposable part" which is a rubber or wax-type grommet end cap. The MAC is a very simple gun to strip. The Texas MACs are a little different so some steps may need to be fine-tuned in order to get them to work.

First remove the magazine from the gun and make sure it is unloaded. Cock the bolt back and make sure there are no rounds in the chamber actually this is theoretically impossible in an open bolt gun as the bolt resting in the battery position should ignite the round, but always check and be safe. Remove the front pin two pin design may require a screwdriver to push the small pin latch off the outer big pin.

Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver by pulling forward. Remove the bolt from the upper receiver by moving the bolt rearward until the cocking knob is centered in the large hole at the rear of the cocking knob race. Pull up on the cocking knob to remove.

The bolt can then be removed from the upper by sliding it out the back. At this point, you are field stripped and ready to clean the lower and upper components. However, if you want to strip it to parts read on Push in on the stock latch button and simultaneously pull the stock rearward and out of the receiver. Using a small screwdriver, push down on the stock latch plunger located under the most rearward pin and push this pin out of the receiver.

The plunger, spring, and latch can now be removed. The stock latch is welded to the frame and is not removable.

On the grip, remove the grip screw and grip. Push the magazine catch pin through its hole and remove the magazine catch and spring. In the trigger group.

Gun Review: Masterpiece Arms Mac 11

Pull up on the selector spring long wire that runs along the left side of the receiver and pull the selector switch out of its hole. This may take some gentle nudging and holding down of parts. Once the selector is removed, the disconnect thin piece of sheet metal nearest to the selector switch hole is free and is removed. Also the sear is now free and is removed. The trigger is held in place by a trigger pin.

With the trigger pin removed, the trigger can be removed, and the safety is no longer held in place.

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To remove the safety, carefully tap the safety roll pin free from the safety and remove the plastic safety button. The safety assembly is now free and can be removed Be careful as the safety has a small spring and detent which can easily be lost. The bolt strips easily as well. First compress the bolt on its spring assembly about " to expose the recoil rod. At the tip of the rod is a small roll pin.

Tap this roll pin out and carefully remove the spring Caution: The spring is under a fair amount of force and you should wear eye protection when working on the gun. The bolt only has one working part: the extractor. To remove it, carefully drive the extractor retaining pin out of its hole.

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I like to use a drift punch that is the same size as the hole, this way the extractor is retained on the punch and I can dictate the "terms" of its removal. Remove the extractor and extractor spring. The barrel should be removed only when necessary. The A. Designed exclusively for the Trijicon Tri-Power Sight, attaches to the flat top receivers with the patented A. Throw Lever. Item: 22TX Quick detach mounting platform.

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Large diameter knurled heat shield provides a firm grip area and doubles as a secure locking mechanism that ratchets back to form a rock-solid The grip is MPA's most ergonomically designed grip system The Agenda Six adds significant reductions to muzzle blast, flash signature, and noise reduction. The MK9 is an ultra high effecient light weight unit that is a Metal receiver, lower Picatinny rail, front The new blow-back The ergonomically designed grip system incorporates a Solidworks designed profile allowing the use of standard Glock style magazines, Action: Semi-Auto - Caliber: 5.

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