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It offers highly superior physical sensation thanks to the spring-centered structure that snaps the flight stick back to neutral upon release. Your article is misleading. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Comments Your article is misleading. I will send an email asking about the "Mouse Nipple" to Saitek today. Maybe they can provide a small driver to address this issue, to ensure a base of lucky customers. Lets see, if we get a reply. I hope for you, that Frontier makes progress in bringing Elite to Mac as soon as possible. I just wanted to say something about the centering spring, you've mentioned.

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I guess that with right amount of strength in your hand, the problem is non-existent, however it IS a bit awkward concept. My hand and wrist is fairly weak, I have to say, so even with the lightest spring and excess of vaseline, it is not completely comfortable.

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I still have to kind of yank it out of the centre. But the truth is, that the stick is simply too big for me, altogether. Other than that, this piece of hardware is really awesome. Oh, and just for chuckles - the mouse nipple doesn't work properly on PC, also. I think it's there simply to annoy us by its uselessness.

GitHub - jshiell/X52ProMac: Utilities for the Saitek X52 Pro under OS X.

Last edited: Mar 8, Thank you Krysohmyz! Its good to know, that the mouse nipple isnt really supported on PC too. When i get an answer from saitek this information might really come in handy.

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It indeed made me chuckle, but its actually not funny to sell hardware that isnt even proper supported on the targeted operating system. When i bought the joystick i actually thought, the spring is really a bad thing, but after a few days of play it really gets more smooth in the center. I have pretty big hands though, i have no problems reaching all the hats on the joystick with my thumb without lifting my hand from the supporting hand rest. Same goes for the throttle unit. I almost have problems not moving the rotary at the upper right of the controller when i rest my hand on the grip.

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I was actually very pleased with the size of the controller set, but i really understand that it will not fit smaller hands or cause ergonomic problems resulting in stressed and aching joints. Last edited: Mar 9, I also asked if there is a driver or software available or will be in the future if not. I also thanked them for building this excellent controller and that it works so well with a Mac, besides this little problem. Fellow forum members, to avoid any injuries, please put your chair in an upright and locked position and fasten your seat belts before reading this competent answer i received from Saitek today It is in german i enclosed a screenshot for those who care but x-ed out the names, so no one gets personally insulted here.

I translate as follows: Dear Frank Thank you for contacting our MadCatz technical support team. Your case-no. If something will be released, it automatically appears on our website. We will hand off this information and will consider it. With kind regards Last edited: Mar 10, Franks very much Thank!

However, your post is music to my ears, as I've been using the X55 Rhino, so it could well mean i never had to use the bootcamp partition ever again!

Saitek X52–обзор, подключение к Mac, совместимость с X-Plane 11

Anyway, waffle over, Rep up for you for your efforts, Fly Safe-ish! I've just been playing the Mac Beta, the only thing I haven't been able to bind was my custom macro for requesting docking permission, programmed via the HUD software, although i may be able to upload the profile under windows, then reboot into OS X, it might stay. Anyway, worse case scenario I have to manually request docking - boo hoo! Anyone know if voice attack is available for OS X? Last edited: Apr 20, There is no software and no support from saitek. The 3 way mode switch and the mouse nipple dont do anything on the mac as the setup would require software.

The rest works just out of the box.

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And its an awesome controller. The X55 is a good choice! Cannot update X-Plane 10 to 11 updater not working. Slave external visuals machine will not sync. Will X Plane work on a brand new windows 10 computer?

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Where can I find manuals of the cabin instruments for each plane that comes with X-Plane 11? X-plane 10 will update to x-plane Yaw on takeoff, have to apply full rudder to counter. If your question is answered, click on the check mark to select the best response. Categories All categories.