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Once XLink is launched, the Web UI will auto launch on the computer running the engine by default, in your default browser. This can also be accessed by typing in ' An important thing to note is that in the vast majority of cases, you will need to use an ethernet adapter on your PC for Kai to capture the game traffic. Method One: Connection Through A Router The easiest setup method is connecting everything to your router as pictured below. PS4 detection via an ethernet connection is currently fully supported, however you may have issues detecting your console if it is connected to the router via Wifi.

If you find you're able to detect it with one but not the other, please send me a picture of your PS4's Connection Status page in the network settings via private message on the forums. Please keep both MAC addresses visible.

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Method Two: Direct Connection To PC Two NICS If your PC has two network adapters in it, you can also connect your PS4 directly to your computer via an ethernet cable or through a network switch , and connect to the internet on your computer via your second network adapter, which can either be ethernet or wireless. Thanks to auto mdi-x, a crossover cable will no longer be needed for this setup.

Make sure everything is working with methods one or two first. In order to capture game traffic via wifi, your adapter must support promiscuous mode and wireless packet injection , and the former must be enabled in the driver. To have one work out of the box would be extremely rare.

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All usb wifi adapters which support 'PSP mode' or 'PSP XLink mode' in their drivers or use the same chipsets as ones that do will work for Windows users when this feature is enabled. Kai requires an IP address within the ' There are two ways of configuring this, automatically DHCP , and manually.

Got to settings, then network, and set up internet connection. XLink Kai will block the PS4 from connecting to the internet upon successful connection. If your PS4 was turned on prior to turning on XLink, either restart it, unplug and replug your ethernet cable if hardwired , or untick and re-tick the '[Connect to the Internet]' check box in network settings.

If successful, your PS4 will not be able to connect to the internet. Because of the overlap within the mac address ranges Kai uses for console detection, it will be unable to accurately differentiate between the three, but this doesn't matter as tunneling will work the same between these consoles. Check the MAC address against your console in either the system info or connection status screens to verify it is the correct system being detected. Then, select the view connection status option in your network settings and make sure your PS4 has an IP address starting with Navigate to your network settings and select 'Set Up Internet Connection'.

Create a custom configuration as opposed to easy for the adapter you're using, and insert the IP address generated along with the With this setup method, you no longer need to start up XLink prior to your PS4, but your console will not be detected until you search for matches within LAN mode. Step Three: Configuring Kai and Your Network Security Note: For the majority of users, the default configuration settings used by XLink Kai, your computer, and your router, will be sufficient for gameplay. Feel free to skip straight to step four first, and come back if something is not working.

You can set a password here separate from your XLink login to prevent unauthorised access to the UI from other devices. Anyone on your network can access the UI by typing the IP address of your computer running Kai and port into the address bar of a browser.

Moving down, you'll find XLink's network settings. The network adapter listed here is what Kai will use to capture game traffic. With setup methods one and three, this will be the one receiving internet access, while with method two, it will be the ethernet adapter connected to your console. The port setting controls the port Kai uses to send P2P traffic to other users.

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The default setting '0' tells Kai to make a UPnP request. Read the port forwarding section for more information about this.

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  • Before We Begin;

Do not forward this. If you are using DHCP to automatically configure your devices, make sure the appropriate option is ticked. Port Forwarding Before you can use Kai, you will need to ensure that your port is open and that there are no firewalls blocking it. This can be enabled in Kai by setting port in the configuration settings to 0.

The configuration settings can be reached by clicking on the logo in the top left of the web UI. This is Kai's default setting. If your router does not support UPnP, or you would rather port forward manually, change this setting to whichever open port you'd like to use.

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For this tutorial, we will use port , Kai's former default. Manual Port Forwarding To port forward manually, you will firstly need to set up a static IP on your computer, unless you want to redo it every time you restart your computer. Windows: Open the Network and Sharing Center, click Change adapter settings, then right click on your internet facing adapter and hit properties.

Now scroll down and select Internet Protocol Version 4, then click properties. It is software running on your PC, Macintosh or even your Linux router that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. I finally had fun playing with real human players in Wipeout Pure!

Select Infrastructure mode. Create a new connection and give it a name. Select the Custom address setting.

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Enter the Primary DNS This points to a computer set up by Jonathan Terleski, a student at Carnegie Mellon. It replaces the Sony page with a page that has links to Google, Yahoo and other useful sites.

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  6. This is the coolest. In order to make everything work, you have to have your Mac connected to the internet via your Ethernet connection, then create a computer to computer network between you Mac and your PSP, then launch Kaid and launch Amaryllis, connect to the game room where you want to play, and then launch the multiplayer option of the game you want to play on your PSP and either host or search for games. I gave this a shot last night and raced several times in Wipeout Pure with an online opponent.

    It was good, but there was some lag, so my opponent would intermittently disappear or only appear as a non-moving ghost. I also attempted to play Untold Legends , but every game I connected to dropped shortly after connecting. Buyer's Guide.