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Create a fastai virtual environment from miniconda conda env create --name fastai 7. Run: conda install numpy pyyaml mkl mkl-include setuptools cmake cffi typing 7. Clone fast. From fast.

Building BOINC applications with Cuda and OpenCL

Awesome work fighting to get this to work Jose, mitsujin and all! You can definitely make it work but expect some fiddeling with the graphics driver. The NVidia web driver has to match exactly the version of the OS you are running. This can be an issue if you install e.

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In that case, the web driver will be disabled and you will have to wait until an update is available - happened to me when my macOS updated from Also your mileage regarding usefulness may vary depending on your HW configuration. What made it worse was that the whole system was completely unresponsive while running any kind of larger training until the training was done.

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This made it very impractical to use. I may make a new conda env and give it a try.

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Part 1 Install Cudnn Thats it, took roughly 20 seconds to run the initial Resnet34 pretrained model from lesson 1. Has anyone been able to follow mitsujin steps and repeat the success? JensF August 18, , pm I may also just give up and see if i can push to get some more hardware.

How to Uninstall NVIDIA CUDA Driver MacOS

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. On Linux Ubuntu The good news, is that a typical linux user will only have to fix it once in ccmake because it's not set from any file tracked in the repository.

Installing PyCUDA on Mac OS X

This CMake module is unfortunately rather overly complex, so finding the right set of variables to override the configuration might not be simple Hi Manuel, there have been a few updates since I opened this ticket and I'm not an expert in cmake. It might take me some time to properly get to all this as I'm in the middle of a delivery and I won't be able to even revisit this till the weekend. Back in June, nvidia had recently and rather quietly taken over maintenance of cuda and the drivers for Ubuntu.

It's not surprising to hear that this might be an issue with cmake. I'll be happy to do a little bit of digging in the existing module from CMake to see if this bug is platform-specific or still a problem, and I'll close this if it's not. Hey, so I did get around to this, however many of the build issues that I had previously were still occurring I'm going to have to go and make all of the fixes again.

Update should be incoming considering there's a blizzard here Hi, We think this is working correctly in the 3. One typical use case of this is when there are multiple versions of the CUDA toolkit installed on a system. For example several of my test machines have v5.