Mac matchmaster foundation 9.0 review

I waited a couple of minutes while I did my eye makeup and it darkened slightly. I then applied concealer and powders including the studio fix powder on top and that gave me no problems at all. I wore this all day and this lasted on my skin very well. In general Mac foundations work well on my skin and I generally love the finish and longevity.

One thing that stands out about this is that I payed close attention to the how this foundation adjusts to my skin tone. The morning when I applied it, it seemed a bit too light and I thought I might have to pop into Mac to exchange the shade. However the longer I wore this foundation, the more I could see how well it adjusted to my skin.

It did get slightly darker than when I applied it, and it wore and appeared better and better throughout the day. I asked around people I know of course, not strangers if the shade seemed like it matched me and they all said yes it matched quite well. At the end of the day my skin still looked pleasantly stunning. The foundation did not move, slip or slide. My t-zone did not get oily at all and it remained transfer resistant.

Studio Fix Perfecting Powder. A pro-quality, refined loose powder to set makeup with a matte finish. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it wears comfortably for hours without feeling drying. I love that this contains the mesh packaging which prevents powder from spilling all over the place and creating a mess.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

I dusted a light layer of this with a powder brush over my entire face to set my makeup. Yesterday when I wore the same foundation, concealer and powders as two days ago, this powder ensured that makeup lasted all day. With this powder my makeup stayed in place, my skin stayed matte but not flat and it looked as if I just applied my makeup even at the end of the day.

Totally in love with this powder. It can be used for baking as well but I would need to get a lighter shade in order to do so.

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Passionate about beauty, make up and skincare. With my experience in cosmetology i have in no doubt many experiences with a range of different brands, products and treatments to give you the best, honest and satisfying results! View all posts by Reeva. I used to love the Pro Longwear foundation. But now shades are too orange or too yellow on me.

Which is too bad. But I still love a lot of their other products. Like Like. The MAC Matchmaster is my current favourite foundation!

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Not many people talk about it but it works so well for my skin. It adjusts to my skin tone too and it wears beautifully through the day. Oh yay! Definitely try it! Like Liked by 1 person. Did the Studio Fix Powder help to control shine? Like I mentioned, it was a tad bit light and then an hour after application it matched my skin tone quite well and wore and adjusted better throughout the day. Yes the powder combats oiliness. Some of these makeup salesgirls are indeed clueless when it comes to makeup for the dark skin. Looking at it, I think the perfect shade for me is the shade in between these two, which should be the 8.

I use the dark foundation — 9. Moisturizing demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line-reducing soft-focus powders.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review - Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Which foundation are you loving at the moment? God I hate when the salesperson has no clue what their doing. It is the same for me, because I am not white nor brown- I am yellow- I either get sold a really pale shade that makes me look like a ghost or a muddy caramel colour that makes me look orange. I use and love mac products. The foundation are really good and like you advise I always open my eyes wide and follow up when they are being tried on.

Anyway I know my right Shade now.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

Pricey but it is worth it. Thanks for sharing. Interestingly, my daughter was sold the wrong shade for hr skin initially too. Kaz x. I personally have used MAC and still do.

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I hate it when I try to purchase and the salesperson is just clueless. I am using the No7 matchmake and I love it! Would recommend it to anyone, it even recommends what blusher and lipstick would suit you best. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is the 7.

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I have been using this for ages and it is worth every penny. I love the demi-matte finish. This foundation blends in beautifully and stays on all day.