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Won't the same solution that everyone else uses not work?

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Cheers Hi, my problem is i have no data map. Do you know what to do? You have to go back through 'Program Files', then cm, then it should be there Is there a way of installing the Tapani patch on a Mac via Crossover? Hi Mr Wadsworth Did you find any solution to execute tapani on you Mac? When I'm launching the. Downloaded the game and im using winebottler playing on a mac problem: "Not enough free space" How do i solve this? I often hit the same problem - sometimes quitting the game and the emulator and then re-loading it works.

I basically can only have one game save running at any time. Bizarre really as you'd have thought modern day computers have far more memory. Have tried downloading a virtual drive but Slysoft is PC only and Daemon didn't work. I'd rather not pay for one if that can be avoided! I don't think it's possible mate. After not playing very long I receive the information about not enough space on the disc to play forward. I have read on the forum but I can't find the solution for this.

How to Download & Install Championship Manager 01/02 on PC & Laptop

Please help me out. Thank you! Have you got more than one game save? Have you tried exiting the game and also crossover, and then re-starting? It's a bit hit and miss with me sometimes. I only have one game and I've played one and a half season. No I can't go any further.

I have tried as you say to exit and restart but still the same message comes up unfortunetly. Hi there I downloaded the game for Mac using Crossover along with the. I've downloaded the April player update but not sure how to put this into Crossover so I can run the game with the update. Any ideas??? Hey Fods I did - much harder this time - and found the solution!

For anyone else reading this as it seems tons of people have this issue , if you've downloaded the game onto Crossover on Mac and have updated it to version. It will now work. I have the actual Mac version of the game - found it online somewhere about 9 years ago and have played it happily on my old Macbook since then. Alas that Macbook is dying I persevered for many years with half the keys not working and going through 4 or 5 batteries and chargers but now the backlight on the screen has given in so I'm going to move on and buy a new one.

My question is would the. Any help much appreciated, and once I'm up and running if anybody wants the actual Mac version rather than using Crossover or similar to run the game please feel free to message me and I'll see if I can share it the downside is that I'm yet to find a way to run data updates so it's ODB only. Nice mike. I think I've got it on a flash drive at home - happy to see if I can upload and send it over from my work computer If we can get it uploaded if someone with a Mac would be able to let me know if it works on the current version of OSX that would be much appreciated I used to run it on OSX Hi guys, I downloaded the game yesterday using crossover for my MacBook.

Everything was fine yesterday but I've gone to load my game up and its asking for CD now? Please help? Happy to give it a go if you can upload the DMG. Currently downloading the Windows version to try and get that running but would be easier to use the native Mac version I imagine. Great, I'll get it uploaded and give you a PM to work out how to send it. The native version is easier, the only issue is that you can't use any of the data updates so have to play ODB. There's a few quirks in the game only minor stuff like Young Player of the Year not being awarded some seasons for no apparent reason but I've never had an issue running it.

Apologies if this has been answered before but the only issue I'm having playing with crossover is that when I try and set a transfer fee or basic wage the value is hard to control i. Anyone know a way to combat this? I have exactly the same problem! Never been able to solve it. Just have to keep playing around to get what I want or pay a bit over the odds :. Just have to keep playing around to get what I want or pay a bit over the odds : Yeah until now I have been paying slightly over rather than spend ages trying to get the exact value I did, however, see that someone else had suggested adjusting the mouse settings in System Preferences not just for CrossOver but for Mac in general.

Going to try that, will report back if it works. Hope you get it sorted guys. Unfortunately, there's a lack of support here for mac as the regulars here don't possess one! Any help much appreciated, and once I'm up and running if anybody wants the actual Mac version rather than using Crossover or similar to run the game please feel free to message me and I'll see if I can share it the downside is that I'm yet to find a way to run data updates so it's ODB only Share the game with me, please. Guys, i need your help.

The my test version of CrossOver ran out. I purchased the full version. Now when i start the game, it asks me for the CD.

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It never did that before. Can you help me? Thanks in advance! There is an easy fix for this, you just need to re-load the disk image if you search for it in finder it should come up. I'll be loading my game up at lunchtime so I'll see if I can run through the steps for you. I'm playing on Mac, i want to use the patch. I have installed the latest version of the game using the CD and CrossOver. How do I install the data patches or tactics packs not contained within the disk but downloaded from this site?

Sorry to be that guy On a Mac, how do I download the game? Hi everyone, Apologies if this is covered in the tech support area but I couldn't find what I was looking for: - I want to play the game, with the data update, speeded up commentary a must , and coloured stats. Would Parallels on a Mac let me do these four things relatively painlessly, or would I be better getting a cheapish Windows laptop to do the job?

Thanks in advance for your help! You can do it with Crossover. Although you need one of the older version for it to work. There is a 14 day trial. If you go this route an idle sensitivity optimized patch like 2. However playing on a windows pc is much nicer. And you can play other games as well. Hi everyone, I am using Crossover with the latest Saturn patch from a Macbook Air, but I can't do the tactics properly. Has anyone experienced that? What do I do about it? Total technophobe but managed to get downloaded onto my Mac and start playing tonight.

Not played the game for years but have tried reading lots on downloading patches etc but unless I have specific instruction I'm useless. Is there any guides out there on how to install patches. All i have is version 3. Id appreciate any help whatsoever. Thank you, I'd actually just found this guys instructions a moment ago.

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Ill try it and see! Hello everyone, i am desperate to start playing this game I have tried using google and its a bit confusing Yeah thanks! Create a shortcut to the cm Right click on the shortcut and select Properties. Add " -windowed" to the end of this line, without the quotation marks make sure there's a space before '-windowed'. Oh my, your post helped me anyway saturn! The CrossOver program that makes you run windows programs on your Mac allows a command before you run the game. Thanks a million :.

Cheered to fast, now I got the "insert CD" to deal with.. Edit: Just a mount image seems to do the trick! At the moment I don't even have the game or know where to download it? Thanks in advance. It's on here somewhere Download the latest official patch. Should be the default option when double clicking the ISO file. If not right hand click and choose mount In PlayOnMac, click on config. Create new 32 bit machine. After that's finished choose to install an exe file. Find the setup. You should be good to go.

There's a really good guide somewhere on this site that tells you how to install the game. Bloody hell, Brandon Could you try being less rude? Don't forget this is a fan-based website. Nobody gets paid to help you! So I managed to get up and running on a mac!

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I was wondering if someone might be able to help me with downloading some tactics to look at. I'm very curious as to what makes iodine tactics so good etc as I've tried some wib wob of my own and am doing well but not unbelievably well. When I try to download any tactics I can't seem to find a tactics folder to put them in etc on the mac. I'm probably being stupid again. Hi, Thanks for all the posts. Followed the above but came unstuck with the setup.

Discussion: CM 01/02 - Free Download

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, but I have an error message "Insert CD" Please, help me!! Hi All, Have installed cm in my MacBook using Crossover and have also installed GK save game editor, does anyone know where crossover hides the save games? Need to specify the location for GK. Everything is OK It opens and is incredibly slow, can anyone assist at all?

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  8. Hello - I've got a MacBook air - I've managed to get the game and the update 3. I've looks for hours for a solution but I can't seem to find one. I must be missing something but I have no idea what to do next. Please help. Has anyone experiences with this issue on Mac? Help please! Hi I keep getting the error "does not have enough memory to run the game" after 2 seasons, I have searched these forums but cannot find an answer. I am running the game on a mac via the virtual wine drive many thanks in advance Paul.

    Anyone was able to install Tapani 2. It looks the link is broken. Best just getting a cheap laptop I think mate. I've tried on Mac for hours and got nowhere, don't think it's popular enough to have a concrete step by step solution yet. I am running the game on a mac via the virtual wine drive many thanks in advance Paul I used to get that occasionally; have you tried deleting any unused game saves? I've hit a problem loading my saved game on the new Saturn patch with data update.

    Any ideas how I can resolve? You either don't have enough storage or you have an editor open in the background. How do I correct the storage error? Clearly my Mac has enough storage to run the game. Thanks same issue for me I've used both Crossover and PlayOnMac and both have trouble loading saved games. That suggests the error is with Wine itself. I imagine there must be a way to allocate more memory when setting up a Wine bottle but I haven't figured it out yet.

    I am also having problems with saved games crashing. I've had three saved games crash. Two get to the latter stages of the loading screen then say the game has encountered a serious problem and shuts down. The third and most recent one was a memory error first Running Tapani v2. Maybe that allocation is too small? Hi all. However, I've recently encountered a problem where the game will load up and within seconds of the main menu appearing my screen will either go blank or turn to a load of scrambled colours.

    I've reinstalled several times and the same problem occurs with Crossover and Play On Mac. Any suggestions? Can anyone help me with Tapani 2. Im using Mac and when i try to install it through Crossover nothing happens Hello everyone, I've been playing the old 3. Ive followed all the instructions yet they change nothing.

    Is there something I'm missing here? Hey guys. I'm hoping to play on Mac but the links to download here are dead. Could someone please help me out? Hi gents. Downloaded the game and it works perfectly. Just wondering if anyone knew how to play it and still be able to access other programmes? I have to keep exiting the game and re-entering. Can't even see when my laptop is running out of battery. I've tried creating virtual desktop through wine but that hasn't worked. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sounds like you're playing in 'Full' mode. Or if you're just on the main menu, 'Game Settings' is one of the options on there.

    Thanks for that. Thought it was going to work alas. It just went black and crashed my computer. I still have my virtual desktop enabled though so i might try getting rid of that and trying again. Any reason why it wouldn't work?

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    Ummm might be a graphics settings thing that's over my head! I always play windowed and have never encountered such an issue I'm afraid. Well it has actually worked. It is now loading in a window. However the screen behind it is black and if I minimise the game it disappears forever so have to re-start the computer. Thanks for your help I will keep trying.

    Had a good look through and most of it does not make sense. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling That is always something most of us do and typically helps :ok:. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

    Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Recommended Posts. Posted December 5, Been searching the net, without any luck. Is it possible to play CM on Macbook air edition? Or playable on mac at all. Anyone knows? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.