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CranKy Ducklings. Gig Review: It wasn't a g…. Letting go of things you lov…. Customize Sidebar Post a Reply. Any help would be awesome! Two things: 1 Your rig is kind of low end. That is because Blizzard only bothered to code the game to use 2 cores. So, for example, an i5 can only use half of its cores.

I play the game on a mix of high and ultra. Well you can't run it in Ultra setting. Running the game on ultra without physics and effects maxed is doable though, and you should even get more or less the same FPS than on full low if you go ultra with the CPU options put on low if you have a decent GPU. Well thanks a lot Salient! Rollin do you have any recommendations on graphics cards? Uh well early game you're going to be limited by your graphics card on ultra, and lategame you're going to be limited by your cpu regardless of settings , so my recommendation is to not play on ultra.

I turn off most of the post processing anyway because it looks like shit.

StarCraft 2 Performance on a Mac Pro - Chris Coyier

So for Ultra you would need mostly a better CPU. I would not recommend a AMD cpu here because of the issue mentioned. You need strong cores, rather than many. A nice Intel i5 for example would do at least in 1v1. For that, you would need a new motherboard as well though.

Running Starcraft in Ultra/Extreme

That would improve so much for so many people. On October 03 Salient wrote: 2 Even very powerful rigs don't do well with ultra in large battles especially team games. Live Events Momentum Cup. BasetradeTV NA Summer Starleague. Liquipedia Discussion. Sharp NaDa RelyksOG GSL vs. The World. Team Dark vs Team Serral. Elazer vs Serral.

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Student Starcraft AI To…. Blazing Series. The short answer is: yes! There's a dang good chance it will. Blizz did a great job at making the game very adaptable for a wide range of systems. But how can you know for sure if it will run on YOUR computer, and how well? We have a few different ways of figuring this out. First and foremost, here are the minimum requirements for both PC and Mac, followed by the recommended. Good man.

Starcraft 2 on Mac pro Activity Monitor

I would hope people understand that meeting the min specifications does not mean you will enjoy the full potential of the entire game. Furthermore, meeting or having a system that is around the min will most like translate in the inability to play some custom games. Single player is also harder on your computer than multiplayer. But always ask, thats what we the ocf community are here for. Originally Posted by GatorChamp.

Minimum Starcraft 2 System Requirements for Mac

Originally Posted by arcanise. While the game runs without a hitch on my laptop, the in-game cinematics overheat it almost instantly. The 3D quality level is really impressive considering it's an RTS, the characters and animations are almost on par with the latest FPS and third-person shooters. CPU: i7 3. Originally Posted by Springbok. Vsync should fix most overheating.

Just contact I. I think this information could be beneficial to more than just the people browsing the forums, and it could help bring in some new members as well. Ask me about Folding. Ask me how!

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