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These are available from the Help menu, and are in PDF format that can be printed or viewed on screen. Support is available via a discussion list where users can share ideas and ask for advice from other users or from the developer. New from Softpress! Fretspace is a chord and scale editor for guitars and other fretted instruments… In any tuning.

Creating fretboard diagrams for scales or arpeggios, or just simple chord charts?

Create chord, scale, and arpeggio shapes by clicking to add and remove notes. Modify shapes by moving them around the fretboard or by inverting them. Chord and scale pickers allow you to choose almost any possible chord, scale, or arpeggio shape.

Adjust the complexity of the chord shapes shown

Automatically identifies and labels shapes you can also add your own labels. Filtered by:. Previous template Next.

Fret Diagram Software – Update 2014

Jeff Leites. Not for looking up a chord, but from making a chord diagram, and a chart of diagrams.

Guitar Software for Mac OS X

The only way I can figure to do it now would be very tedious Use my Power Tab software to make a single chord diagram, use a screen capture program to copy the diagram, use a graphics program to past the captured diagram onto a sheet, and repeat for each chord. Is there an app for that? Tags: None. Hard Truth. I made a blank one for adding the dots by hand with Excel fairly easily.

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PM me your e-mail address and I'll send it to you. Comment Post Cancel. Thanks HT, I hadn't thought of just making a blank printable form.

If I decide to go that route, I can make my own, but I'd prefer being able to keep the final result on the computer. Wow, I really like that chorderator.

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Cool stuff. John Sayers. That's nice and quick -- and would probably be a good, quick visual lesson for beginning guitarists just getting the feel of how things work on the guitar as it shows you the "E shape" barres and the "A shape" barres and moves them up and down the neck. An excellent lesson that should help folks instantly get capo math concepts.

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If you're like me, you find yourself exploring and finding all kinds of exotic things but sometimes you go blank coming up with easily playable inversions of things that should be and often are, once you've been hit over the head with them easy. Back on the Chord designer, one thing that's really cool is that you can actually sit there and cook up chords that are playable -- but not necessarily easy or obvious right off.

Because it's got built in audio it's Flash, though, so that part doesn't work on most phones you can sit there and tinker with the fingering without having to spend 15 seconds bending your fingers into pretzels only to figure out the hard way that the resulting chord sounds like donkey. So to speak. If you have photoshop or something like it, try this.