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PROS An excellent and intuitive user interface which streamlines the production process Advanced algorithmic capabilities to handle extremely complex computational tasks. CONS This system is not designed for novices within the computing industry The demonstration package will not provide access to more advanced functions. Softonic review Mathematica is an extremely innovative and efficient solution for those who are looking for some of the best technical computing software on the market. Applications and Usability Mathematica employs highly advanced algorithms to complete calculations in a fraction of the time that is associated with generic software platforms.

Other Benefits and Functions A coherent design, direct integration into the cloud and sophisticated aesthetics have helped to streamline this entire package and cut down on the learning curve. Download Mathematica Varies with device. Download for Windows. User reviews about Mathematica Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. But on the Mac, it takes 1. Something is terribly wrong here. What can be the explanation for this discrepancy?

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Edit: here some benchmarking information. Thus, if there are real differences between compilers, they might appear in the product and we might have to work around them, if there are serious bugs. On Unix, it is the sum total of the times spent by each core. You can verify this by comparing Timing with AbsoluteTiming , which returns wall-clock time:.

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I'm guessing that on your Mac Mini you had 4 cores, so your factor 10 was really a factor of 2. I don't know very specifically, although I can reproduced that on my MBP. OTOH, Version Version 9 coincides with the period Apple head ceased developing GCC and was working to make clang a viable alternative to it. So probably Version 9 was slower on Mac simply because it was using an older compiler which didn't have as many optimizations. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Notebooks and their contents are represented as Mathematica expressions that can be created, modified or analyzed by Mathematica programs or converted to other formats.

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The front end includes development tools such as a debugger, input completion, and automatic syntax highlighting. Among the alternative front ends is the Wolfram Workbench, an Eclipse based integrated development environment IDE , introduced in It provides project-based code development tools for Mathematica, including revision management, debugging, profiling, and testing.

In recent years, the capabilities for high-performance computing have been extended with the introduction of packed arrays version 4, [22] and sparse matrices version 5, , [23] and by adopting the GNU Multi-Precision Library to evaluate high-precision arithmetic. Version 5.

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In addition Mathematica is supported by third party specialist acceleration hardware such as ClearSpeed. In , gridMathematica was introduced to allow user level parallel programming on heterogeneous clusters and multiprocessor systems [26] and in parallel computing technology was included in all Mathematica licenses including support for grid technology such as Windows HPC Server , Microsoft Compute Cluster Server and Sun Grid.

It allows communication between the Wolfram Mathematica kernel and front-end, and also provides a general interface between the kernel and other applications.

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Similar functionality is achieved with. NET programs instead of Java programs.

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  8. Links are available to many mathematical software packages including OpenOffice. It can read and write to Multichain and Bitcoin Blockchains. It can read directly from a range of Vernier sensors. Wolfram Mathematica includes collections of curated data provided for use in computations. Mathematica is also integrated with Wolfram Alpha , an online computational knowledge answer engine which provides additional data, some of which is kept updated in real time.

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    Some of the data sets include astronomical, chemical, geopolitical, language, biomedical and weather data, in addition to mathematical data such as knots and polyhedra. Wolfram Research has released the following versions of Mathematica: [67].

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the programming language used in this program, see Wolfram Language and Mathematica disambiguation.

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    Comparison of multi-paradigm programming languages Comparison of numerical analysis software Comparison of programming languages Comparison of regular expression engines Computational X Dynamic programming language Fourth-generation programming language Functional programming List of computer algebra systems List of computer simulation software List of graphing software Literate programming Mathematical markup language Mathematical software Wolfram Alpha , a web answer engine Wolfram Language Wolfram SystemModeler , a physical modeling and simulation tool which integrates with Mathematica. Retrieved Retrieved 11 August Retrieved on Slate Magazine.

    NET Framework.