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You can get a 4 drive system that is faster and more secure, but 2 was plenty for me. I could have also gone with Qnap or another brand, but I picked Synology after doing some research on what works well with a Mac computer. You can spend a lot more, These are in the middle price range yet are more reliable than the standard consumer drive. I chose 4TB drives because that seemed to be the sweet point at the moment in terms of TB per dollar.

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The icing on the cake was to buy an uninterrupt ible power supply UPS. This step may not be needed if you do 3 below first. Unfortunately, I can't test it now. Until I did this, the first backup each day would fail with a "disk not found" error, but the next backup would work correctly. Same, works for me too. I didn't think to put SMB2 as minimum Things seem to be fine, but that's a nice tip, I'll do that too.

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Click Apply twice. Select the Time Machine shared folder and click Use Disk. For initial backups, I recommend using an Ethernet connection to your router if at all possible. The biggest downside in my eyes?

These machines can do much more than simply act as a Time Machine solution. There are lots of ways that you can go about personalizing the setup to your needs and liking, but this basic set up procedure should help get you on your way. A Taiwanese-based company that specializes in Network Attached Storage products, Synology produces a wide variety of NAS devices for home and professional environments.