Minecraft texture packs mac 1.8

The pack most likely came as a zipped file.

Minecraft Bedrock

Extract it to your desktop. It is one of the folders present in the above location.

Paste the extracted folder here and Minecraft will be able to access it. Next, you need to enable the texture pack. Open Minecraft and click Settings. Scroll down the left column, and click on Global Resources. Select it, and click the Plus button to enable it.

At any given time, you can have more than one texture pack enabled. Find and download a skin for Minecraft. In some cases there may be more than one PNG file and each file will be a different variation of the same skin.

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I am having the same problem myself. I'm using Windows though.

Installing Minecraft Resource Packs | Minecraft Texture Packs

Hope someone can reply with a fix. I am also having the exact same problem for pc. I go in game, click on open resource pack folder and an error pops up saying there is no resource pack folder. I go into. Other fishy thing is the texture packs are not in a folder at all like they usually are.

How to edit or create a Minecraft texture pack! (MAC - MC 1.8+) & NEW PACK SHOWCASE!

I even deleted all the game files and started from scatch and nothin. I literally bought this new laptop yesterday and am running minecraft 1. Any help as soon as possible would be awsome thnx. Last edited by killersniper : Sep 6, I'm wondering if theres any way to download 1. When I did that before, I was still able to add texture packs to 1. It was only after removing all of the mine craft files and just downloading 1. I tried to add a resource pack folder to my directory and nothing happened.

Hey Alvoria that worked I appreciate it.

Minecraft 1.8.9 Resource Packs

I created a new profile using 1. Thanks for the help!

'Minecraft' wont get that huge graphics overhaul after all

What to do: Go to your minecraft launcher and Click Edit profile, then go to versions and change it to 1. This happened to me and all I did was add a new folder and named it Resource Packs. Really, Its Easy if your Upgrading. Go into 1.