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  1. Apple deprecates Smart Card Services in OS X Lion (v).
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For retired U. The front of the CAC is fully laminated, while the back is only laminated in the lower half to avoid interference with the magnetic stripe.

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The CAC is said to be resistant to identity fraud, [3] tampering, counterfeiting, and exploitation and provides an electronic means of rapid authentication. There are currently four different variants of CACs. Until , all CACs were encrypted using 1,bit encryption. Starting , the DoD switched to 2,bit encryption.

This CAC technology allows for rapid authentication, and enhanced physical and logical security. The card can be used in a variety of ways. The CAC can be used for visual identification by way of matching the color photo with the owner. Some states allow the CAC to be used as a government-issued ID card, such as for voting or applying for a drivers license. The magnetic stripe can be read by swiping the card through a magnetic stripe reader, much like a credit card.

The magnetic stripe is actually blank when the CAC is issued. However, its use is reserved for localized physical security systems. The ICC comes in different capacities, with the more recent versions issued at 64 and kilobytes KB.

The CAC can be used for access into computers and networks equipped with one or more of a variety of smartcard readers. Once inserted into the reader, the device asks the user for a PIN.

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However, in order to access a computer, sign a document, or encrypt email, signature and encryption certificates are also required. A CAC works in virtually all modern computer operating systems. Besides the reader, drivers and middleware are also required in order to read and process a CAC. CAC is based on X. Although card manufacturers such as Schlumberger provided a suite of smartcard, hardware card reader and middleware for both Linux and Windows , not all other CAC systems integrators did likewise. The procedure for this was documented historically by the Naval Postgraduate School in the publication "CAC on a Mac" [6] although today the school uses commercial software.

Mac OS X We share it here for completeness and clarity to our continuing open source development and user community. This project has driven the ongoing development and support for additional readers and smart card profiles which were then incorporated into OS X Apple has had to make some tough decisions relating to the current Smart Card Services architecture. It does mean that all of the necessary components will not come pre-shipped in OS X Lion along with related support.

Customers needing to continue to use their Smart Cards with OS X Lion will need to pursue one of the options mentioned here later according to their needs and requirements. This would require a non-Apple provided Installer.