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Personally, I find it much easier to fly real planes then I do the app based simulators. My advice and the simplest fix with far reaching beneficial future applications, such as add-on packs would be to pick up a decent Windows based PC which are dirt cheap and set it up as a dedicated RC Flight Simulator. Load it with a RealFlight 4. A flight simulator really is the best way to get started, especially if you are in a location with limited access to experienced flyers. You'll be amazed how transferrable the skills obtained on the simulator are to the real thing.

I personally spent hours and hours on my simulator before seeking out local RC pilots but, when the time came, I found a local pilot with a buddy-box setup and after a couple of hours I was solo flying!! I attribute this soley to the time spent on the simulator of course I didn't tell the pilot that He thought I was a Phenome!! I did come clean though after my first solo. Clear Skies Bill L. Comment Post Cancel. They have a version that will run on an Apple MAC. It will be fine for you to develop the reflexes needed for RC flying.

Having viewed their RC sim product on their website it looks very good. I have the regular Windows version Aerofly flight simulator, not RC and the graphics are very good. If possible when you are ready to fly that Pandora get an experienced pilot to be with you at the site.

As a noob flyer it is not just learning how to fly but also how to make sure your plane is set up properly and safely. Do not underestimate the importance of checking your center of gravity, CG, and the correct motion of your servo movements. You want to make sure they are not reversed. Good luck and let us know how you have progressed. Jun 17th, , PM. It is helpful and I will continue with the research.

At this point I'll start looking for a fly instructor at my club for the time being!!! But again yes , I did not know how the simulators and the rc flying had such a strong bond. Then again it does makes a lot of sense. BTW I do think thank you're a natural from your first experience flying!!!!

Again thanks so much. Ironically I ordered this week a CG machine and it should arrive Thursday. Thanks for mention it. Any radio, connected through your quadcopter Windows. I was using my futaba and it was working on the first freerider version. Since I installed the freerider recharged version, my controller doesnt work anymore on both version. What is going on and what should I do to fix it? Have you tried recalibrating? That is, to go through the Calibrate Controller procedure found in the main menu.

Same with my Taranis X9D. I've gone through the calibration procedure in the new Recharged version about 10 times and I can't get it to complete successfully. Sometimes one stick or the other swings the circle on the screen way past the edges of its box to either side and the other axis on that stick doesn't register at all.

Sometimes it seems to work okay and right at the end the pitch overwrites the input for the roll and it says "DONE! The whole procedure seems buggy. Thanks for your work on the new version. The graphics look great If the automatic stick detection selects the wrong channel, you can try clicking on the circle that you see is the right one.

That is, one of the little circles on the calibration screen. Recharged uses the exact same calibration procedure as the original version btw, so it's strange indeed I've been trying this and I still can't get it to work, I'm also doing this on the new version you just put out. Yaw and throttle works fine. The next circle is roll, and the arrow shows the right stick to the left, as it should.

However, my pitch channel moves this third circle, not my roll. Still wouldn't be a big deal here as I could always swap my roll and pitch channels on the Taranis. If I move my pitch up and hit OK it is saved as roll and the roll turns green; finally, when it asks for pitch 4th position , my roll channel acts like a two-position switch, when I move it left it activates the 4th circle to the top, but there is no in-between range. I press OK when it's in the high bright white position and the circle does not update -- it's still a gray circle, yet the wizard moves on, and he channel is not recognized in the final test screen.

After I switched pitch with roll in the Taranis I noticed that the third circle showed properly, but also acted like a 2-position switch. And when it was in the high position bight white circle I pressed OK and nothing happened and the wizard moved on. Then the same happened with pitch -- it acted like a 2-position switch, and after I finished the calibration both axes were inactive. It seems that for some reason some channels are being read as a two-position switch, or something has changed in the way we're supposed to configure the transmitter.

This happens consistently on the roll channel. This all worked with legacy Freerider I don't know what's causing it, but I've done my best to explain the issue I'm seeing. And if I click on a circle directly it seems to work unless it's the third or fourth, in which case it skips to the next screen in the wizard without allowing me to set an input.

Similar Problem here with getting my Taranis X9D to calibrate. Worked flawlessly before but now my throttle control seems to be bugging out. It will only detect inputs on the upper and lower end of the throttle, basically either full throttle or no throttle. In calibration, I'm not able to center the throttle stick, all other inputs calibrate just fine.

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For whats it worth, the level inputs on the Taranis display fine in Channel Monitor with 0 to for throttle, and 50 as the mid point for all other channels. I'm using the same profile that worked not 2 months ago in Legacy Freerider. Not sure if its something on my end with the Taranius, but any help is greatly appreciated! Yes I did it severa time.. Can have my throttle working.. Its like its doesnt recognize yaw and throttle separately. Roll and pitch work fine tho. Was using a model that previously worked connecting to a windows install.

You must do this during calibration and before each takeoff in the sim. Please help. I go through the custom calibration and everything, but still reveresed. Is there not a way to change this in the game somewhow? It's killing me being this close to playing properly. Try to simply pull the stick in the other direction than what you are supposed to. That should reverse it. Unfortunately that doesnt solve the issue. I just tried that. I get the logic behind it, but it doesnt matter what I do, I cant get all to be in the correct direction.

I have calibrated the same way several times in a row, and each time get a different result. Like it doesnt make sense. Then afterwards one stick goes up, and the other goes down. Then another calibration cycle they both go up, or sometimes they go down. It's real odd and I dont think it's user error. Should I re install? Good practice tho.

Most people generally have success using a in-1 universal flight simulator dongle or similar. Don't know if it works with the Radiolink AT9 though. If it has a standard 3. Are you able to move some of the circles on the calibration screen up and down using the analog sticks? As for the AT9 - most people generally have success using a in-1 universal flight simulator dongle or similar when connecting the radios. I would like to suggest to extend the Controller Calibration process by not only asking for moving each stick to one end but to both ends. That case the software could detect the entire working interval of each stick and automatically set Trim and Scale.

I always having a hard time calibrating both my controller and FPV freerider to work good together. So often it is unavoidable to do some manual setting up on the radio itself anyway. So I have a Devo 7 uses the 3. What do I need to get this connected? I'm sure I need some sort of 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Generally most people have luck using a "in-1" universal flight simulator USB dongle. I have some old 4 channel controller connected via again, old ATMegabased USB "dongle" really, it is embedded into controller case, so not exactly dongle.

I'm trying Demo and it doesn't see any channels but "Throttle" left hand, vertical which it maps to "Yaw" and show complete garbage, even draw circle out of big square it can not be trimmed right. So, my controller is unusable :. Basically it is dumb old full-analog FM controller, it doesn't have any mixers, channel maps or any other settings you could find in modern digital controllers. Could it be used with FPV Freerider with some software channel remapping? First off, FreeRider is awesome! I have it on my tablet and have installed it on my windows I can not get either of my controllers to work with the game, I have a devo and a sprektrum dx6.

I have tried using the usb and audio cable, I have downloaded smartpropoplus and it won't recognize either controller. I have also taken it to a computer repair shop and they couldn't get anywhere with it either. At this point I would be happy to buy a cheap usb flight simulator controller if you can recommend one that you would know would work with windows 10 and freerider.

If you have Deviation installed on the Devo 10 you should be able to just connect it straight via USB, using the model file that is mentioned in the manual. You might have to uninstall smartproplus for that to work. The Spektrum should work with a mono audio cable and smartproplus. There are some videos and documents in the first post which might be of help. I know several people including myself have successfully used a cheap old 4 channel Esky usb controller such as this.

The 6 channel HobbyKing variant is known to -not- work with Freerider. Freerider callibration does not see it. Any suiggestions on how to get it to work? FreeRider received so many good reviews I was hoping it would work so I went ahead and purchased it. Now I've got nothing. Use the model file that is included in the instructions above. This should get the computer to acknowledge your xmitter and let you get it set up.

One thing I did notice though was a hinky connection. Once I got Windows straightened out, all went better. Anything I can try? You can keep an eye on the little circles on the calibration screen. If you are able to move four of the circles individually with the sticks you should be fine. If the automatic stick detection selects the wrong circle, you can click on the one that you see is the correct one instead of clicking "ok".

If you are not able to move four of the circles individually you might try to remap the channels to another output in the menu of the radio itself. I am running the latest Mac OSX as well. Just wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to use this with fpv freerider and if not, other simulators that would work!??? Excellent SIM, my only problem is GPU and therefore battery use - even on worst res, temp and fan speed shoot up to max on start up, whilst Crrcsim admittedly a more basic sim does nothing at all to temp and battery life - I'd be prepared to sacrifice some a lot?

PD WTF! Not sure yet if more problem of the Demo, but the machine no longer heats up so much ;-. Glad to hear that you didn't have the heat issue when going over to the full version, hope it keeps working that way! So, you may want to give it a try if you are stuck.. I would love to hear from you. These will get a Spektrum. DX6I user most of the way there.

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You can get the rest of the way there with the DX6I basic trims below and to the side. Don't own a spektrum radio myself but you should be able to find those settings in the manual:. Now the controller is not being recognized by FPVFreerider. I'm missing not being able to use the sim. Sorry to hear that it doesn't work after your OSX update. Hopefully some Mac user will be able to help I'm not one myself. Turnigy 9xr Pr o Setup on Mac el Capitan - Because it didn't exist completely anywhere else, and I am sure I will forget and need this again.

From noobie to pubie :. It was working flaky with the above settings and after more troubleshooting I found that with the module out of the back of the tx I needed to start everything up connected and then turn my tx on and then off and then the blue light started flashing and all works every time. I got the last version of FPVFreerider and it was working ok but, suddenly, doesn't matter the direction left or right I move my "Roll" stick, the quad only turns to one direction Left and I didn't do any change on the radio or on the software or even set something different I noticed something "wrong" in the quad, then I crashed and after that never was ok again.

I'm a Taranis 9xd Plus User. Thanks in advance for your help. I solved the issue adding 50 to the Curve Differential on the Aileron Roll stick on my Taranis radio I was just guessing or even worst: Why it just the problem started if I did nothing before so, could you please explain to me what here happened? Thanks again. Well, it was strange that the problem just happened suddenly. Don't know why, but I'm glad you found the solution and hopefully it will not appear again at least now you know what to do : Thanks for sharing the solution!

Is there some magic to get this to work? Do you any movement in the little circles on the calibrations screen? Are you able to use the controller for any other game? First you need to make sure that your computer is able to use the controller as a joystick.

I don't know a Mac myself so I don't really know how to check that. I have an AT9 controller. When i calibrate no matter what i do both sticks will be backwards throttle up is down on left stick, move forward is down on right stick. Instead of up on left stick for throttle and up on right stick to move forward. Do you know why that is happening? If the automatic detection somehow gets it backwards, you could try to simply move the sticks in the opposite direction to what you are supposed to during calibration and see if that helps. However when I come to play FPV freerider the calibration does not recognise the stick movements well and on the trim settings the controller sticks are all over the place off the screen and flick to the top when the stick is moved up.

Is it possible that my previous setup using Smartpropoplus have been remembered and are now interfearing with the USB setup. Is there a way to resolve this? My advise would be to uninstall both Smartpropoplus and vJoy, restart the computer, and see if that helps.

Perhaps if there is someone reading this they can chime in. It sounds like it might be some kind of driver problem either the computers USB driver or the firmware on the Taranis itself. I think your right. Keeps giving me errors and only recognizes it some of the time.

I've tried deleting driver and reinstalling and updating it but nothing works. I hate computers and I especially hate windows. Not familiar with the eachine i6, but if it has a trainer out jack there is a good chance it will work. Chances are you could use the Smartpropolus method described in the manual and in the Spektrum tips document. What am I supposed to do with the. I see no description in the manual or this thread where to put it.

Or, with a dongle such as this or this. Hi, I used the demo version with a logitech controller without any issues. Acting on the yaw and the roll of my controller do not show anything on the screen, meaning no dots move. Something that could help solve this is hat on another simulator, the yaw was on the channel 10 and the roll on the 11th.

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Is there something that could help my solve my problem in the complete version? Best regards. I'm not familiar with the Protonik, but on most transmitters it is possible to choose with channel the sticks output to. So you could possibly try and set the yaw and roll to output to some other channel and see if that helps. Are you using a USB dongle?

If it it still doesn't work with a dongle, you could try the Smartpropoplus method described in the manual and Spektrum tips document. Hi, thank you for your feedback, I am using a mac, therefore the vJoy and Smartpropolus can't be installed. I am indeed using a USB dongle. According to you, I should change the settings in my controller channels linked to yaw and roll instead of on your software? That would be so much easier if I could choose the channels directly in the game settings like in. Hotprops for example. I am willing to buy your game if I can install my protronik and stop playing with the logitech controller.

Hello, I just bought the dx6e of spectrum and I wish I had advice to be able to connect to Freerider. Can someone help me. Thank you all. If you are are running Freerider on Windows, usually the best method for Spektrum users is the Smartpropoplus method:. Is there a transmitter known to work with Freerider on Android 7? I tried a few of those that I found at home, but none of them worked. Some of these devices require USB mode switching e. Is there a transmitter known to work on Android out-of-the-box?

The touchscreen controls are not bad, but I miss self-centering control sticks a lot. It will differ on different devices though. Not sure if Android 7 makes any difference, I have no experience with that version myself.

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Many people are using their Taranis, Flysky, Devo, xbox, ps3, or universal usb RC transmitters on android for example. You can search for "freerider android" on youtube and you will probably find some tips. Just to help anyone having a problem getting controllers to work with FPVFreerider, I present my experience:. Basically, Windows sees the controller as a joystick device, and I can see the inputs changing the bars and so on in the Windows Joystick properties smoothly, so the controller works ok.

In FPVFreerider, the controller sticks were being seen either full off or full on, i. However, I noticed that I also had another joystick device connected, in this case a 3DConnexion 3D Mouse, so I disabled it in device manager. Now my Taranis works flawlessly in FPVFreerider, with the controller calibration now showing the circles changing smoothly instead of either at the bottom or at the top. Glad you got it working. Most often it helps to simply physically unplug it from the computer. Hi, I'm having a bit of trouble getting my controller to work and I'm hoping for some guidance.

The game seems to recognize it, and the vertical axes on both sticks work. However, the horizontal axes are not recognized at all on the calibration page of the game. The controller works beautifully This is the behavior I get when I simply plug in the controller and have nothing else connected and vJoy is not installed.

I believe Smartpropplus doesn't apply to my controller, it's only for controllers that plug in through an audio cable isn't it? I read through the manual before posting on here and didn't see anything on there that could help. I was hoping you someone on here might have some piece of advice. I bought a HS from Hubsan, and I would like to know if it is possible to connect the HA HS and if so, how to make the connection cable and software to buy. Your transmitter usually needs a USB out port, or a 3.

I don't think that hubsan transmitter has either of those, you will have to check. If you want to use a real transmitter that you can also use for actualy flying the Devo 7E is one of the cheapest alternatives:. You should know that it doesn't have long range unless you mod it though. The Devo 10 is better in every way in my opinion, but cost twice as much. The flysky fs-i6 is even cheaper. There are many other alternatives too, my suggestion will have to be to look around and see what suits you best.

Also make sure that the one you choose will work on your setup. For some a wireless receiver such as this is the best alternative. If you want to spend a bit more money on the hobby, and are thinking a bit more long-term, a lot of people are recommending the Frsky Taranis. I down loaded it after i bought it and it still says it is in demo mode, can anyone help me..

Their driver messes with things when connecting via USB. Sry, I realy searched for a hint - but I seems to be I'm to stupid to get a flysky fs-i6 working with your simulator.


You need a universal USB simulator dongle such as this , or, if the transmitter has a 3. In case you have a spare receiver this wireless simulator dongle is another alternative. As always, there is no way that I can guarantee that the suggested products works with your particular setup, the only way to know for sure is to try it yourself. Hi there, I have some issues with the Taranis on the mac. The stick input isn't coming through. I tried the fix from a video linked in the first post, but itjust doesn't work with the full version?!

That's weird, the input method for the demo and full version is exactly the same, so it should work. Perhaps you could try restaring your computer, and run the full version before you try the demo, just to be sure that the demo isn't still lingering in memory and somehow interfering with the input on the full version. Do you see no input whatsoever when you go through the "calibrate contoller" procedure in the full version?

Might have to do with the graphics or soundcard drivers, but if the demo is working the full version should to since they are basically the same. The Tango needs to be on the latest 1. You just hold the scan button and power on the controller and Windows will recognize it as a USB controller. I got past the initial Calibration phase but when I got to the screen to test and tweak the trim, I got no response on the screen from the controller. One other strange thing. I even installed it on both my laptop and Dual Xeon WS and neither install produces sound.

Would someone please chime in with some advise. I ordered the controller the Developer placed on his website. Hi there. You say it's known that the Hobby king 6 channel DRX receiver dongle is known to be incompatible with this game but do not say why? Can you elaborate on why it doesn't work? Everything works fine with my DX7 with the exception of the aileron channel not be recognized in the simulator. However PFV Freerider doesn't show any movement when calibrating the controller within the simulator. Any further details you can provide in "why' it's not compatible would be helpful.

Hi, I was referring to this hobbyking 6ch USB controller , which I have received several reports of it not working with the simulator. You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas! I know, very late, but I was away for the holiday and got behind in answering emails A tip for Mac users updating to the latest OS X out there. With the recent OS X Good luck, happy flying.

Simply a matter of connecting the micro USB cable and the game picks it up from there. Not sure is this was already confirmed and I didn't see any mention of it anywhere so i figured i'd let people know just in case anyone is wondering about compatibility with the new Turnigy Evolution transmitter. Sometime, only one of the aux switches on the transmitter will move just one of the circles on the calibrate page. I am using Windows 7 on my PC.

When am I doing wrong???? Can somebody please help me?? Thanks, Chris.

I've already looked at various forums I've already consulted the manual as well and I did not find anything that could solve my problem Please, what is the configuration should I perform on my flysky th9x radio openTX to work properly? I'm trying a solution for several days Just wanted to chime in to confirm that the new Turnigy Evolution controller works mint with zero setup under Linux.

One of the roomies will test with Windows tonight. Oh, right, but.. I'm still not positive, but I think it's not switching to mode 4 properly, so I had to fool it during calibration. I sorta suspect this is purely a firmware issue that no one's noticed simply because no one flies mode 4.

Actually, on that note, why do I have to re-calibrate every time I run the game? Seems like it assumes I'm mode3 or something until I do calibration every time. Is there no saving calibration yet? It should automatically keep the calibration as well as other settings. You can alter some values in the custom settings menu and see if those are being saved. If not, perhaps you can investigate so that there is no permission issue that keeps it from saving I'm not familiar how these things work in Linux. As you have sort of figured out you select the mode during calibration by using the stick that you want for each axis, for example, it says "throttle up" on the top of the calibration window and you use the stick you want to assign as throttle.

It is described in the manual. You have to train your brain to intuit it. RealFlight[1] is the lb gorilla in the RC flight sim space, and a good piece of software. But they also have a history of expensive and frequent upgrades, and charging for new models. I prefer Phoenix[2], which so far only has free and frequent updates, includes models from my favorite RC manufacturers and lets you download new models for free.

Roboprog on July 27, Having something that works with a proportional joystick controller e. Keyboard controls are horrible for practicing flying. I believe the packages you mention come with an RC controller mockup, as well as usually supporting a PC-to-transmitter patch cable Alas, the big boys are Windows-only software :- There is at least one inexpensive RC simulator out there that runs on Android and has pretty good glider simulation , which lets you use a PC USB controller for the sticks.

I had a free simulator that worked on Mac, but I forgot its name after it stopped working. I actually learned on an Xbox controller originally, not nearly as good as a real transmitter, but much better than a keyboard. Both Phoenix and RealFlight come in packages either with a controller, or a cable to plug in your RC controller. Roboprog on July 28, Isn't the XBox controller "asymmetrical", in that the left joystick is above the D-pad, further up and to the side than the right joystick is?