How to combine pdf files mac el capitan

Sometimes when you save, move, or copy a photo or document from one folder to the other, you may be prompted with a window saying that the item already exists. Then you will get three options: Keep Both, Stop, and Replace to deal with the problem.

How to combine multiple files into a single PDF

If you move multiple files instead of one of it, the "Skip" option will replace the "Keep Both" option. A window pops up when you copy files from a folder to another. Similarly, if you move or copy a folder into another folder that already has a folder with the same name, you will also see a dialog box pops up, presenting two or three options: Stop, Replace, and Merge. A window pops up when you copy a folder to another.

The "Merge" option will appear only when you hold down the Option key on your keyboard during the drag-and-drop process. Hold down the Option key to show "Merge" option. Simply replacing or merging folders may cause data loss in some cases.

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So it would be feasible to find out the duplicate files from folders at first. Then you can try to delete duplicate files on hard drive and keep the ones you want. If both of the files are important, you are able to keep them by renaming one of the file. However, finding duplicate files is not a simple task and it consumes your time a lot. Now, let's see how to find duplicate files on Mac before you can correctly merge folders. And there are two methods available for the tasks. Gist : Fine duplicate files on Mac using Terminal command. Then delete or rename the items manually. After that, copy or merge the folders on Mac.

You need to be careful when you perform the task using Terminal. When you do something wrong with the Terminal command, you may mess things up. Now, you can follow the steps below to search and find duplicate files on Mac with Terminal command.

Part 1: How to Merge Multiple PDF with Preview Alternative (macOS 10.13 High Sierra Compatible)

Step 2. Find duplicates with Terminal. Step 4.

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After you delete or rename the duplicate files on your own, you can move and merge folders on Mac without a prompting dialog box. Though you can find the duplicate files with Terminal, you should notice that it won't delete those files automatically for you and you should head to the locations they stored in, and then rename or delete the items one by one.

It seems to be time-consuming, right? If you want to save your time, you can move to method 2 and check out the solution. Gist: The duplicate file finder app will help you discover and delete duplicate files in several simple clicks.

After that, you are able to move and merge the folders smoothly. FonePaw MacMaster is a best Gemini 2 alternative that will help you easily find duplicate photos, music, apps, documents, and videos, etc. Now, Just follow the steps to find duplicate files and merge folders on Mac:. Thank you so much for chiming in here, but I can't seem to get this to work. I am following your directions, being patient, slow, deliberate, and no dice!

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How to combine multiple pdf files with OS X Mavericks - Macintosh How To

Maybe someone else here has some suggestions. Preferably someone running El Capitan. May 22, PM.

May 25, PM in response to xqzes In response to xqzes. In preview, a multi-page pdf in Thumbnail view often appears 'closed', and you have to expand it;. As mentioned by other posters, then the individually dragged pdf pages must be done slowly and deliberately. May 25, PM. May 26, AM in response to xqzes In response to xqzes. How technically savvy are you feeling?

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How to Move and Merge Folders on Mac

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