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Michael Slomma. On the other hand - the HD is a quite potent graphics solution. Some tests shows that even crysis will run on appropriate framerates. I do personally play games like torchlight, diablo 3 and world of warcraft and these will run very smoothly without raising the system fan to the limits.

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Magma Thunderbolt chassis. Steve - Knew about the Thunderbolt expansion chassis. The issue is what graphics cards with have OS-X drivers that you could use. So far these products have teased us but will they ship and will PCI card vendors make the needed drivers. Thats why I said it's wishful, not real yet and may never be. Thunderbolt only operates over 4x PCI Express 2.

That means HD should be better. It depends on what you need, Intel is integrated, and uses system RAM to operate. Upgrading to ram increases the ram dedicates to video, for example I'm running 16GB on my 6. Keep in mind this will always be DDR3, which is slower than a dedicated card. If DDR3 isn't fast enough for you, Thunderbolt may someday be your solution.

The MacBook Pro Review (13 & 15-inch): 2011 Brings Sandy Bridge

I have a 6 year old base iMac white and there is a thin red line running vertically. This happened within a year and a half of owning it. I'm am afraid if I get this Mac mini with the same type of integrated graphics card as my old imac, then it might fail, with NO chance of repair. I'm quite sure that your red line on your screen will be a screen issue and not one of your graphics card.

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Mac mini Late Released on October 23, Marcelo Macario Rep: 13 1 1. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 1. Warranty up? Chosen Solution. Dan danj Rep: The Mini's graphics can't be upgraded internally or externally. The Thunderbolt port can drive an external monitor via DisplayPort services. There is no means to add a second graphics card via Thunderbolt wishful, not likely.

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Was this answer helpful? Score 2. John Savio Rep: 1. I don't expect this move will have a noticeable impact on GPU performance. Based on what we saw in our original mobile Sandy Bridge review this should mean that GPU performance between the two stays the same. The two tests focus on different aspects of SC2 gameplay.

The CPU test looks at performance during a very large battle which, as you might guess, is largely influenced by CPU performance. Under Windows running WoW the situation is quite different and I'm not entirely sure why. Either Apple is very aggressive with driver optimizations under OS X or there's some other funniness happening under Windows more on this later. I did notice some bouts of instability with the inch MacBook Pro as well as minor graphical corruption on the screen.

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Early on whenever I'd boot the system up I'd get a copy of the mouse cursor in the upper left of the screen. The Radeon HD M however is a lot faster. In fact, the performance improvement and increase in frame buffer you get with the M is well worth the upgrade. If you're buying a inch MacBook Pro and plan on gaming or using a high-res external display, get the M. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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Even for non-gamers, that's starting to become a bottleneck. Especailly as this "pro" machine will make it into the hands of creative professionals, doing video work, rendering, mudbox, etc. Privacy Policy. Contact Us.