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Apple also introduces a new range of G3 laptops, including the toilet seat-shaped iBook. The biggest surprise is the Power Mac G4 tower, which Apple calls the 'world's first desktop supercomputer'. Finally, Apple announces AirPort, the first Steve Jobs heralds the consumer version of Mac OS X, with the first betas appearing at the end of the year. Ultimately, it looks good, but lacks features and is too slow.

It is, however, very different from System 9. It's a flop as it is too expensive and suffers from cracks in the casing. Apple ships Mac OS X It's still very slow and the 'spinning beach ball of death' quickly becomes a familiar phrase in a Mac user's vocabulary. Apple also reveals a totally new design for its laptops, with the PowerBook packing a inch widescreen display and G4 CPU into a 1-inch-thick titanium case.

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The first iBooks make their debut, but the revamped iMac is a disaster: its patterned Blue Dalmation and Flower Power case designs keep buyers away. Apple launches a revamped version of the iMac with semi-spherical base and a flat panel display that 'floats' on a cantilevered chrome arm. It also shows off new consumer iBooks, revamped G4 Power Macs and the eMac, which is aimed at schools.

Mac in time: 35 years of Apple's legendary Macintosh

OS X A major speed boost also arrives with the Power Mac G5 in June. The year is dominated by the iPod rather than the Mac, with Apple even touting the Mac as being 'from the creators of iPod'.

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Over the coming months Apple Stores prove to be invaluable PR for the company as Apple desktops, laptops and iOS devices become ever more recognisable. Mac OS X From modest beginnings, it's now a very powerful machine available with Intel Core i7 processors. By the end of the year the MacBook Pro has been revamped again, this time sporting Core 2 Duo processors.

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Boot Camp, also introduced this year, enables all owners of Intel Macs to dual boot their Macs with Windows. Apple's year kicks of with a bang and they announce 8-core Mac Pros will be available as a buy-to-order option.

From the original Macintosh, IIci, Quadra and iMac to the MacBook Air and Mac mini and iMac Pro

Windows Vista launches, and is widely criticised, before OS X It becomes Apple's biggest-selling OS X upgrade so far. Apple's most successful year ever kicks off with the announcement that the Mac Pro is to offer 8-core processing as standard, plus there are faster iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

By the end of the year, the MacBook and MacBook Pro get another revamp, this time with a new 'unibody' enclosure that sees the bottom cases milled from solid block of aluminium.

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This year is, however, more notable for the long-awaited release of the The Mac App Store takes a bow and foreruns an optical drive free-future for the Mac. It requires the v The inch MacBook Air is also introduced, amid much speculation that Apple would release a killer machine to rival all the cheap PC netbooks that were around at the time. It decides to kill them with the iPad instead. A USB flash version is offered, allowing those who have issues connecting to the internet to use the store.

Many who haven't upgraded to Snow Leopard are caught out because they don't have access to the Mac App Store. It hasn't yet taken off, though continues to feature on all new Macs. The tiny Mac mini is also introduced, showing that Apple is still finding new form factors for its iconic Mac PC.

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Fans of the long-neglected Mac Pro line finally gets a fillip with the news that there will be an announcement of a new version in The summer sees OS X The MacBook Pro is revised but also gets a welcome boost in the form of a new Retina display version and a slimline unibody build with no optical drive. Both and inch versions are released in , with a revision in early These new models are also notable for their HDMI ports. Mavericks wasn't a great leap forward and had its problems , but it is still extremely successful for the company.

In , Apple release the its new vision for its laptops: the MacBook.

The new Mac Pro is Apple’s love letter to forgotten die-hard Mac fans

Taking design cues from the latest iPhones and iPads of the day, the new MacBook was a brilliant encapsulation of Apple's past, present and future. It is also a pretty great laptop in its own right. Right at the end of , Apple release the iMac Pro. The physical case of the Power Mac G5 was very different and unusual compared to any other computer at that time.

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Ten years in the shadow of the Power Mac G5 G5 architecture. This was done in order to make the company's computer more modern, keeping pace with Intel's low power Pentium M chips, especially for heatsensitive laptops. Update on Apple OS X The reason: the challenges of.