Mac pro ddr3 1333 ram

Tested at Apple Developer Compatibility Labs for Guaranteed Performance

For those with older MacBook Pros especially models from — , Crucial offers brand name reputability and quality RAM for your machine. Always backup the data on your MacBook Pro before installing any extra memory, just in case. Again, Apple has this official installing guide along with their list of compatible RAM.

It includes information for both more recent and older MacBook Pro models.

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If you prefer to watch video tutorials, this one from OWC removing and installing memory to a inch MacBook Pro is worth checking out:. Once everything is properly installed, make sure to test your new RAM with a program such as Memtest see this CNET article for more , which will catch any errors or issues before they have a chance to cause damage.

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We recommend that you ask these questions first: Does your laptop run significantly slower than when you got it? Does it freeze more frequently, or struggle with resource-intensive applications like Photoshop and iMovie? Does your display frequently only partially load? Has multitasking become too taxing on your computer to do effectively?

4X 16GB DDR3-1333 PC3-10600 Memory RAM for APPLE MAC PRO 5,1 Westmere 64GB

When booting your computer, does it take an excessive amount of time? Brand While it may seem superficial at first, the brand name carries a lot of weight when it comes to computer parts. Pros: Lifetime warranty with technical support, comes with automatic overclocking to give you better speed without purchasing higher frequency RAM.

Pros: Technical support is available via phone, email, and forum. Cons: Plastic cover that comes with the memory may need to be removed before installing in order for the RAM to fit in your MacBook Pro.

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Pros: You have the flexibility to get it as a single stick or in a kit. Cons: Brand is less well known as competitors. But then, in reality, a single core really only makes use of 48GB and the dual-core 96GB, so any more than this and that additional RAM is wasted.

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Not only that but it can seriously impair performance. Essentially you need a balance. The technical reason for this is that slots 1 and 2 are on separate channels whereas slots 3 and 4 share a channel. On a single core, 32GB is sufficient for most video editing and definitely enough for Photoshop. When it comes to the dual cores things get a little more complicated.


Again as with the single core slots 3 and 4, as well as 7 and 8 share bandwidth so slot 4 and slot 8 should be left empty for maximum performance. On the dual core, you also need to fill the two banks in a certain way.

It really is a balance of capacity Vs speed. At any time you can open activity monitor and check the RAM usage. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.