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Wi-Fi Scanner Wand: Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Epson is the name we recognize instantly when talking about things like printers and scanners. The company is known for offering quality office equipment that works for years. Epson WorkForce DS will help you instantly digitize any document from business cards to photos to legal size documents, and all this with a surprisingly portable device you can put in your backpack.

The model is offered in two modifications with a slight difference in price and a single difference in functionality that you might or might not need. If your laptop is lightweight and you carry it around at all times, you will hardly need a Wi-Fi module on the scanners whereas if you are a desktop PC person, it will definitely be of use.

The included Epson Document Capture Pro software unveils all the scanner's opportunities. You will be able to not only flip through the scanned images but also edit them and send them to Cloud services like Evernote or Google Docs. This way, you can work at home or on the go and still share the documents with your colleagues in the office. The Doxie Go SE is a very smart scanner. It needs not a computer at hand, just a Wi-Fi in close vicinity—with a built-in Wi-Fi module and a special app, it can scan directly to your Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud Drive, OneNote; the Cloud-based apps then will sync between your devices and you, or someone with an access to the accounts, can work with the documents right away.

It is a supremely convenient way to share documents with your co-workers, study group, or family and friends. This portable scanner is perfectly, well, portable. It is compact enough to fit in a backpack and so light you will barely remember it's there. Yet, it offers superb quality scanning at up to dpi with smart cropping and auto-aligning. You can scan to an image as well as to PDF searchable or not and the result will be crisp and sharp, easily discernible. Doxie sells this scanner with a rechargeable battery that can go through scans in a single charge while the storage space can handle ten times that number of pages might be more or less depending on what and how you scan, obviously.

If this is not enough, however, you can always use an SD card as there is a slot for one in this portable scanner. Just drop this sheet-fed model into your backpack and you can scan anything, anywhere, at any time. As the name suggests, portable scanners are just scanners but lighter and less bulky than your average document scanner or flatbed scanner so that you could bring one wherever you need documents or photos digitized.

Portable scanners gained popularity among business people, lecturers, teachers, and students—generally speaking, among those dealing with a lot of documentation and papers. The market offers quite a selection of portable scanners with a variety of features. There are models that do not need a computer nearby since they can scan to a Cloud or your smartphone; there are those that can scan and convert images into editable documents, those with continuous scanning feature we know from the huge office multifunctional units.

The selection can be a bit dizzying if it's your first time hunting for a portable scanner and you don't yet know the full scale of your requirements. Here in this review, we have selected 5 compact scanners that we consider the best at different price levels. We believe you will find what you need among them. To print your scanned documents, look at the selection of inkjet and laser printers. March 3, November 18, Steve Duncombe Do you want to digitise your life? November 9, March 10, Leave a comment as or Logout. Portability of gadgets is a blessing we can hardly imagine our life without anymore.

From mobile phones to Internet hotspots to speakers, whatever you need to do, today you can do it on-the-go. Scanning included. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick. Check Price on Amazon. The manufacturer could use a more powerful battery. BR-Receipts software is to be purchased separately. Sheetfed scanner, Single side, Color, Optical character recognition.

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Reasonable Price. With this VuPoint magic wand portable scanner, you can scan documents of up to 50" length. Send to Cloud feature is limited to Windows OS. The onboard storage is not very big, an SD card might be necessary. VuPoint Solutions MagicWand. Fujitsu ScanSnap. There is Always Room for Perfection The Fujitsu iX portable scanner combines all the main benefits you can get from a device of this type, that's why we strongly believe it to be the best in class. Brother DS Your Digitizing Brother This fairly compact photo scanner by the Brother company is another great option to digitize your images and documents in the most convenient way.

It's Magic VuPoint is not the most recognized brand on the market but it is solid enough to make it to our top-5 with its magic wand portable scanner. Epson WorkForce.

Reliable Solution Epson is the name we recognize instantly when talking about things like printers and scanners. Doxie DX What Is a Portable Scanner? Sources: 1. It offers a bundle of software for managing your paperwork. You can scan to any local destination like a folder in your computer or laptop, or can save the scans to any cloud service of your choice. The scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system.

It weighs only 14 pounds that makes it excellent for carrying around. The scanner can create searchable and editable files of your documents. It can be wirelessly connected to your iPhone, iPad, Androids, or any tablets. It can work with a rechargeable battery that can be charged with a USB cable. It can auto crop, deskew, or remove backgrounds too.

You can scan large size papers by folding them in half; the scanner can read both sides of documents.

Scans virtually anything!

It is perfect for your business use as it is specifically designed for handling documents as well as receipts, business cards, or other such papers. Epson Workforce ES is a document scanner that is portable and lightweight. It allows high-speed scanning even when you are out and about. The scanner is capable of scanning a document in 5.

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ES is versatile enough to handle different paper sizes. It offers smart tools for managing your documents. The mobile scanner can be charged through a USB cable.

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You can scan the document to any cloud service. The scanner works with both Windows and Mac operating system. If you are looking for a business card scanner, check this article out. The price you are willing to pay comes at first. Sure you can choose a reasonable scanner while staying in budget, but we will still recommend to not to settle on less.

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A scanner may not allow you to scan legal documents, magazines, or newspapers if it does not support large paper formats. These are perfect for salespersons, or other businessmen who work in fields. So the portable device must be able to work on battery. A portable scanner should come with a reliable battery. You will be moving a lot with the device, and frequent charging may not be possible.

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Compatibility matter as even with reliable batteries, you need to charge the device at times. Make sure the scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac system. Scanners are not merely used for scanning; they have become smart device with additional features for documents handling and managing your workflow. Scan the receipts right on the spot easily. These portable devices run on batteries. The scanner can be placed in any corner of the office, in your car, or where you want without having to worry about the messy cords or power supply.

Most of these portable scanners can be recharged with a USB cable. You can easily charge them with your laptop as well.

VuPoint Magic Wand 4 Portable Scanner with Dock Bundle

The duplex scanner is easy to use. Scanning documents need just a touch of a button. As far as speed goes, this is best portable scanners for Mac. Also learn about large Sheet Fed Scanners 3. Brother DS Brother DS is a lightweight scanner that can quickly produce high-quality scans of your documents and photos.

If you are looking for a popular option, then this is the best portable scanner for Mac. The iX features useful options for document correction and image enhancement.