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I was under the impression that if I converted the disk in Imgburn on a windows computer it would only copy down the Boot Camp partition. Am I right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The installation is fine says successful, then asks me to restart and banggg!! I have a ThinkPad W with i7 quad-core. I am running VirtualBox 4. I am running Ubuntu I added and triple checked the change to the XML file. System halted. Not working for me. For i7 CPUs the iBoot is still required. At least that is my finding. What is Inside? Hi, I have a ThinkPad W with i7 quad-core.

Any clues? Thanks for any input. Please if anyone could help me on this subject only and not suggest other computers and whatnot.

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Thank you. We can't help you with any unofficial hackintosh OS X installers. It says that VB will use the virtual cd to load the dmg or iso. And that part appears to be working correctly in VB and one dmg gets to a leopard mac desktop screen with the normal apple install logo and then says it can't install to my machine. VB isn't being recognized correctly by the dmg. I want snow leopard I have gone to that link, and the only confusion with me is where are they making these scripts or edits? In the VB files? Are they asking me to actually change my main hd?

And the thread is 6 years old. Unfortunately, everyone here I guess is a mac engineer and believes everyone else knows all this basic info about macs. I am not computer illiterate, but mac is not my native computer. All I want to do is run leopard as a guest on my mac book pre mid el capitan to run a few pwrpc required installed programs and some from that time.

I do not want to run 3 os's, or nested anything. Just one vm or vm guest, what ever it takes to use leopard in vm.

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I do not want to buy leopard os just to run a few programs. However, I sure don't want to buy it if VB isn't going to work in the first place. I imagine my only other choice in the near future will be to buy the os and then install as a dual boot. I understand that isn't incredibly difficult. But last resort. I will try the process again, and try and find and post the most recent vb log.

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It appears to be getting past the CPU issue, but can't be sure. Plus we'll be able to help you with a clear conscience. I'm going to give you the command, but if I realize that you're running a Hackintosh, that's the end of the help on my side. You won't be able to dual boot your MBP Simply because Apple checks to see where it can be installed and where not. And a MBP is not on the list of a And just to make absolutely sure that I wasn't giving advice that wasn't working The October 22, at am. January 16, at pm.

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